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In the song Masayuki Papa Wemba repeated the words that he used in Maria to attack Werrason. In Maria he said "Un jour nako somba zamba". At that time, knowing that Werrason could not react because of Wemba being his elder, Emeneya jumped in to defend him by saying the start of the song Washington "Petit Frere Propre Ngiama, Mopaya akoki kosomba zamba te". In Masayuki, he repeated what he said but censored himself "Alobaka un jour nako somba....., Ba niama bakoma..... and ending it by laughing.

This time Werrason's brother Frère Patrice who makes gospel music joined the conflict by reacting in a louange-song (which as at that time like a generique for artists doing gospel music), but I don't remember the title of the song and forgot the exact words since that I hadn't listened to it for years. something like "balingi basomba zamba".

Knowing that Frère Patrice is disabled, Wemba reacted in one of his song by saying "avant na ndima ye, asala nanu pompage". But I don't know the songs of it either. It created alot of polemic.

To end the conflict between both guys, Werrason came in by saying the start of the song Demi Tour "Soki tosuana, tosuana biso na biso, mais na basali ya nzambé te. Tobanga nzambé"

Congolese Music / Did JB Mpiana ever thought about remixing RDC ?
« on: September 30, 2023, 15:54 »

Did JB Mpiana ever thought about remixing or making a part 2 of the song RDC ? The song is a classic and a good song but in my eyes it doesn’t represent our country well. It’s more like the perception how we in Kinshasa have or had before 1998 over Congo. Because they just pay tribute to Bangala, Bakongo, Baluba, Bambala and Baboa and the remaining tribes of Eastern Congo being put as “Baswahili” while there isn’t a tribe in Congo called Swahili. It’s just that tribes in Congo speak Swahili to be able to communicate with each other. You have tribes Nande, Lunda, Tumbwe, Ndembo, etc. They are many tribes but they could afleest pick one of Katanga and one from Kivu

I’m sure that if Makaba wasn’t in Wenge they wouldn’t have paid tribute to Babao or maybe did Batetela in their place. Many don’t even know who Boa’s  are and from which is province.

Congolese Music / Re: Tracklist for Celeo Scram's new album
« on: September 29, 2023, 20:55 »
Why giving Inoss B' as example for someone who can be his father. Inoss B' and Celeo are not of the same music-genre.

Releasing albums and having a full-time job is not a problem. People forget that music is about making people happy and not a competition. You have artists who had some succes in Europe and bit Kinshasa and then took a break of 4, 5, 7 years, to make a comeback. If you don't work in Europe, how will live you if you don't want to be gigolo. Today it's almost impossible to do "ba coop" in Europe. Also making music in Kinshasa doesn't make sense anymore, because you only get money by doing matolo or having relationships with x or y, or being a good friend of a certain regims. The bandleaders that survive today, are there because of being lucky to have already having made a big name before 2012, having a big catalogue and fanbase. When coming close to them they will all say that they get zero from making music in Kinshasa and that they live because of business,  matolo, sponsorships, weddings and donations from donors. Them all waiting for the moment that music will come back in Europe.

I noticed that in the period of 1998-2003, Papa Wemba being often part of car-accidents. The car-accident of Cameroun must have been scary seeing your bodyguard and car-driver passing away and staying in a car . It's a wonder how he survived.

I'm surprised to hear that Wemba was already in conflict with Niarcos before the Palais du Peuple-concert. So the tour after it would still not having taken place, because of Wemba having to meet his doctors in Paris.

I would like that to see Arata & Pili-Pili being interviewed about their experiences in Kinshasa and about the trip Japanese people were making towards Kinshasa in the period 1983 to 1989 to visit groups like Viva la Musica, Rumba Ray & Victoria Eleison and why Japanese people used to like Papa Wemba alot.

Imagine if Awilo's trip went to Europe went wrong or if Djess decided to scam him. That was a huge risk, many families did the same thing for their children. Many of them even being ungrateful and not even thinking about their families anymore, some becoming  new-born christian and claiming that their family blocked them.


I see that they uploaded IGWEJUNIOR1030's volume 1 of Bercy there

Congolese Music / Re: SO NZUNGU IS A FLOP
« on: September 29, 2023, 16:16 »
People from Brazzaville were colonized by France. So they spell everything out in French (u =ou), for example Kuluna is there written as Koulouna. I forgot other example. But that’s is the reason why Roga Roga spelled it as Nzoungou


They were first dancing with just 3 dancers (Bibiche Bercy, Dona Beija & Bete Sauvage) who came from the Bercy-trip but then when the concert was about to end 2 other dancers joined them. Who are they ? and were they meant to be at Bercy ? I think that I saw one of them in the l'Homme c'est l'Homme-VHS. .  I won't be surprised if they were asked by the admin to do certain things to get on the Bercy-list and them refusing. Like Chikito said an interview about BCBG-dancers and many still not ending up by getting on the list. If you had a Me-too movement in Kinshasa, then everybody would have been arrested and cancelled.

It looks like the two dancers got fired not long after Stade des Martyrs.  I never saw them in those Kibuisa Mpimpa-concerts, only Bibiche & Bete Sauvage dancing along with the new recruited dancers (Linda, Zina and co) who were all underaged.


The first time really took time to watch an interview of spokemen/musicians of G6


« on: September 28, 2023, 20:14 »

Joyeux Anniversaire

They presented him as his brother's rival and Kilimandjaro claiming in interviews that Bill Clinton used to steal his cri's. Fans excepted alot from him and thought that he would finish Bill, when JB Mpiana decided to bring him to Europe to add some cri's in Internet. Many making noise that the generique would be better than Operation Dragon, which was in their eyes just noise and that Kilimanjaro would correct Bill. But when the album came out, it wasn't the way people excepted, the generique failed, Kilimanjaro's participation was not big and his cri's failed. At Bercy, the concerts that followed and the tour of 2002, he also failed. There are some BCBG-fanatics who claim that Kilimanjaro was just lucky to be Bill Clinton's brother and that late Cellulaire was better than him and deserved to be at Bercy instead of him.

Ah okay. I thought that it was the same person, because friend of mine saying that it was the same guy animating for Ferre.

When Kilimanjaro joined BCBG, I thought that we would see a rivalery like Nono (Zaiko) vs Ditutala (Choc Stars) or Ekokota (Wenge) vs Beevans (QL). But Kilimanjaro didn't fulfill the exceptions people had of him to counter his brother Bill Clinton.

What is the name of the atalaku that animated for Didi Kalombo's generique ? He also animated in Ferre Gola's album Sens Interdit in the song Folie d'Amour where he did the Kiyombe-folklore part along with Ferre before the sebene coming in. However, he wasn't credited in the credits.

from 4:31

It seems that the generique got deleted from youtube.

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