Author Topic: The combo Heritier-Aimelia-Ferre was giving something in the chorus of Salsister  (Read 1479 times)

Mfumu Vata #15 on: April 16, 2021, 10:50

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lol, don't you know what a fanclub is ? It's just a group of people who are fans of the artist. The difference with the American and European version is that those of Congolese people were important for the stay of musicians in their country (those of Congolese were implented everywhere, Danemark, Sweden, Germany, U.K., Italy, etc.). They were sometimes also collecting money for the clothes that the bandleader had to wear at a important event at Zenith, Olympia or Bercy and were also really important for promoting those events in the community.

 It was expensive for tourpromoters and bandleaders to pay hotels for all their musicians, which made often x or y artist stay at the family of fan x or y, beside of living in Paris or Brussels at their quartier-général (headquarter) where there was a house rented (in case if the tour was well organised). But it was often going wrong, because of musicians sometimes ending up by sleeping with the mother or one of the children, when the father was at work. It's the reason why alot became years later combattans. This was often the case in London and Brussels. I don't know if you saw Werra's press-conference in London before Bercy, him at some point apolozing about some of his musicians having with the wives of those who received them during the first tour in U.K. From 2001, it became more frequent, when musicians found out how you could get papers in countries like France. Girls who were then in their puberty dissapearing from home and their parents looking for them. But in end, finding out that they were somewhere in Saint Denis or Aubervilliers sleeping with musicians and later on ending up pregnant.  Those girls then thinking that those musicians were really in love with them, while it was just for sex, profit (getting money that they stole from home or chekula) or papers. When Fally's ex Nicky said that they started dating when she 16, I though that it was a joke, but later on I discovered that it was true.

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No I didn’t really understand maybe because I’m younger lool but that makes sense I can see how that can go really wrong my gosh but thanks for the explanation