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Congolese Music / Re: Tribute to Nono Monzuluku by atalakus
« on: April 13, 2024, 14:57 »
you can tell celeo despite his voice being heavier is a hardcore zaiko fan,his name is literally a zaiko animation and that cnn and roi david worked with empereur nono in djonga for years
djouna is the GOAT,60 soon but the same voice

What's the secret to keeping your voice as an atalaku, especially for falsettos like Djouna and Somono? I wish Djouna would record another album, does he not know how appreciated he is?

« on: April 13, 2024, 14:51 »
Man what happened to F’Victeam? That project was the best Fally had. That was the right formula.
Fally simply doesn't care about having a string group, him alone is enough, tbh I don't know why he keeps all those people around when he clearly doesn't care take for example someone like Papy Komvo who enterwd late in Fally's groupin his 30s which is usually when you either become a big star after years of trying but falling (Burna Boy) or when you already were succesf  in your teens and  you reach your peak (Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Drake Kanye West etc.) To then leave at 51 which is almost an automatic suicide cause you are 51 so naturally young women won't even look at your direction and with guys of your age busy with other things and guys younger then you focus on other artist,  tbh I don't see any scope in keeping this group

True, Fally makes music for a hobby and his group is just an accompaniment. He proved himself in Quartier Latin, he confirmed his success as a solo artist, he proved himself as a crossover talent (his features on afrobeats and Sweet Life) and he managed a decent group with Libre Parcours – that hunger isn't there.

All of the important questions about his career has been answered, the music fuels his business and the rest is for his pleasure. The same with Ferre , although I feel like Ferre puts a bit more effort.

« on: April 11, 2024, 23:16 »
It seems Nouvel Horizon is becoming like Zaiko and BCBG, a retirement home for old talent or operation poto? Lol all jokes aside, I like that the group is giving past members a chance to organize themselves financially where in Zangul was a struggle due to Roga's ego.

« on: April 10, 2024, 20:19 »
Exactly thats why i dont agree with people questioning nouvel horizon for those leaving,what you just said plays a huge role in that,they have even staff members such as the maman presidente(which is a very crucial role)  who have switched to roga and literally one of the external co-founder rostel bakwa who was in studio with those who ran away in europe
Sonor must be livid why all of a sudden lot of people are leaving Nouvel Horizon? I thought that given that they had a monthly allowance from Universal they were alright but as I have said before Universal is not a good muscolare label to sign to especially the deal Sonor made of that 360 deal

If I had to guess, it's possible that it is only the founding members of the Nouvel Horizon that likely receive a salary from Universal. Remember, the profit from streaming music is considerably smaller than physical sales which is why a lot of recording contracts are 360 deals.

Because the label doesn't eat big from sales, Universal need a percentage of the group's money from each concert and related sponsorship (their initial donor from Primus, they get a mention on their generique Choc).

It also doesn't help that Congo is poor country, the majority of citizens cannot afford to spend money regularly for concerts like they do in Europe, United States of America, Canada, and East Asia. That's why some Congolese artist are going the afrobeat direction, they're going where the money is...even if we don't like the music direction

« on: April 10, 2024, 15:56 »

Mmmm I hope his career will go well, but still to this day no F'Victeam offshot has ever been successful, tnh the group system is kinda dying, out of the Deplick, But Na Filet, Heritier, Fabregs, Ferre, Fally, Felix, JB,s Werra, and Koffi's group you only have Wenge MM (Fabregas, Deplick, Heritier, Bill etc.) Fally (QL) But Na Fillet(Fabregas) and then the rest total emptyness, which is sad but at the same time people can't listen and support everybody.

There's also a lot of sabotaging behind the scenes from the big teams to ensure spinoff groups don't survive. Also, it's prohibitively expensive to maintain a new group while recording an album and securing contracts for tours.

Why do musicians get involved in these things? Huge fan of Diddy but ruined his reputation with this. Whether true or not it’s best never to be involved.

People like Diddy do these things out of egotism. He's wealthy and powerful, so he shows off in front of people so that they know. That feeling you get when things go your way is very satisfying, but it's x100 when you're on that level


Not bad at all

It's never too late, look at Soleil and Karmapa. They found success later in life...

joss' love for wazekwa will "kill" him one day,despite the humiliations he's face during his return from musicians(especially champs elysee who has been promoted to chef d'orchestre) and from the brothers,he's out there calling one by one every member of the golden cultura generation to be in support of the concert and saying that he'll be there and he apologises on behalf of the guys
 apologizing for what?

They've been through so much together, I understand his loyalty. You're right though, it's an exhausting relationship

yes,but not in big quantity like in the past because they are more demanding now which does not please musicians so they'd rather the up and coming who will be happy to get even just the chance to work with them

At some point, the artist gotta just give in to the demand...our music is suffering because the lyricists aren't giving up the goods like before.

celeo and cnn tried to create a whatsapp group to discuss for example a self funded new version of fara fara album(only with generiques) where they invited the big and known names bill brigade gesac kero genta eclipse apoca biscuit and co and bill's arrival completely creared meltdown lol he came and they all wanted explanation for a diss song he did naming some of them

I've noticed that the cries of atalakus drop considerably when they settle in Europe, is it the lack of shegues and street groups for inspiration? Their animations seem basic, which is surprisingly since some of them speak kikongo and tshiluba. You'd think they could do better...

