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I was listening to Pentagone today and Les Anges Adorables yesterday (fantastic albums), and I was wondering are we even getting the album? Because we only saw a snippet of Werra with Alain Makaba in the studio that one time, then they were supposed to release official footage of the stade de martyrs concert then last year we saw them at rehearsals with Marie Paul but there was no footage, is it still in the works?

I saw an interview with Fally and he was asked if he’s releasing a new album this year and he said yes Tokosss 3 but the problem is he can’t release it now because Formule 7 is still going strong and is still hot in the charts especially in Kin and Europe as if it just came out because many songs are still getting success even if they weren’t in the beginning. This is true because the 3 arena concerts he did managed to boost the album more and in Kin it’s still the number one album being played.
Is this one of the reasons why it takes years for albums to come out now apart from the fact that albums now have 30+ songs and long gone are the days when it used to be 12 tracks. 


My guy Asso looks like he’s really been enjoying his new life in Europe he even looks younger than he did when he was still in Kin with Latino  ;D and BB Jitrois faux chanteur and now faux atalaku Jesus


Fally is taking the piss  ;D how are you releasing a clip from an album that’s over 3 years old and you still haven’t released more clips from Formule 7 like De La Renta, Marlene, Seul Amour, Zany, Éternité, Lady D to name a few.

« on: February 25, 2024, 16:18 »

He better be careful and not overdo it  ;D.
Still good to see Werra still active with dancing though

« on: February 16, 2024, 19:06 »


One of the best parts of the night, the sound doesn’t even do it justice because you can’t hear the crowd.   

« on: February 07, 2024, 17:32 »

Obviously released way before Fally went solo but the whole song and melody when I listen to it I feel like I’m listening to Fally and F’Victeam. Even the way Generation A is singing the chorus it sounds like F’Victeam and when Mirage comes in he almost sounds like Nathan, Miel de son’s part could’ve been interpreted by Atele and the fact that Ronsard Kanza sings in this also makes it sound more like F’Victeam. 


He says he came from a musical family and already started singing from the age of 3 and he started his professional career at 16 he joined Choc stars, then briefly joined Big stars then after his time in Big stars he went back to his street group in Masina with Titi le Valois.
He was approached by Jolino to join his group and it was there he was able to participate in an album.
It's after this he joined Academia and was actually the first ever singer to be recruited from Kin but something happened and he ended up leaving and joining Quartier Latin just after the group returned from Bercy where he became known and was even in the clip of the Force de frappe generique and also participated in Affaire d'etat.
He was appreciated because of his talent but hints someone did something to him spiritually because at the end of one of the African tours his voice stopped working and he lost his voice and couldn't sing anymore (Jipson spoke about this with Ado Yuhe, that he was left behind for a tour in Africa and Paparazzi took his place then one concert he suddenly lost his voice and Koffi ordered his staff to get Jipson to join them).
It was strange for Paparazzi because his voice was gone and he was meant to go to Europe to participate in Zenith and Effrakata, but he got left behind because of that and he was at home sick.
Titi le Valois came to visit him and told him we're going somewhere and then to his surprise he took him to Binza to Emeneya's rehearsal, Emeneya asked him to sing and Paparazzi said he can't sing anymore and then Emeneya told him to sing anyway and Paparazzi sang and to his surprise his voice came back and Emeneya told him you're going to Europe.
He participated in the Zenith and Olympia concerts with Victoria and left the group and rejoined Quartier Latin when they came to tour in Europe for affaire d'etat.
He participated in the goodbye concert of Zenith in 2003 and Koffi told him the group is going back to Kin and Paparazzi told him he won't be returning to Kin with them seeing as he didn't even come to Europe with QL but he came to Europe with Kester, but he promised Koffi that he would wait for them for the next Europe tour and Monde Arabe recordings.
During that time he met Mbilia bel who invited him to a concert and during a rehearsal she saw something and told her staff to tell Paparazzi that when she saw him she saw a spirit of death that was looking for him and to tell him to look for a pastor to pray for him.
For him he feels it was a message from God this is what saved him, after the concert passed one day he was on the train and a young girl was looking at him and went up to him and said God sees you and he needs you which scared him.
He was at Gare du Nord and met another female who knew him from his time in Latino and she invited him to her church and he began attending church and feels it was just the Holy Spirit that saved him and it was from there he abandoned music and cut off the many girlfriends he had and became a born again.
He has been a born again Christian for 20 years and became a pastor and has stayed out of the spotlight since giving his first interview for over 20 years, he doesn't see the need to be like others to make noise on tv and the internet about his past life and he only wishes to serve the lord and help people.
He has been working on some religious music and is now planning to release an album after taking time out from any sort of music.
He's asked about Fally and how they both use the eagle he salutes Ipupa Nsimba as he calls him and says he likes him a lot and they know each other really well, he says both their eagles represent something different his eagle is one that that flies and uplifts people and send a prophetic image and it's what God gave him, he also has a radio called Aigle radio.
As for Fally he doesn't know what his stands for and he doesn't know when Fally started using the eagle logo and it has nothing to do with them both being in Quartier Latin.
He confirms there is nkisi in secular music and that 98% of people that succeeded in music definitely at one point used it, and confirms someone in Quartier Latin spiritually attacked him because he was for certain going to be on the list to go to Europe with QL in 2001 and then during the last show they had his voice was suddenly gone which made him lose his place in the group and made him miss the tour (Like I said Jipon hinted in an interview without realising that it was him that did it because he was losing his place).
Late Mama Amy told him "your friends here have already killed you go and protect yourself"
He was in the tenor section with Babia, Jipson, Eric Tutsi and Lola who was starting to go higher, Koffi started appreciating him more when he was able to sing Si Si Si and he interpreted Coumba Gawlo's parts during concerts and rehearsals which surprised everyone which earned him his place in the group and he got him on the list to go to Gabon.

Congolese Music / HAPPY NEW YEAR!
« on: January 01, 2024, 00:18 »
Happy New Year Congo vibes family! Here's to more music, more life, more Europe concerts, more albums, and more SEBENE hehehe

I also attended the concert so that’s another one he can tick off the list.

« on: November 29, 2023, 14:17 »
I was meant to do it a few days ago but I lost the file where I wrote the review so I rewrote it.
I will be explaining my whole experience from the beginning till end stay tuned..

« on: November 26, 2023, 04:52 »
Congratulations to Fally for performing at a PACKED U Arena, I was there and the vibe was incredible. I will be giving a review for the show very soon. But congratulations to Fally for being the first Congolese artist to perform there and the 2nd African artist, and he also (allegedly) had a bigger crowd than Burna boy who had over 30,000 whereas Fally had over 40,000.

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