archos on: October 24, 2014, 20:20

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like carine he says he was surprised and shocked that no musician went to lufu,the congolese city where they were able to get babia's body from to get it back to kinshasa and only shakakongo was there,and he says shakakongo deserves a lot of respect for how he is always available to help out artists(having himself abandoned career to focus  on that) in every type of tough situation( illness,problems with police or with justice...)
and he criticizes group leaders(the most popular ones) saying that when its a big name who just died they do everything to unsettle shakakongo from funerals so they can get money from authorities,but when its guys like babia who are not huge stars they leave him alone and dont really care about those funerals
 he says people from angola who got his body from there to congo where surprised to see nobody from quartier latin there and he thanks those donors who paid so that babia's body could arrive in congo
 he says general kanyama should have also called mosaka who create the name of vieux ebola but wonders how koffi is so often involved in justice problems  and in polemic and says koffi  should really sit down and think about it
the strategy of accepting that nickname was not good from koffi and he advises young artists to stop drinking too much and says babia had stopped it and became healthy again
he says when babia was suffering a lot koffi offered 400 dollars(which was not enough them to make him recover) and now he is dead koffi offered 4000 and  he thinks maybe koffi did that to clear conscience because if koffi really cared about him he would not have allowed him to be in such bad state for several years before recovering and that was the moment to give good amounts of money
he urges groups not to miss funerals because of conflicts with koffi and also all groups not even dare having  personal concerts the day of funerals because they will play in front of nobody as whole kinshasa wants to honour babia chokoro one last time
at the end he says some artists attack him late in the night but did not mention names

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Jdog #1 on: October 24, 2014, 22:08

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Damn some musicians really attack him at night, chance aza na protection que ce soit nkisi to Jesus Christ.
Or moto asala le monde eza yo Nzambe tata, Kita okata po mokili trop matata, kata- Fally Ipupa