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Heritier is pretty close to Fally and Ferre , it is only that he launched his career shortly before Covid and at a time European tours were banned. Imagine Ferre and Fally without European tours? They wouldn't be where they are today, so even as we compare, we need to look at all these factors. Right now it is extremely hard to market any album.
Heritier didn’t launch his career just before Covid, his solo career started in 2015 Covid came 5 years later, and Heritier already had an album out, so that’s not the best excuse to use there also Covid affected everyone not just Heritier
kkkkkkkk true, he just has to put in more work.

Besides crappy cinematography Nouvel Horizon is worth it.......... Zaparo is really good, FBI seems to be lacking confidence causing them to not have that duet chemistry, I wish they could bring Biraman.

Personally I don't think he is far from Ferre cause his generiques are much much better, just more effort on promoting it will be a different story. Fally level is a bit tricky cause he dis always upto something and touches different things.

To me ut proves how lonely this genre would lonely be without Koffi Olomide, Felix Wazekwa has a power strategy his manager should do something........ Again I prefer Mumpe.

The last atalaku is my fav

interesting question,in the past,it used to be musicians who are very eager to prove themselves who come with almost ready generiques on which leaders would just make adjustment along with instrumentists
nowadays its more and more leaders who buy a couple of generiques or shapes of generique,then give animation to their main atalaku then share to others
yeah atalakus still do create or still do get from people,but lets be honest the animation section has gotten veryyyyyyyy lazy
all most atalakus are able to do in case leader does not have anything planned and they are forced to offer something of their own is sexual animation,the new trick they found so that people do not always figure easily is pretending to be talking about food
even some of the rare who still have strong work ethic like my guy genta do that seeing that it works often more that elaborated animation about a story or a social phenomenon
also some leaders deliberately limit their atalakus for various reasons,for example wazekwa no room for sexual animation,or other artist who for example had one hit doing a certain style then forcing their atalakus to style to that style for ever,like lacoste who keeps trying bonioma everytime,while recording proper generiques then sending it to trash,fabregas limiting more and more his atalakus  into the agwaya style or its kinda derivate he defines as his own style
Profound, now I think get it.......... Its hard to work under all those guidelines. It looks a bit different at BCBG just that they all forgot directions to the studio.

I'm not Congolese so maybe I don't have my say in this disscussion.
But I don't understand this need of domination in music from Congolese people in regards to rumba and sebene....

Of course this genre of music was the most popular once upon a time (and I still love it) but things change, evolve sometimes.

It's like people who were listening to jazz music or reggae, and still want it to be the number one music in the world and disregard any other types of music which came after theirs (RnB, Hip-Hop for example).

Congolese music is live music, concerts, true instrumentalists, amazing singers...

Today with autotune, digital beats,  everyone wants and can have a career in music... Other countries have developed, have grown economically, and want their culture, language to shine.

But if you guys have noticed, when a new African artist  wants to be taken seriously, she or he will pay homage to Congolese artists who made Africa and other continents dance.
Very true......... Personally I do not really mind about dominance, they have had their share and they were super triumphant in their days. My worry is in the Lukewarm generiques they release........ The songs keep getting weaker that some of them they don't even sing the new songs in concerts.............. I am not saying Frabos Lokolo is a bad song, but the energy that is being channeled to it mmmmm, Koffi's Dance yaba congolais,Felix Wazekwa New generique

The genre is in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) what is keeping it alive is the mastery of performing live music at concerts and that is still happening thanks to the deep rooted practice that has been passed on from generation to generation. The day even these artists who are doing crossover albums start prioritizing playbacks over live performance is the day we will organise an official funeral to put the genre to its final resting place.
kkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk

I think so but also good soloists who are allowed to express themselves and create new danceable licks
yeah true so I think its combination of these two.......... Cause Bikorino is good but he can't do anything at WMM without an aggressive atalaku.

So we have to admit that genre is gone, no matter how painful that is.........personally all these other genres make less sense for me, I will just have to try and live with it.

If so then we are likely to faxe serious drought cause for now the best atalaku is Bercy and he is busy with some other things........ Everyone else is washed out e.g Kabuya........ This excludes footballers Fuse, Genta etc

Rey Vanny is the second best Tanzanian musician, he always features Diamond Platnumz and he recently did a song with Innoss B

Just a quick question lol...... So Koffi Olomide doesn't know Rey Vanny?? The way he greeted him

When did he come to Zimbabwe?
2 or 3 days back, fancy cars were gired abd almost all celebrities combined to welcome him.

He is in my country and everyone is crazy. He is really loved lol.

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