Manzambi94 on: May 05, 2021, 16:14

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God, it is getting annoying, focus on promoting the album
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archos #1 on: May 05, 2021, 17:02

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in the industry of music you get respect proportionally with who you are,he should just look at the  the quartier latin anniversary with fally, it says it all, in his particular case,he can not shoutout "maman amida shatur motema ya vital kamerhe"  and expect any sort of consideration,because even if he ever did it with no bad intention it will automatically get bad interpretation
talking about jb supporting maison mere guys,he can even see that even there there is a clear difference,baby ndombe had his concert where he invited werraand wazekwa on 1st of june,then the day after went to jb's birthday it did not create any noise while it would if it was ferre or wata jb would be in a storm of insults by internet journalists and fans,just goes to show that leaders also promote unwillingly or notw good relationship with bigger artists more,so if any of the bcbg artists had gone big jb would be proudly parading with him,while he  is good with many of his ex musicians but it has no impact since there is nothing about those musicians which can make it be noticed publicly,unlike maison mere guys who not only are very very very present media wise and have all made some step forward even if some are now making sideways and backwards
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SLY PAPA NA KEVIN #2 on: May 08, 2021, 12:55

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This boy can just fuck off. In the past he was full of praises,showing us an SUV he got from JB and took us on a video show to his locality where he grew up,he showed us his uncle and aunty who raised him and said where he is now and how JB has looked after him like his own son and now he wants to say JB doesn't support his own. He simply messed up. I gave this boy advice one time and his response was positive,i thought he would change his course.
At least his friend Nono Fudji has changed his course, a number of us advised Nono to remember where he is coming from and not disrespect JB Mpiana ,the guy had started going off side and he acknowledged the advice and now settling in well as a solo artist without forgeting his roots.