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Ferre and Baby were not close friends in Maison Mere. Even Baby admit that they didn't speak to each other a lot. And Werra didn't want them to be friends I don't know why.
What was the real reason of his suspension ?

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I was just watching it 5 minutes ago lol
 that team was special,hopefully one day werra will reunite them again once for a big concert

Honestly I don't that it would happen.Adjani was left in Kinshasa and Baby Ndombe was suspended at that time right ? When he decided to left exactly ? Because he tried to come back in the band a lot of time.

Is Adjani going to sing in the album ?

Archos can you tell me what exactly happened to him in 2002 ? I heard that he was accused of having killing somebody. But I didn't know that he had been in jail. Then he go to Europe with Maison Mere. But he was often absent during concerts ( he also missed the two Zenith concerts but Werra told the crowd that he was sick at that time but I think it wasn't true ). And he did only 2-3 vocals in A La Queue Leu Leu and one song "Jugement Dernier". (I don't know why. Meanwhile,Werra didn't let Adjani sing in that album because he was in the same case always absent in concerts and repetitions...). Then he decided to stay in Europe when the band returned to Kinshasa because the family of the dead person wanted to kill him. Is that right ?

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