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« on: April 11, 2024, 22:51 »

Lol everytime i see him i remember that vocal which annoys my guy mfumu


he is saying that he thinks marie paul's hate towards come from the fact he believes he dates his ex wife mayi mayimona,while she is now with one of his vieux of matete who is a staff member so automatically she is quite involved in cultura,she for example was the one  buying the dresses for the female dancers during the whole olympia tour

« on: April 10, 2024, 13:45 »

« on: April 09, 2024, 01:00 »

the level of information here is insane,i will translate later but i think a lot might surprise people
one of them is the real meaning of ndombolo animation which was created by his uncle levieux mavuzi


that person is calling afara's friend pretending to be afara and about to go in studio and  that the friend is meant to send him money for mabanga while the real afara is sitting next hahaha what a glorious way to be put on blast


He reveals that after the collapse of their group of young atalakus the have created another one which has atalakus from the OG's like bebe atalaku ditutala djouna mumbafu to the most recent ones,and they are discussing on a lot of common project and some of them might even form an hybrid band which operates between kin and paris and helps those who will be less active to become active again or projects to help each other in case of struggles(him genta and eclipse for example are trying to convince them to organise a fundraising for diego cao whose state has really worsened and his addiction to alcohol reaching a new level)
and that brigade and apoca are now his good friends and they talk even outside the group until late in the night and they have understood that it was not worth it to do what they were doing to please their pire vieux of quartier latin(fally)
other than that it was pretty much typical celeo answering according to the temperature of the moment on what happens behind the scenes,like about heritier where he refused to say positive stuff on heritier's album after hearing what heritier says behind the scenes and also said that he had stopped interviews for a long time because he felt ashamed to see that innoss b who is barely older than their children sounded more mature that some of them
towards the end he got asked about marcosins ipupa starting music and he said that's like his children so he gives full support children are outside of the beefs and he wishes him well for his career he's started with approval of his dad and he hopes he wont be dragged into congolese mentality he needs to follow the french based artists and not try to repeat the same mistakes as his "fathers" and he loves him and he wishes apart from music he can aswell make a statement gesture by uniting the children of his dad who have been forced to be split because of their mothers rivalry

« on: April 03, 2024, 16:45 »

Lowkey he is starting to adress things which he was expected to do "like the rival" and very very criticized for

« on: April 02, 2024, 03:12 »

It had disbanded with the dead of their legendary president sony ecce uomo and his girlfriend the leader lola kadogo
and somebody else has decided to revive the group with some of the key members still around like the soloist papa lobanzo,the atalaku plafond or the singer deblaison who had been featuring in the kisindjora group after the split



He talks about how he joined via aimelia,how he was used to unsettle jitrois and his evolution in the group
he talked about the role of heritier who was never a chef of something,but who could change everybody's word including werra himself when he had given instruction via  or because of kakol that somebody would not be on stage if heritier says come on stage you'd come and sing and werra giving you his coldest look and that sometimes werra and the staff were encourageing them to challenge heritier and he says once he told heritier who is his childhood big bro that he would beat him and heritier was like what did you say and called his guys and said is this guy going crazy and olivier replied he did not even know why he said that(which was that he was sent on mission)
and that the brigade incident came from that system of trying to challenge heritier and he warned brigade to ignore sometimes the missions he's given because heritier's guys are dangerous but brigade was stubborn and heritier's guys dealt with him
he obviously also adressed ado's usual question about weed admitting clearly that he is a good smoker  and that at some point when werra realised that they were smoking too much and even at la zamba which is forbidden in the rules normally he created a fine system in which if you are caught you pay 100 dollars and deplick and fabro were among the first victims because they followed the elders in trying to smoke  to be more accepted within them
he talked about his fall from grace in maison mere and is not too clear about it but sends cryptic allusion about sacrifices saying that he accepted going through hard times because he did not have parents or children or future babies to sacrifice
he was asked whether other groups approached him during these times and he said yes,kibens wanted to bring him to bcbg,koffi contacted him many many times  and ferre also expressed desire for him to join but he thought that chosing to leave would be some sort of weakness he wanted to show that he can resist
about bercy's test he said that yes he took bercy's information and money for his test as it was his role to do that in the group but he was not part of how it was organised to humiliate his close friend lobeso
then he also adressed the usual questions of ado about dancers and salary saying that it was forbidden unless it became official like linda and kakol and indirectly took a shot towards capuccino for gisele  and that there was not a definite salary you'd get every month there was a category of musicians in the band who had a certain level of privilege which was for example at the start of scholar years they'd offer to you some class furniture or in christmas period they'd share chicken and the privileged ones would received a bit more than the others and when they would get their salaries  once in a while it was recorded and sankara putting them in trouble by saying they have been paid and exaggerating the amount which caused on them a lot of familial pressure as people would come everyday with problems knowing the whole world saw you getting paid 


He really has a decent band,especially the backline


apparently only celeo among atalakus was at the last ceremony

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