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Request for a sub board for Older Congolese Music


I am a new member here but new to Congolese music.
I was a member of the no more Africambiance.org under same nickname as here.

My request is if we can add a sub board for Older Congolese Music under the Congolese Music main board.
The discussion board should include all Congolese diaspora groups in for example East-Africa, West-Africa and Europe.
I love the old school music way more than the modern style.
My questions will be misplaced among the other topics in the Congolese discussion group. I guess there is a difference between the discussions about the new and hot and the old style legends. It doesn't seem natural to mix both in the same group. I guess some of us have a collection and want to build the knowledge about the music, groups and individual artists.
Please fill me in if you have other thoughts.


I will discuss it with the other admin, and maybe we can give a try. Will get back to you with this in the weekend.

We discussed it, found the idea good, so I added that board:


Feel free to post your topics there, and invite friends who may be interested to join.



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