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« on: April 13, 2024, 15:34 »
Man what happened to F’Victeam? That project was the best Fally had. That was the right formula.
Fally simply doesn't care about having a string group, him alone is enough, tbh I don't know why he keeps all those people around when he clearly doesn't care take for example someone like Papy Komvo who enterwd late in Fally's groupin his 30s which is usually when you either become a big star after years of trying but falling (Burna Boy) or when you already were succesf  in your teens and  you reach your peak (Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Drake Kanye West etc.) To then leave at 51 which is almost an automatic suicide cause you are 51 so naturally young women won't even look at your direction and with guys of your age busy with other things and guys younger then you focus on other artist,  tbh I don't see any scope in keeping this group

True, Fally makes music for a hobby and his group is just an accompaniment. He proved himself in Quartier Latin, he confirmed his success as a solo artist, he proved himself as a crossover talent (his features on afrobeats and Sweet Life) and he managed a decent group with Libre Parcours – that hunger isn't there.

All of the important questions about his career has been answered, the music fuels his business and the rest is for his pleasure. The same with Ferre , although I feel like Ferre puts a bit more effort.
I gotta disagree with you there bro, guys like Jb, Bill, Adolphe, Celeo etc treat music more like a hobby whilst Fally, Ferre, Koffi treat it like a job because they stay consistant. He lost the hunger he had a bit a few years ago but he definitely got it back for Formule 7 and the 3 Arena concerts he did. Libres Parcours was a good album but F’Victeam failed at promoting themselves so Fally just stopped caring that much.

Isn’t this how 98% of Congolese music beefs start?  ;D

Congolese music is where the juice is😂😂😂😂😂I thought Koffi attending Ferre’s concert would be such a positive thing….and now to Koffi, if he attends it is seen as a bad thing, if he fails to attend it’s still a wicked move….what in hell did this guy do to everyone one😂😂😂seems him and the other guy who never does anything right on this forum are doomed in terms of reputation here and in the larger Congolese music fraternity 😂😂
Bro because Koffi has gotten us used to shit like that, remember that Wenge Reunion? He started to wear woman clothing just to put the spotlight back to him, so it is normal that we are worried
What’s with the “we” and “us” speak for yourself. What women’s clothing did he wear? He didn’t do anything to sabotage the Wenge reunion the only thing that popped up was the leaking pic of him and Cindy kissing. Me personally I couldn’t care less if he turned up as a guest for ferre I think it would be a cool moment, when Koffi is a guest for someone else’s concert he never sabotages their event he just shows up and leaves there’s nothing wrong with that.

werra and kakol are normally surprise guests and it could be possible that  koffi heard since our music is full of snitches and then anticipated know it would rattle clan wenge and fally fans and potentially cancel werra's arrival,that is the polemic theory in the secret of the industry
but then like quadra said in itself there is nothing too bad about it its rather the consequences which will likely happen from the polemic point of view which make it a questionable move
This is cap lol it wouldn’t make sense for Werra and Ferre to publicly reconcile abroad rather than Kin.

lol we’ll see if Koffi ends up coming because back in 2020 he said he’d be a guest for Fally’s Bercy and he didn’t show up. If he does come the Wenge elders will not be happy and might start backing Heritier even more against Ferre lol

So that whole time Koffi was a Godfather to his own child lmao

Lol the funny thing is that most our big stars have cases like that these guys we'll witness quite some drama if the big names go,with how people behave like vultures now in the quest for buzz attention/getting their part of the hot  topic of the moment
Lmao I hope they did a dna test cause half the time they don’t and just throw out accusations

Finally. Try and be more active man!

So that whole time Koffi was a Godfather to his own child lmao

i believe she's now treated like a singer who can dance like it was the case of tatiana kruz with karmapa back in the days,check the clip of karmapa's generique of album le millionaire you'll see what i mean
other than that is it me or heritier has become an average dancer or just lack of effort,throughout the whole clip he does not look at all to me like the really good dancer he is meant to be
He’s become average because he realised he can’t keep doing the Koyimbi Ko dance for the rest of his career lmao

his love for wazekwa is too strong,man literally went to war with his whole family not talking to them anymore when he rejoined until he got 12 after 12 and left again and they were like you see we told you not to return you can be his pire petit contribute here and there but band member no
His love is so strong that he still defected to Koffi and was attacking Wazekwa for years LOL these musicians are the funniest guys on the planet, they really have short memory.

Gesac is 100% correct, Joss is a grown man he’s not a kid to still be pampering to Wazekwa like that.

This is a decent Generique, but Chai come on you can’t keep complaining that you’re not getting support if you don’t promote your own material. Not doing a clip for your own Generique is asking for failure

normally yes,the thing is that they had agreed on the fact that their program depends on jb and werra's solo careers,so once werra will be done with his album they'll then restart,a strange formula to me but it is what it is
In my opinion Werra should stop releasing albums and just do singles and EPs he has nothing to prove. They should try and focus on the 4x4 project before it completely loses steam well a lot more than it already has. They should’ve released a single to prepare for their reunion concert, such a missed opportunity.

I was listening to Pentagone today and Les Anges Adorables yesterday (fantastic albums), and I was wondering are we even getting the album? Because we only saw a snippet of Werra with Alain Makaba in the studio that one time, then they were supposed to release official footage of the stade de martyrs concert then last year we saw them at rehearsals with Marie Paul but there was no footage, is it still in the works?

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