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« on: December 04, 2023, 09:33 »
Ndombolhino was posting better videos from I don't know Paris or Bruxelles , better videos than what Ferre was posting for this show. Ferre did a good show though.

because he wants to act like other leaders who are also self centered,so that all the praise comes for the leader,imagine eclipse got voted twice on some awards in kinshasa as best atalaku of the decade for his consistency and the fact that he does clean animation 0 mention of it,0 event to congratulate him from the group
the musicians who left were those who had the balls to say no to his new behaviour
he was not like that not long ago,even the opinion of an ambulant seller in front of his house would be taken into account,now his idea and those of his brothers are the only ones worthy

What changed him after all these years? Is it his brother's influence? Is he insecure about his place in music? He seemed so chill in the past, this change is radical

If he's not careful, he could lose Eclipse. People have limits for how much disrespect they can take

yeah they are heavily influential,the frustration in the group really started just before covid happened,wazekwa had paid 200 dollars to every musician as their salary of the month despite not performing a single concert that moment and as soon as he left because he had a dinner with jb and nioka longo somewhere the brothers blocked the door and ordered bodyguard to take the money back because the guys did not deserve it,then eclipse went to see him to tell about it but it was word against word and wazekwa blindly believes his brothers especially because they are also like his children as he started taking care of them being oldest before even turning 10 because of their parents being into strong conflicts
its pretty simple when they see jp and germain they are all moody and uncomfortable but when they see zeka they are happy because he always sneaks something to them i remember a scene of eclipse coming to get money for treatment of his daughter ashley who was on vacation from germany and got hit by a motodriver while crossing a street and the guys said naaaa you are a musician go beg donors stop being a baby then zeka came and gave him a head sign to go to the other side of the house and gave him all the money he needed

Sad to see that Heritier is running his band better than Wazekwa, or even better now Robinho runs better his band than Wazekwa.

Someone in here questioned Wazekwa's intelligence as he has always made people to believe. I can't remember who that was but yes even me now I question it. The way he handled the whole issue of Stade de Martyr, noo. It was a huge risk for him immediately going to Martyr after Ferre.

ceden play,gessac,junior milimo one of the guys of recent generation the guy who sings deep voice in the papa wemba tribute song,internet who is also one one of the recent guys  who stands next to wazekwa on stage or in clips

Wow! as you said, he's making a big mistake. He is destabilizing his band before a big concert.

Archos, who are the five musicians sacked by Wazekwa?

Interesting how Aimelia Lias, nearly 30 years down the line will still sing his parts same same way. He is special.

But Felly Tyson hahahahahahahaha he has a very funny personality. He's there like but I didnt ask for a house I asked for something else hahahahahaha. Look at his dressing He is so funny without saying a word. He has grown so thin, is he using drugs?

« on: May 22, 2023, 10:49 »
I wonder if Norbat de Paris was an associate of Modogo Franco Ferre. Papa Wemba was the one who helped get sapeurs to be singers. So yes indeed, Papa Wemba would be happy if he was alive. BTW, Gloria Bulukutu sang in this song for those who don't know.

Who is Gloria Bulukutu?

Singer from Viva la Musica. He is to sing with Papa Wemba

Thank you

Congolese Music / Burna Boy's La Defense Arena
« on: May 22, 2023, 10:48 »
I read that it turned out to be a big Mpiaka?

« on: May 19, 2023, 12:59 »
I wonder if Norbat de Paris was an associate of Modogo Franco Ferre. Papa Wemba was the one who helped get sapeurs to be singers. So yes indeed, Papa Wemba would be happy if he was alive. BTW, Gloria Bulukutu sang in this song for those who don't know.

Who is Gloria Bulukutu?

« on: May 16, 2023, 12:56 »
Not even a full time musician, in fact its safe to say he's not even a musician but producing some great sape songs. This is commendable.

« on: May 16, 2023, 12:53 »

Aaaa Zarathoustra. Papa Wemba would be happy.

Congolese Music / Re: JB MPIANA - BOLOGNA (CLIP)
« on: May 15, 2023, 08:00 »
Another one that will not make it to one million in six  years.. nice video though


The concert-ban made many artists that used to tour often to Europe being on the same level with artists that weren't going abroad. Now even big names sometimes perform with an entrance of 2 coca cola bottles which is very humiliating. Also since the concert-ban started, artists dont give their best anymore in concerts Kinshasa. The level of concerts dropped alot. Just look to concerts of artists giving when coming back from Europe-tour or just before going to Europe and compared them with concerts of today. Its one of the reasons why people are not really motivated to go to concerts next to the reason of kuluna's (which only getting worser everyday). In most VIP-concerts people just come, because of receiving an invitation. Hence why fans of bands often claim about vip concerts of their rivals at for example village chez ntemba, showbuzz or rotana just being for free because 80%/90% of the people being invited a not being bought a ticket.

Spot on. You are right. I believe Felix Wazekwa's career would have been different from what it is today should he have continued from where he left at Olympia.

Congolese Music / Re: Adjani Sesele - Jus d'Amour
« on: April 11, 2023, 10:25 »
Nice song.

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