Author Topic: Congolese bass guitar tutorials  (Read 1674 times)

Werrasonique de Zimbabwe on: June 20, 2017, 22:41

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Ok guys. I've been learning the bass guitar for the past 8 months and can now play one sebene in the key of G. I now think that I'm good to learn more but the difficulty I face is that there aren't many tutorials on YouTube and worse still none in English. Some of you play or know some genius bass players out there that you can record showing how to play the most common sebene progressions.

So this is just a long shot to ask if anyone of you could be so kind as to record a video or videos to upload on Youtube so that we can learn how to play this great music. If not I'd be grateful if you could point me in the direction to where  I can receive help please.

So far, these are some of the videos ive used. The first and second are excellent for showing the keys and how to play....... the last video is mind blowing and that's what I'm aspiring for.

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