archos on: June 18, 2021, 20:15

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he says manda keeps saying that its ferre who blocked him  from singing in kibuisa,and asks how ferre can have such authority against werra and that manda uses that episode to keep hating for ferre just like how he used to attack jb indirectly for his pimples while he still has it 30 years later
once they travelled to kenya as manda lambio lambio and sampaio were invited by genegene defao,he was in economic with them while ferre was in first class and he was acting cold towards them unlike the other guests of defao
and he believes manda does have something personal against him because back when he was with reddy manda was reddy's pire petit and was trying his best to influence reddy toput pressure on ferre that ferre stole his musician when ferre's group was about to tour in europe first time and when he came back they meet at a tv but he cant say what happened because it will look bad on him being the younger
manda used to hammer fally and ferre at any given opportunity and saying that they brought nothing positive to our music only sexual music  and so on (i think we all know the rude way manda talks in)
then few years ago,at manda chante ntesa event fally came (and for those who remember i even praised fally i think for singing on the side micros while he became a bigger star than all the guys there )and fally being who he is received a lot of money on stage and he gave it to manda
and from that day until today manda feels the need to often praise fally then spice it up at the end like "here iam praising    fally that guy living in beauvent(ferre) will have a heart attack) and  maybe manda feels he hurts ferre doing that 
while ferre does not care,DRC stands for democratic republic so he is free to support who he wants but its not necessary for him to support while throwing shade
he has a big burden to handle which is papa simaro's legacy so he should focus on that more than on petty things like that
and marchouse ended saying that them journalists should not allow randomly artists to shout  at them
ferre deserves some respects because being succesful in a band of somebody is something,being  succesful  in a group of friends too but its more difficult to be a leader of a band touring abroad in africa and europa so sometimes when some leaders come to attack for no reasons other leaders they have to respect at least the fact the other handles bigger responsabilities

CM PRINCE #1 on: June 18, 2021, 20:56

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I may not like Marchouse but I do agree with what he said, he spoke nothing but facts.