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What happened to this guy? He produced top generiques backed by Fally's F Vic Team. Then disappeared.

Rare concert Stervos Niarcos (RIP), Papa Wemba (RIP), Bozi Boziana and King Kester Emeneya (RIP)

Featuring the late Bongo Wendeeee on solo guitar! (RIP) I always wondered what kind of delay effect he used? It's sounds crisp like a piano
Mi-Solo Guitar: Matu Kabangu
Rhythm Guitar?
Bass Guitar?

Alain Makaba

Do you consider Makaba the best due to him creating a new style with his Steinberger guitar? His artistic director role bringing the best of JB Mpiana?

Mboka Liya

Is Mboka Liya the GOAT for playing on some of the greatest Wenge songs/sebenes-post 1997? Considered as a variant of Roxy Tshimpaka, Mboka Liya is top 10

Why did Mboka Liya play better in Defao's Big Stars than on Clan Wenge? Listen to Tremblement de Terre, Famille Kikuta Remix, Madova, Sala Noki remix, etc

Maitre Ficarre

Why isn't Ficarre much known having played on "Kala Ya Boeing", most songs on Pentagone, TH and Internet?

Alain Mwanga

Not forgetting, he created the partitions for Mulolo

Flamme Kapaya

Do you consider Kapaya the best of his generation with his bweta bweta style. Him influencing major of soloists in Kin. Werrason not getting over Kapaya's departure?

Patou Solo

What about Patou Solo's run in BCBG?

Japonais Maladi Kyoto

Do you consider Japonais before he changed his style after Operation Dragon the top 10. Him creating "Ndombolo" and defining the style of Maison Mere. Japonais playing a majority of Awilo's hits (Gate Le Coin, Karolina)?

The late Pathy Moleso

Pitchou Santiago. Pitchou says he's the original creator of Ndombolo.

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The Systeme D album has Roxy Tshimpaka "Niawou" on solo guitar and Djudju Music on drums. If anyone can find a copy of this, please let me know.

The Solange Muana Suka 1992 LP is also rare. Why was it never reissued?


Around this time Viva camp was releasing hit after hit albums including the albums with Modogo and Abeba Lipordo.

Sadly, this lineup will create Nouvelle Generation in 1992.

Moziki La Juventus was created by vocalist Toupi Toukala based in Brazzaville. The band will feature stars such as vocalist Lucien Bokilo and guitarist Volvo 840. In 1988 the band stopped the reason becomes unclear.

Lucien Bokilo joins Aurlus Mabele's Loketo in 1989. Volvo would play sessions with vocalist Fernad Mabala, Chiden de Mbuta and other Brazzaville artists. In the mid 90's he plays with Madilu System. Around 1996 he plays with Zaiko Langa Langa. Leaves after the Poison album. The last nzing zong he plays is Lucien Bokilo - Bon Voyage.

Bella Soum was a band based in Ndjili.

This is first band to have feature stars like Ngouma Lokito bass and Nseka Huit Kilos guitar solo

Old School Music / Diblo Dibala's debut with Franco et OK Jazz
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At age 15 Diblo enters a talent competition to compete against Franco. The prize was to play in OK Jazz Diblo won. Diblo would play on one recording called "Elidjo Motema" composed by Bouesso Mbemba, a vocalist from Brazzaville.

Diblo would later join with Kanda Bongo Man to play with Bana Mambo and the reunion of Bella Bella before leave for Europe in the late 70's.

Old School Music / Minzoto Wella Wella
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Drummer Otis Edjudju Mondial starts his major career with Minzoto Wella Wella in mid 1970's. Otis would leave for Langa Langa Stars around 1982-1983. Then leave for Choc Stars.

Minzoto Wella Wella was a musical school training for musicians. A lot of musicians passed through this glorious band. Bozi Boziana being an early member. Bassist Ngouma Lokito play with Minzoto Wella Wella in the early 80s until 1986. Also Nseka Huit Kilos, Mvuemba Chiro Chiro, Mboka Liya Burkina Faso, Malembe Chant, Djoel Losange, Otis Edjudju, Isa La Fleur and Tshala Muana. Tshala Muana was a dancer for Minzoto Wella Wella before solo career.

Malembe Chant was vocal front man until Victoria Eleison was created. Umba Sorozo will also play Zaiko nzing zongs with vocalist Mavuela Somo in Libreville Gabon. Sorozo also join Debaba's Historia Musica along with the late Lele Nsundi. Lele Nsundi was one of the greatest rhythm guitar players in Congolese Music.

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