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lol, I didn't knew that U-Arena, Zenith, Bercy, l'Olympia and Parc des Princes were random places. I also didn't knew about Cirque Royal and BOZAR being big community halls, its sad that western pop-artists sink low to perform every year at a community halls called Forest National.

By virtue of points mentioned above (diaspora size, cultural influence, singing in (pidgin) English etc...) Nigerians can fill up those Paris venues with ease but the said arenas are the apex for Congolese artists!!

Put it this way, whilst shopping a few weeks ago at; I noticed Afrobeat was on repeat throughout in one of the UK's largest shopping malls. 20-30 years ago, "African Music" = Congolese music, today it is Afrobeat!!

Even South Africa's Kwaito does pop up on the radio and has been adopted by Hollywood.

In my experience of attending African parties in UK, EU & USA; Congolese music is now perceived as outdated; nice but nostalgic! Anyone under 30 has little interest in that genre and that's not entirely surprising when Kin's biggest artists peaked 20-30 years ago and the new (5th) generation leaves a lot to be desired.

Well…. This isn’t entirely surprising:
1) Nigerian diaspora is the largest from Africa and actively promotes its heritage.
2) English: the world’s lingua franca, even a few catchy English lines are enough to entice listeners. Nobody cares about French!
3) afrobeat (in all its guises) is on the rise, or at least is catchy & appealing! What’s the point of 5-10 mins of mumbling rumba when you can have 3-4 mins of catchy & danceable Afrobeat??

In the end; Davido, Burna Boy etc can have exactly this concert in Houston, Toronto or Sydney but Congolese are destined to community halls of Brussels or some random places in Paris! Congolese music (to my chagrin) is longer held in high esteem!

we all obviously have different tastes but I find Ferre's music uninspiring, here you have a very talented musician but I find his rumbas monotonic, devoid of any inspiration! And his sebenes, the less is said, the better.
For me, Ferre will always be a cup half empty...someone with 1-dimension artistry; unable to evolve or adapt his style to widen his appeal. In my view, he needs a producer who can guide him but then again he is a product or victim of "dear leader" worship of band leaders in Congolese music!

Congolese Music / Congolese Music Parody
« on: June 23, 2021, 12:13 »
A very funny and pretty accurate parody of Congolese music.

Archos, what does "doing a 12" mean/signify?

I think arsenal fans are.missing

Good to know, I have to give this album a listen

Please do; we need more people to appreciate his works. One could say this is the album that made Koffi rethink what would become Monde Arabe after being christened “Prince de La Rhumba” by Seigneur Ley (RIP)

Thank you for sharing your knowledge...I didn't know much about Le Karmpa until Caligula and this album is a gem...made my evening
Thanks once again for sharing your knowledge and widening my horizon

Congolese Music / Re: Where’s Archos
« on: March 05, 2020, 13:34 »
Wish you and family stay strong in this difficult moment

For some reason you thought this crap deserves a review wow. This isn’t even a song, just him and Cindy fiddling around with their knickers in their home studio. This is just pure disrespectful to his fans.
Totally agree...this the mumbling and ramblings of an old man!?

"music of Madagascar"....LOL LOL....that killed me!! I have no words for you Archos!!
On a serious note...I recently watched some documentary about African ranked Congolese No1 simply because of its stage presence, computer-generated beats can't beat the wizardry of Flamme Kapaya/Tolbert Solo but it all comes down to Congolese artists reverting to "band system" where they join forces to produce the best rather become solo artists who produce the bare minimum!

Incidentally, calling yourself "Robinio" or "Fabregas" is the ultimate proof of complex inferiority ...and producing half-baked Afrobeats just demonstrates how irrelevant they are as "Congolese" artists! On the other hand, I don't believe in 15 mins of Mario/Techno Malewa, a medium has to be found

Bwana Archos
Julius Caesar once told his soldiers: “I would rather be first in a village than second in Rome”. With that in mind, I somehow sympathise with your view about Congolese (people & media) ignoring local performances but I think you are missing key points:
1)   Popularity is now measured by YouTube views and to a lesser degree IG followers or FB likes. I bet that if given a choice of:
    a.   Performing 1 week at FIKING or GHK or
    b.   10m views on YT within that same week
Fally, Ferre etc would opt for (b)
2)   Afrobeats in its various guises is IMH far easier to compose and produce than Congolese music, 3-4 mins of Afrobeats is catchy and easier to dance than 10 mins generique (with 5 mins of mabanga!!). Yemi Alade’s “Johnny” has 112m views, that’s probably 3-4 times the COMBINED views of Koffi, JB, Werra, Ferre & Fally!! This probably explains Fally’s obsession of getting “international” recognition (however you define it) and paying for YT views.
3)   Diaspora: Nigerians, the proponents of Afrobeats, are busy promoting their music, aided by Africa’s largest diaspora and being the most populous country on the continent. Meanwhile, Congolese have soit-disant combattants, QED.
4)   Kinshasa is no longer the Mecca of African music; if anything, Congolese is music is perceived as archaic, something to play for the over 50s! I recently hosted & DJed a NY party, we had about 60 people, with Westerners and mix of Africans (from all parts of the continent), Awilo & Innoss B were the only Congolese artists I could play!!

In summary, Congolese music faces an existential threat, anyone with a laptop can produce a 3 mins hit that once viral will eclipse all the achievements Congolese have made over the last 6 decades. DRC’s neighbours now have their own artists and look up to Afrobeats for inspiration. I hope Ndombolo will find a messiah until then we are truly in the era of Afrobeats.

PS: Nigerians always feature with each other, all in the name of promoting their music & culture, meanwhile Congolese artists are busy fighting each other over crumbs. Imagine the explosion of Fally & Ferre doing another Wake Up. Or consider if Koffi re-assembling the old QL or best of all if WM 4x4 reunited for an album & tour, just imagine!!

Thank you all for the kind feedback!

The autotune (vocal correction) is exaggerated on purpose throughout the song to show distinction through the song , some parts like the chorus it’s more apparent!  My new single my vocals will have less of the “autotune effect” and more of my voice ????????????????
thank you for responding, big up for all the hard work and of  craftsmanship! I checked out your YouTube page and you got excellent clips!

Do you have a non autotune version? The beat is great but autotune sucks!

Congolese Music / Re: BONNE ANNÉE 2020
« on: December 31, 2019, 21:07 »
Happy New Year to all of you

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