But then again, they're not classically trained like Ekokota, Genta, and others from the school of Bana Odeon

« on: March 20, 2024, 23:27 »

Roi nsole guy vanbrawn
 his age is a bit of a mystery lol but i know he is one of the oldest pure quartier latin members from the attentat generation along with jordan who is 52 now,but i guess he must be same age as the likes of manda tutu aimelia so slightly older than jordan

What are the ages of the Jipson and Bebe Kero?

even in the original config which is 9K i love him  but i dont believe he could fill,let alone the new almost 14k config
but the sad thing is that he could not give a damn,even if there is 500 people he might be caught by some quick sadness but his pride will quickly send him the job done message

Is he finished or is he not taking enough time to mobilize for these venues? He doesn't have a popular song or album in the market, I feel like there's nothing special going on to justify an arena concert


He mocks jf for his antics and how he attacks musicians and adresses the rumours of having dated daida which caused beef with jb saying he does not know daida personally he only saw her once at her mother's wedding with VK and she is old enough to come and say if he ever approached her and he also adrssed didi saying that he tried dating her friends and said that if thats true then she should give names because all he knows is that her two three close friends just come to say hello papa and move,but he does not want to take long on that as if he was responding to his daughter
he ripped into popolipo during the interview and said that he is not any better than lebou felly tyson,he did nothing special in his career except his famous zaiko solo of the 80's and his song julia with him and so on
he talked again about that producer of legend saying it was the first time of his career that a producer paid 300K cash and not via a check or something he found it weird but he was fed up of making fans wait for the release so he had blind trust and that he got told by somebody who was close to an artist the whole story behind it but he wont reveal it because it will lead to strong controversy
he said he has no problem with jb and werra if they want peace with him he is fully open for it,even though he knows via people around them that they used to call him "wanted" during his justice issues
he was asked about the muana nsuka affair and he says he founds it strange that in congolese public's logic dancers are always the victim,in many cases they have consenting love affairs with the leaders and one dancer sandralina(who ironically enough goes down the totally opposite route of being victim now) said that its dancers who rape the leaders because they join groups already with the intention of being the leaders favorite and this include sex and relationship and koffi adds that the dancers even fight for them or leave groups because leaders is now closer to another dancer
he did the interview with next to him his daughter kenaya and received a cindy call lol cindy was sounding like she was shouting at him for something,and he did not hide it at all in the interview that she is fully his wife now with everything you can expect from a woman
Dancers raping leaders wow

That female dance squad of QL from Force de Frappe to Affaire d'Etat era could take turns gang raping me, especially Chouchou Mbayo and Patience Ibembo. I'll suffer in silence for years – #SURVIVINGQUARTIERLATIN  :)

mannnn naty had to block his comment section because of the backlash he receives since his audios
why do you think he'll flop
It us just too complicated to go solo coming from a traditional Ndombolo band of the big three nowadays, especially if you cone from BCBG, BCBG musicians are almost unknown to people who aren't fans of BCBG I have seen this with the Fally concert, when Abraham was singing nobody knew him and much like CM Prince I had to tell people that he was a very famous ex Wenge BCBG Member back in the days.
Second no Europe backing, in Europe people know Fabregas, Heritier, Werras9n etc. But they hardly know about BCBGians cause of JB constant delay on albums and very rare concert in Europe he used to make,
And in the last part Congolese fans are extremely complicated, tbh I would never want to be a musician in Kin because Congolese fans have a very particular way like Americans to listen to the music and like you have said if you aren't from that particular camp, if you don't have that particular style they will be like what is this? And disregard you as quickly as possible. Despite But Na Fillet being a successful solo musicians from Villa Nova I don't think he will ever reach the success of Fally, Ferre or even an Innoss B, so that is why I think he will flop, I hate to say it but Nono Fudji it is simply out of time and I don't see him doing a Rhumba with new modern instruments

If I'm not mistaken, But Na Filet also benefited from people feeling sorry for him and being upset how his old friend Fabregas betrayed his friend. Maybe the gospel angle helped too, because it differentiates him from the other former band members of 5eme generation.

I will offer two possibilities
1) He does not have enough money for promotion since he probably spends a lot of money on making songs and donors.
2) Likely Fabregas, Fally, Ferre and other bigger artists work hard to prevent Deplick of getting more favors from influential folks or fans in general.

Imagine being as advanced in your career as those men, but you're still blocking your peers as if they're a step or so behind you. Fally and Ferre have done big concerts, sponsorships, successful back to back albums, and continue their success as solo artists for almost twenty years – their position as leaders in the genre are cemented lol a successful year from Deplik won't strip that from them

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