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That rhythm and tempo suits Fally Ipupa very well, I believe Fally is a 2nd voix léger he is like Willy Bula & Reddy Amisi. I wonder if he heard if would like it, probably but would say it's old school and too congolese.  ;D

« on: May 08, 2022, 22:49 »
I don't understand as to why in the Congolese music scene Celeo Scram does not get the respect and appreciation deserved. Firstly, before joining Wenge Musica Maison Mere way back in 1997, he had animation call that were already popular and other bigger groups had called the animations too, most notably Quartier Latin (the two stellar animators Somono & Mboshi).

"Ya yo Ya yo, oyo mama lukota" (1997) >


Somono taking the same animation 04:44

"Papa sombi Vespa, yokela pasi na moto" (1997 originally) >


Mboshi taking the same animation 06:38

"Bengela nga... Ni Nde nde nde, Dingili dingili ma" >

02:41 Disrespectul how Werrason made Bill call it on Force D'Intervention Rapide.

"Yandika ntolela.. mvuka mata na kinshasa... yandima ntololo" >

06:29 The Popular!

Somono taking the same animation 03:10 & Mboshi taking the same popular animation 03:51

Possibly this animation too:

"Bayeba te.. kuna bayeba te" 1997

08:58 "he could be the author of this animation"

Mboshi taking the same animation 01:27

I think Werrason by not utilizing Celeo Scram heavily in the first two albums of Wenge Musica Maison Mere held Celeo back, however he still stood strong with the famous "Hutu Swamini" (10/10)! Called by other groups too and "kilumbu Kakiesse" in Solola Bien, from "Kibuisa Mpimpa" to "Sous Sol" Celeo went from strength to strength! If I have time I'll do a review of his first album "Nzoto na Nzoto" which is a excellent album especially in the 5th Generation, being one of the best from that generation and era. How does the Congolese media not recognize this, as much of a legend Bill Clinton is, Celeo Scram should be held to same standard, the day he passes away people recognize how special he is the department of animation in our country Congo!!!

« on: January 23, 2022, 19:54 »

WOW! This is introduction is just magnificent, From Flamme, Kakol, Celeo to Thierry Fire!!! Shame this is 21 years ago! Even then the Bercy version for me! Lol! what surprises me Werra was actually the best dancer!  ;D ;D ;D in this sequence.

When Papa Wemba and his staff (Shaguy Sharoufa, Bayern de Munich, Sacre Zaza, etc.) started Viva La Musica in 1976 with its "sortie officiel" being in February 1977, they were first inspired by the fast tempo of Lita Bembo's stukas. Songs like Mabele Mokonzi, Ebale Mbonge, Zengo (of Bipoli),... were made on that style.

The way Viva La Musica was playing like Stukas didn't please Lita Bembo. He was furious about that and made an interview saying then "je donne six mois à Papa Wemba pour arrêter de copier le Stukas !" which made Viva La Musica quickly change their style. But alot forgot about that story and say that it was because Emeneya came that they changed the style (since that he used from the 90s in those old videotapes to brag about) while he didn't had a big influence before the depature of Bipoli, Esperant, Julva and Jadot Le Cambodgien who went to form in November 1977 their own band Karawa Musica (which only last 6 months). Papa Wemba himself was first often doubting about Emeneya being musician, seeing him more as a student, saying "aza forme ya batu bakende tchik", calling him "yuma" and Bipoli often bullying him.

Because of Lita Bembo being happy about Viva La Musica playing their style, they switched to the Fiesta-style of Dr Nico and Tabu Ley mixing it with the Cavacha-style which all bands of the 3th generation were playing. Rigo Star and Bongo Wende were then also adding some Rock, Jazz and stuff in their songs.

Rigo Star coming with the distortion guitar from 4:35 min

dedicated to Wemba's girlfriend (the mother his child he gave the name Koffi Olomide). Verckys played sax on this song.

They also made songs who were heavenly inspired by James Brown (one of Wemba's idol)

After the Europe-tour of 1980 all guitar players left (Rigo Star, Julva and Syriana) because of Wemba not paying them. Only bassplayer Pinos stayed. So they recruited Santana Mongoley, Tofla Kitoko and Safro Manzangi who would work along with Huits Kilo and Bongo Wende and with a new rhythm  which would become Viva-rhythm of 1980-1982 and that of the original Victoria Eleison 1982-1987 with all young-bands also following that style, developing also the Indu-Shankara style like Emeneya used to call it (singing in harmony with 3/4 singers) which they already started in 1978. Having then an excellent chorus (Dindo-Emeneya-Esperant-Debaba).

