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Ah, JB’s stunt double. Another talent that would’ve rotted if he stayed in BCBG

This is a really nice song. To me a mixture of JB and Defao’s style


Damn, why all new Rally's soloists after Alva leave after a very short amount of time? Golet Solo did like an Album with Fally if I am not mistaken right?

He’s actually a good soloist, I’ve watched his tutorials on YouTube he’s good. I think I was too harsh on him when he was in F’Victeam because I was missing Alva.

His work in FV was pretty average, which makes me wonder if his talent was used correctly

Congolese Music / Re: FIRE AT STUDIO NDIAYE
« on: June 13, 2021, 06:24 »
This is sad 95% of génériques from 2003 were recorded there, plus many legendary songs. Artists show pitch in to help Ingénieur full JP Kys for all he’s done for them

Masta @CM Prince I know joked about being tired of that electric drumset, but i didn’t expect this

Ah, African fire departments… showing up to the joint well after it’s been burnt to a crisp

Congolese Music / Re: JB ENJOYING LIFE
« on: June 11, 2021, 06:50 »
Sisi bossman

what was the release date of effrakata, I don't know why I can't find any info backstory about the recording of the album rollout etc anywhere. classic album hopefully we get a 20th-anniversary release with some unreleased songs and instrumentals that would be dope

Nov. 25th or something like that - I remember going to the store trying to get a CD copy but it was sold out for a while. There was a huge build up to album release that year

He doesn’t trust them
These chaps are solid - I don’t want to hear another Koffi atalakou generique tbh

Wow, 10/10 this is a excellent rendition of Koffi’s second best générique until 5mins when he decided to be atalakou

Kiekie, Imagine neighbor Papa Cherie hearing music this loud at night trying to get some sleep  ;D ;D

How can you compare a group album to solo-album.

If you had to compare. There wouldn't any debate. Loi was the best for Koffi. It has classic rumba's like Phaseur, S.O.S. and Airways. It has also Micko, which is Koffi's one of his  most famous song around Africa and of course Loi, who's the most danced generic on earth. The succes of Loi made Koffi get contracts for his shows at l'Olympia Bruno Coquatrix and Zenith de Paris, it made him tour many countries in Africa and fill stadiums there. He won the trophee 'Best African Male Artist' at the Kora Awards, which was really tough for him, having JB Mpiana, Awilo Longomba, Papa Wemba and General Defao in the same category. He won several awards for Loi at the Afri-Car Awards in Abidjan the same year. Loi also one of Koffi's best sold solo-albums.

Ultimatum was Quartier Latin's album who had normally had to be released in 1996, but due to the Wake-Up-project, it was pushed to 1997. Koffi had barely time to promote the album in Kinshasa, because he spent the most time in Europe and a few concerts in Kenya and Zambia or Tanzania that year. When he came back in Kinshasa he just spend 2/3 months to return to Europe again to finish the Loi-recordings, who he started recording in the same period as Ultimatum. Ultimatum was a huge succes anyway, but it didn't last long like Magie and Pas de Faux de Pas, because Koffi released Loi quickly after 7 months. Except the song Ultimatum, Koffi never perform songs of the Ultimatum-album in concerts compared to songs of the Loi-album. On rare occassion he used to perform the song Papa na Roissy of Nseka Passe Kosse, but that's not anymore the case, because he isn't part of Quartier Latin anymore. Academia profited more in long term of that album, because it had hit-songs of Sam Tshintu (Miss Nicole) and Modogo (Ali Deb's) on that album

Who is the woman that sings on Ali Deb's?

You talking about Dessin Animé sung by Scola Miel (a 1994 song which should’ve been on Magie)?

Kiekie, Mr. Steal your Genre

I think afterwards Papa Wemba began Viva Tendence with Lema and some others.

Yes in Europe out of necessity due to the Ngulu affair

You’re joking comparing a solo album to a group album, right? Not to mention the acoustic quality of Loi was on a different level

lol we african at times love too much prestige,showme is max 3 years younger than fabro(since he participated with manda being 13 ) and fabro says "vas y mon fils"(go on my son)
mon fils ango pe kaka sikoyo lol

Kiekie - mais j’ai 33 ans papa

« on: June 02, 2021, 13:08 »
Tchek, c'est pas pareil - HBD to the Leader charismatic

Congolese Music / Re: Stino is back. His new song Melina
« on: May 30, 2021, 18:45 »
It’s a remix version of Papa Wemba’s Melina la Parisienne of 1982

Yup indeed. He mentioned in an interview that he was planning to do a remix

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