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What happened to this guy? He produced top generiques backed by Fally's F Vic Team. Then disappeared.

Rare concert Stervos Niarcos (RIP), Papa Wemba (RIP), Bozi Boziana and King Kester Emeneya (RIP)

Featuring the late Bongo Wendeeee on solo guitar! (RIP) I always wondered what kind of delay effect he used? It's sounds crisp like a piano
Mi-Solo Guitar: Matu Kabangu
Rhythm Guitar?
Bass Guitar?

Congolese Music / Re: Dream Team - Contre Attaque
« on: July 30, 2023, 19:55 »
lol a mix of generation bercy,dose unique,4 coins kandala all in the same generique
zoe bella biennnnnn misu ya noix lol

Came with the exact thought  ;D

Some of the cries can even be heard on Awilo's Mondongo and even Affaire d'Etat!

Koffi is a real poacher hahaha

« on: July 30, 2023, 19:47 »
Repose en paix Mama Cindy

Congolese Music / Re: Welcome back!
« on: July 30, 2023, 19:46 »
Merci. This is one of the most viewed forums! Glad to be back.

Pepe Kalle = Empire Bakuba

Empire Bakuba could've fulfilled a long legacy like OK Jazz, Zaiko and Afrisa. Unfortunately, after Pepe Kalle's death, the story was never the same. Pepe Kalle was an easygoing person to be around. Pepe Kalle didn't create any polemic for the sake of conflict. Pepe Kalle was very charismatic, outgoing, and cool. A pity.

The car accident of Papy Tex scared a lot of members want to associate with him. Dilu became distant as years went by.

There was an interview of Beniko Popolipo that stated main reasons most bands crumble 1.) Financial problems 2.) Egos (The battle of leadership, non-compromising and tensions) 3.) Deaths.

Alain Makaba

Do you consider Makaba the best due to him creating a new style with his Steinberger guitar? His artistic director role bringing the best of JB Mpiana?

Mboka Liya

Is Mboka Liya the GOAT for playing on some of the greatest Wenge songs/sebenes-post 1997? Considered as a variant of Roxy Tshimpaka, Mboka Liya is top 10

Why did Mboka Liya play better in Defao's Big Stars than on Clan Wenge? Listen to Tremblement de Terre, Famille Kikuta Remix, Madova, Sala Noki remix, etc

Maitre Ficarre

Why isn't Ficarre much known having played on "Kala Ya Boeing", most songs on Pentagone, TH and Internet?

Alain Mwanga

Not forgetting, he created the partitions for Mulolo

Flamme Kapaya

Do you consider Kapaya the best of his generation with his bweta bweta style. Him influencing major of soloists in Kin. Werrason not getting over Kapaya's departure?

Patou Solo

What about Patou Solo's run in BCBG?

Japonais Maladi Kyoto

Do you consider Japonais before he changed his style after Operation Dragon the top 10. Him creating "Ndombolo" and defining the style of Maison Mere. Japonais playing a majority of Awilo's hits (Gate Le Coin, Karolina)?

The late Pathy Moleso

Pitchou Santiago. Pitchou says he's the original creator of Ndombolo.

A lot of modern generiques don't make a strong impact

1.) The soloist don't create memorable riffs. Polystar in a interview said young soloists are totally busy sliding to the "High C" instead of creating melodies.

2.) Too many "changement de frequences" in the middle of the generique. Remember the days of "Titanic" "Solola Bien" "Operation Dragon" when musicians would just right in the sebene. Wazekwa is guilty of these changes lol

3.) Lack of promotion and too many rumbas. Congolese Music until 2004 was the powerhouse of dance music. Too many artists are focused on making rumba love songs and not regular 3 part structure sebenes that we were used too. Hence, not all rumbas are the same. The odemba rumbas of Franco OK Jazz are at least danceable or have sweet riffs towards the end.

I dont remember Maison Mère having a videoclip in the woods in Malewa.

Its  not what I meant. My question was why Werrason was never giving Coreen Polystar the chance to play lead in generiques and sebene songs ? Back in the days when they used to play in streetbands he had the repution of being a big solist and when being in Anti Choc, many said he would get Congolese music-scene his hands in the future as lead guitarist like Alain Makaba and Beniko Popolipo. But it didn't happen.

He joined WMM just before Double Zenith and when he was still there in Kinshasa after they came back, Bill Clinton gave him the nickname of Coren to refer to Japonais’ depature, saying “The Japanse is gone and the Korean arrived”. Polystar adopting the name. But on the end he never ended up by playing lead next to Flamme and Mogratana who came months later got that privilege. Instead of looking for solists after Flamme, Christian,  later Kimbangu's departure and when fans considered Arc en Ciel as weak to look for a solist next to play next to him, they could easily give Polystar that opportunity.

The guitar Polystar played in Jugement is not a lead but rhythm. Its like how late Simaro lutumba played rhythm in but his guitar having the main role like most rumba’s of the 70s & 80s. Another good example is Mongali of Tabu Ley. Btw Jugement’s rhythm is inspired from Lutumba’s guitar of faute ya commercant.

Kapaya was the no.1 lead soloist in Maison Mere for years. Werrason himself is a fan of complicated riffs, being a lead guitarist is competition. When Kapaya left, Werra kept trying to fill the void, Kapaya remains one of the greatest guitarists in the history Clan Wenge behind Makaba, Japonais, Mboka Liya and Ficarre. Why Werra chose Mogratana instead of Polystar?

Alas, Polystar did a superb job with Anti Choc (his debut on Position Eyebani, but Bella Bongo was the main soloist at the time). Polystar also played on a couple tracks on Aimelia's Constat album.

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Congolese Music / Re: Is this Anti-Choc's "sortie officielle"?
« on: September 29, 2022, 08:16 »
Merci ndeko for the clips

Grand Pere Bozi looking like a pimp   ;D

RIP Souza Vangou, le grand guitariste!

Notice how Beniko Popolipo's style is a mixture of Franco (Sixths) and Dr. Nico (Single Notes)

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