After the split of Viva La Musica in 1982 they took that style with them and develop it even more with bassplayer Pinos often using some Funk and Jazz-basslines in Victoria songs (Sango Mabala Commison, Abissina, Riva Dimbala, etc.). Didier Masela also use that style in Kaskin, Mon Ami Coboss, Moni La Rose and Cresois. Pinos once said in the interview he made with Vicent Tshiluizi that the first part of Victoria Eleison-anthem (explosion) was inspired by an American song, but I can't find the link. So I can't say which song it was. Victoria Eleison had like Viva La Musica an anthem (also called generique). Emeneya would remix the Victoria-anthem in 2000 as But Na Filet. Wenge Musica copied the Viva-anthem in their own way and used to play it from 1985 until 1990

Some songs made with the Hindy Shankara singing style. Nowadays its very rare to see bands singing a whole song with 4 singers from the begin to the end.

King Kester Emeneya was a huge fan of Tabu Ley that he on some point started to sing songs in duets with Makolin to replicate the way Tabu Ley use to sing songs in duets with Paul Ndombe (Baby Ndombe's father) in African Fiesta National.

DAMN! thanks Mvulusi on that analysis you are correct, I think folklore has a lot do with these groups as well "Kalayi Boeing", "Hi Ho Ha" & "Mulolo", very similar to Viva/Victoria as well with songs like "Loni", "Okosi Ngai Nfumu" & "Benediction". I love how Viva was able to mix many elements of music and create different style something Zaiko couldn't do. Plus, how Wenge in the 90s with use of technology and electric keyboards update the style with even more sebene's. But the other side of Zaiko was strong too Burkina Faso started with Choc Stars & Big Stars which had different style but implemented some of those styles in Wenge same with Blaise Belo even Werrason once saying this plays like a Langa Langa Stars guitarists like Eddy Mabangu, I wish we had interviews on artistic skills instead of useless polemics.

Oh my Newside96 welcome back! Ndeko Mvulusi was looking for you the other day

Thank you fellow friend! glad to be back again and thanks for the warm welcome!  :) :) :)

back agaiiiiiinnn fam ya dun know already  :D :D :D
 bon retour ndeko

Brethen! Lads!, we back again, let's have some, fun feels good to be back  ;D thank you brother

Welcome back brother. Ozalaki wapi pendant tout ce temps la ?

Thank you brother, I had to get on with life too  ;), I'd love to get your remarks on certain questions I've stated bro, you know a lot  :)

Thanks for this story. I think it is kind of like this. You have three musical bands that influenced Wenge Musica. For Victoria Elesien, it was Blaise Bula, Marie Paul, and Werrason. Werrason sounds like Kester but he lacks the emotional sound that Emeneya had as a singer. Blaise Bula would be like the lower baritone version of Joly but Blaise was more creative in a sense than Joly was. Marie Paul also sounds like Kester but he is a bit more throaty than Kester. Kester was much more crystal clear in his voice.

But with Jb Mpiana, he was more into Viva La Musica vocally speaking than Victoria. JB was like Papa except he did not have a strong power than Papa Wemba had in his voice. That is why JB always referred to Papa Wemba when he had a chance. You could see that Papa Wemba paid more attention to JB because JB reminded him of young self.

Then with Adolphe Dominguez, had he had more training, he would have had a closer to Defao of Choc Stars period. Adolphe could sing high notes at times but had he been more trained then he would have a better singer than Werrason. \

That is my take.

Great analysis never thought of it the same you did, good perspective!

Oh my Newside96 welcome back! Ndeko Mvulusi was looking for you the other day

Thank you fellow friend! glad to be back again and thanks for the warm welcome!  :) :) :)

« on: August 30, 2019, 20:43 »
Today I had an interesting debate with couple of close people I know over the impact of Papa Wemba, This month I've listened to Wenge Musica's early song "Laura" by Blaise Bula found this comment saying: "On sent le cachet des aînés (Choc stars,Victoria,Viva, ...).", yes the song by sounds like a song Stino Mubi or Reddy can perform in Viva during the mid 80s or even Joly Mubiala in Victoria in the early 80s. Then I watched an Interview of Papa Wemba with Marius talking about Wenge Musica saying they are influenced by Viva La Musica even though they copied Victoria Eleison which originated from Viva La Musica.

