Author Topic: THE BRAND OF FERRÉ  (Read 344 times)

Manzambi94 on: May 01, 2021, 12:32

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Ferré was born on the 3rd of March 1976
And is really well known in the Congolese scene to be regarded as one of the best singer from the Post Wenge Musica BCBG 4X4 Split shining as a singer in Werra's side of Wenge Musica: Maison Mère.
Despite him being one of the best singers in Congo and in Africa his move, after spending years with Wenge of going to Koffi to try to gain some money (he was broke after he left Les Marquis) and his pivotal role to create Les Marquis Maison Mère after leaving Wenge is what still to these days give Maison Mère fans (in their opinion) all the reason to mock and desrespect Ferré, with Ferré most of the time being desrespected not by QL Fans but by ex Members or fanatique of Wenge Maison Mère, while Fally is almost universally regarded as a genius, a great marketer the proper musical son of Koffi etc. Etc. Ferré is regarded as desrespectful towards Werra, a weed smoker, and a guy who struggle to reach the international fame of his rival Fally unlike Bill who is probably the ex member who insulted Werra the most without.any major consequences Ferré and one.of.his best friend Celeo usually get the short end of the stick because of their insults or banter against Werra. With that said Ferré brought the vocal range and ability for a Rhumba artist to really expand his voice plus unlike Fally, Werra and many others Ferré is the only artist if not one of the only who can manage to pull an incredible successful string of albums by putting the majority of songs in a Rhumba way with zero sebens and one or two générique
 A star in Africa , Ferré for some reason struggle to reach the international height that his voice would require,he have very low number of features and it is not really well known outside of Africa like Fally is,this is due to the incompetence of his marketing bureau who have always been a mess since his solo career started but also due to the reserved and laid back nature of Ferré who feels like he doesn't have anything to proof to the world and almost seems like he do music just for the passion and the craft of it and really don't care about making an impact on the Market sides, despite this fact Ferré have sold a lot of records in Europe and have s really loyal fan base who love him for his personality and his own personal style of Rhumba