Author Topic: Extra Musica - Karen Amour - Lyrics + Translation  (Read 7550 times)

bencuri on: February 21, 2015, 00:25

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Extra Musica - Karen Amour - Lyrics with translation

Submitted by Mala Kini

L’ amour ce sentiment etrange vous rempli de joie , mais peut aussi vous detruire en un instant

C’est un feu brulant qui consumme toute une vie, et la preuve de cette passion c’est  KGBR..

 love that strange  feeling that fill you with joy, but can also destroy you in an second

It is a burning fire consumming a lifetime, and the proof of this passion is KGBR

 Yo otroubler nga bongo  pona nini mwana maman Karen Roch na nga bolingo , femme de luxe .Naponi na nga se yo.

 Et pourtant Nzambe asalaki mokili na bolingo pe bomoto  yo otonda na yango

you troubled my mind, why Karen Roch my beloved, my love, women of luxury.I've choosed only you.And God created the world inspiring himself from the love and the humanity that you are full of.

Po nini yo lelo olingi obosana nga? projet d’ amour na biso nanu  to toucha te . ceci montre fort avec mon cœur que se realise notre reve.

why today you want to forget me? we havent started our love plan .i show with my heart that i want our dream to come true.

Oh !bolingo   oh my love

Choir :

Nakoka kovivre sans yo te,cherie bien aimée.

Tolapanaki bolingo na  pasi pe bisengo , awa okeyi obosani nga

I can not live without you my beloved sweetheart

we have  sworn love in pain and joy, now you left you forgot me


1.Maman pourquoi yolingi okomisa nga dengue,na lisanga ya bayini na ga

Il fallait oyebisa nga que ezalaki na ngo ya litsho,sans espoir mfumu akeyi na ye

My mom why you want to turn me insane among a group of my haters

you had better tell me that all of that was just a joke, without hope my queen has gone

2.Eloko nini ya mabe nga nasali nzambe , wuta bokende botika nga na bwalé ata mokanda ya consolation nazwa te. Ah ngayi eh

what bad thing i have done God, since she has left , she leaves me in sorrow .i haven't received  even a mere letter of  comfort .ah poor me!

3.Nioka na likolo ya nzete , ngando na mayi,tambwe na mokili oyo , nga mayele esili nga

Nakendeki koluka bolingo likolo ya nzete, biliaki nga bikoki

a snake on the top of the tree, a crocodile in the water, a lion in the ground.i don't know more what to do. I climbed that tree to look for love.that's the end of me.

4.Ayé , pinzoli eboyi kosokola motema na ye,

Contrat d’ amour esuki awa

shit! my tears can not change her mind, our love agreement is finished now

5.Je suis un malheureux ,je suis un pauvre gars

Yaka,l’ amour est perdu, reviens moi s'il te plait, j’ ai tant besoin d’ amour lal lala

i'm unfortunate,i'm a poor guy.Come, my love is lost, come back please , i do need love la la

Kanda ya nzoyi eleki sukali na ye
the anger of a bee is stronger than its honey