Watch from 18:49 Papa Wemba clearing saying Wenge Musica was influenced by Viva La Musica through Victoria Eleison. By the way, Didier Masela & Marie-Paul admitted that they were influenced by them,

1) but Papa Wemba didn't expand on one thing watch from 19:31 that the style "La Musica" is a mixture of different elements, fellow bloggers I'd like to know what are these elements that Papa Wemba combined to make the "La Musica" style, that is not something to neglect as Victoria Eleison, Rumba Ray, Station Japan & Generation Wenge benefitted from this please guys expand on the style of "La Musica"!!!

2) Concerning guitars the "La Musica" rhythm & melody where did that originate from who were Sec Bidens, Safro Manzangi, Huit Kilos & etc. who were they influenced by and what did they do add to the La Musica style regarding instrumentation?

3) Who did Generation Wenge add to "La Musica" especially from late 90s Generation Wenge (El Paris Couvre Feu era, BCBG Titanic era, Maison Mere Force D'Intervation Rapide - Les Marquis era)?

Fellow bloggers, please help share your views on this topic.

at the same time enjoy this song!

« on: September 14, 2018, 20:38 »
After watching claude maluma's interview on Werrason and him being ungrateful. Didier Masela also said this with Zorro Mabiala that he's ungrateful plus him spreading some sort of truth concerning the break up of Wenge I think since that interview all the six administrators might have had an underground cold war because Didier Masela did not hold back on anything. Who thinks the same???

Will Fally & Ferre ever been received like that one day in Kinshasa?

Can't believe that he lost everything in 2 years.

Imagine the years 2000 & 2001 in this internet era I'm sure Congolese music would be on top with million views every season of the year. Fally & Ferre are good but no way as good as the Wenge's of early 2000s.

God bless Adolphe seriously he's not perfect but I think this man is a very nice guy and respectful, I think his nature of leadership did not allow him to keep a team for that long normally leaders are very hard on the workers.

« on: August 19, 2018, 12:49 »

Our music is truly finished, Flamme Kapaya battered that guitar that sometimes you'd think it's Burkina faso 10/10, Mimiche crazy bass and Celeo stepped it up in this album especially this song the sebene probably one of the best in this album. I wonder what other leaders thought about this group and Werra they must have been terrified!

i can imagine how werra motivated the guys" heritier,kapayos,kakol bomoni ndenge nini ssssss nayoki ba petit wana balingi basakana na nkoyi,il faut to bbbbbbbbbbetaaaaaa eloko moko tic au tac systematique un temps balala esila mbala moko ahhhhhh mbrrrrrrrrrrr ahhhhh ngaaa de la foret,ba petits nayebisi bino blaaagueee au coin faut to marquer territoire flamme sikoyo olingi beta  na ndenge ya ba coreen to ya ba vietnamiens" :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

 ;D ;D ;D Vieux Nsone already knew if he didn't respond proper it would've been KO!!! for ever his even lucky Heritier, Celeo & Flamme did not leave at that moment. Les Marquis get me so mad till today on how they didn't last long from the studio sessions to the video clips the whole group was a mess plus no elder artist were able to calm them down and look for a solution apart from let's say Francis Kakonde, but I reckon artists from Quartier Latin, Wenge BCBG and others were happy about Les Marquis all the elders apart from Adolphe all wanted them split up because they knew they would take over or you would have saw another off-shoot in Quartier Latin or BCBG.


From start to finish FIRE!!!, I swear the anger, passion and energy in this generique was something else. Thanks to Japonais for re-inventing himself in this generique along with Kaps Kapangala they really gave modern touch, nonetheless Picasso excellent along with Mimiche. Man Bill Clinton was another planet (so long I haven't as good as this)! Imagine had another 2 albums oh my days! (even heard Koffi went mad after listening to this), still sounds new till this day but Werrason & Maison Mere the response of Alerte Generale surprises me till this day because I literally thought it was over, to respond to this 10/10 credit.

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