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Exactly,jb also did not fancy him "that much" because he saw him as a copy of ferre,and he did not want to have musicians who are copycat of others,except of course kilimandjaro purely for polemic reaason,brother of billand provider of some of bill's animation

SLK97 #16 on: June 11, 2021, 23:24

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i am sure this is one of the albums which got on your nerves bro,especially with that sam tshintu et l'akademia  thing

Was this album really a success, compared to Viagra? Cause I would be shocked lol

Yeah, it was due to Viagra being released in the same period as Affaire Tonya Tonya and Internet, who came out in the same month, which made most people being focused on the war of the albums Kibuisa Mpimpa vs Internet and Adolphe's Affaire Tonya Tonya against Kibuisa. Viagra couldn't breath, because just 2 months after it Effrakata, Bonheur and Bakala dia Kuba got released which made Viagra not getting the attention it deserved. Viagra couldn't also get promoted properly because Sam and his friends decided to cut their contract with recordlabel Secteur A. At the same time, the admins Lebou Kabuya and Pathy Bass along with Suzuki decided to leave the band, the moment Academia returned to Kinshasa one week after the relase of Viagra. It all killed Viagra. The situation of 4 Coins Kandala was different. They spent a long time in Kinshasa with those open-air concerts in the areas (Masina, Matete, N'djili, etc.) sponsored by Primus and Primus also helping promoting their EP properly. At time they weren't albums on the market, all big artists postponing their albums to 2003, except Werrason with a la Que Leu Leu who came out in the last days of 2002.

I still think Viagra would've been successful had it been released earlier, maybe before Kibuisa Mpimpa.

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Eric Menthe had personal problems with admin Kis Kisolokele. Because he agreed with Kis to give his passeport (which had some old visa's of UK, Europe because of Academia), to bring a ngulu to UK. Then on the last minute, when the ngulu was about to go to Europe, Eric changed his mind and went to the embassady saying that it was his passeport. The it messed the trip for the ngulu up. Kis was really furious and promised to himself that he would make it hard for Eric in Wenge BCBG. That's why it took so long for Menthe to get a chance in Wenge BCBG. Eric Menthe problem with Seguin about a sidechick made his situation worser.
Do you think it would've been better for him to join QL? Since his voice was a bit similar to Ferre and Babia.

Yeah, because QL was missing a real tenorist who could hit the high notes since the departures of Eric Tutsi, Mustapha & Babia. He could easily get a place there if he joined. But we will not know if he would easily be accepted by Fally, Jipson and Soleil who were giving tenorists who joined or came for a test a hard time by doing nasty stuff, reporting false stories to Koffi or bully them away.