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Does anyone know the reasons for Bouro's Departure?

« on: July 25, 2016, 12:36 »
Ken Bilele,you are right.His music is adored accross the continent especially in Kenya and Tanzania .Short-temperedness is his weakness. Eventually as fans we will forgive him as no one is past forgiveness but he has to sweat for it.For starters,he has to show sincere regrets,apologize sincerely and vow not to ne carried awy by his tamper again! He needs self redemption to start with then forgiveness will follow naturally .But from what I have gathered about his suppossedly apology on Television Nationale he is still throwing blames at people that is not proper ,his arrogance is still there!

Thanks for your clarification Archos.But in most African Countries, legislation for marriages allows polygamy like here in Tanzania there are Christian wedding,Islamic one,civil one and traditional one which has provision for more than one wife.I not sure about Congelese Legislation though!

I like his music but not his attitude of arrogance n disrespect! He seems to be full of himself! Is Cindy her lover or second wife? What position foes she have in QL? Apparently she is always a source of trouble!

He deserves deportation! The music world has no place for such uncultured acts! He should issue public apology! But as arrogant as he is I don't think he will do so!

Congolese Music / Re: CELLULAIRE DEAD????
« on: July 15, 2016, 12:48 »
Sorry about your aunt Archos! May her soul rest in piece! Sad news for congolese music lovers

Sadiq Tiger ,
Nobody is quarelling rather than trying to hammer the facts.Occassionally we might differ in opinions but we are all music fans! With due respects ,as regards to Diamond,Sabi should point out a better musician in Tanzania currently.

But on band/dance front Christian Bella has been on the top so far! That was my argument! I think in judging, objectivity  should not be clouded by emotions

If u group together Tanzanian Musicians,Diamond is currently the most successful in terms of popularity,revenue,quality of videos and international audience! One could not argue further!

Yeah! Currently ,He and Diamond are yhe best musicians in Tanzania

What is the issue with Cindy! Is she bullying othe band members?

Great singer n master dancer! I wish him da best!

The meaning of" combattants " pse? Literaly it means fighters,n' est ce pas?

It is sad revelation! Sad indeed!

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