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He says he set himself the target to ruin a certain artist but ironically says that   now he regrets because that artist is finished
and  that   he can ruin  any artist if he decides to be  on their back,he does not stop  easily until  he succeeds
Is he talking about himself? I sware Congolese leaders sometimes are so childish. Plus since this Afro Congo/Club thing.for Robinio failed big time he did it once by copying a famous sing but it seems people aren't vibing with him like he make it seems


Surprisingly Enough with distant times between the générique Werra and JB seemed to change style, usually we know BCBG as a very laid back type of music even for génériques where there isn't as much speed as the average Congolese générique but I guess JB and Genta were inspired in 2007 so the générique of Quel Est Ton Problème got made Genta, Matelo Pajo, Cellulaire and Ben Laden Samuel Eto'o whom along with Matelo Pajo got his first official introduction in BCBG one of the few générique of all time who really had all good cries except for maybe (R.I.P.) to Cellulaire who (God rest his soul) kinda weaken the générique the Crie that I loved the most other then Naloba the only.crie of Samuel Eto'o was Kizubanata by Genta that for real is a killer Crie but also Nakobet'o mabe it is some serious business. But as Archos has said this idea kinda backfired on BCBG (the idea to makea fast pace générique) since fans wanted s more layback générique with fans who got what they wanted for years later in Soyouns Serieux's Mpunda. The video editing of Quel Est Ton Problem was bad tho too much Mulili (Darkness) to properly see artists in a video who could have been so good


After being humiliated by Bercy and kinda getting his stuff back togheter with Kata Fumbwa (which despite general public loving the Crie of Lobeso I hated it, I preferred way more Bercy cries on that générique) Lobeso despite criticism by fan for his slow pace Mongo style he was trying to put into the Maison Mere générique section also going against the standard of a good pace générique and double down with "his" song Mipende with a small contribution by Bercy at the end, what I loved most about the song other then that weird Mongo/Synthe style was the fact that Lobeso wasn't animation but singing doing some nuances that some guys in Wenge Musica Singer section (Nicodem) can't even dream to make the video was so beautiful guys in one part on the right corner of the screen sometimes being record it with the camera in front and girls in the left screen with Werra sometimes joining to dance and Werra staying in the middle with Lobeso doing a solo section for the video with him singing, so beautiful the only bad thing about the video was Eboa dancing. I understand that Eboa was one of the longest serving guys there but his dancing wasn't suit for Wenge, it seems that with time his dancing got worse. Also this song got mixed reviews but I am not sure if the general reaction was good or bad Bercy Means part was kinda sentimental/funny giving some sort of Nanny on how his Mother used to give him those advice which aren't really advice but kinda rules on how to behave in public "Mama alobaki, soki oke nafeti lalaka boye, lalaka boye"

My favourite part of the générique is Lobeso's whole singing and especially that part where he says "Les Amis" or when he starts calling the crowd by ending with Ilooooooo. Unfortunately the original video got lost and I don't why Werrra hadn't put it back yet

like title says,i woke up today and i realised i had not had one of those story types topics in ages,i had one in line about the ungrateful role of mbonda and ngongi players but that usb it was on got messed up
so i was thinking i should ask whether any body is interested again about those topics of the behind the stages of congolese music
I am all about finances and how the last guys like mbonda players, Ngongui players survive

This guy is totally nuts, first he dissed JB then praises Werra and now that his album have flopped he have stopped prasing Werra and started to say that JB gives him money he needs to be grateful to him. Then artists wonder why people don't take musician seriously, how can I take someone seriously like that? Plus I think that he is talking about himself other then Metrau, I mean where did Amour Pirate or whatever his album name is brought him? In terms of clout views etc? His interview from Ado Yuhe have way more views than any solo songs he have released

« on: July 22, 2021, 22:28 »

What are the Congolese dancing in clubs to? Long rumbas????:(

Nigerian and other foreigners music except for Innoss it seems the young generation have a real disdain for their culture do not know why
Do you not think that the lack of quality and exposure in rumba right now including generiques is contributing to it?
I think is a combination of factors to be honest. Rhumba despite being this loved genre by donors it is not a genre that gets the public favour like the générique do and on the other hand all the générique are starting to become a very sad and monotopic theme music. In Brazza they all talk about Money and/or sex except for the Two Extras in DR Congo the same. I think that the problem is there aren't any new generations interested in being involved with groups and I understand them. After watching Ado Yuhe, Bon Bon Kojack, JF Ifonge and the many other testimonies about the conditions you have to fulfill to enter groups no youngster in mind with some sane head will go for that. Other then that Leaders are also to blame. Before the War in Congo (the civil ones) they really had money and the opportunities to create a system who could give people jobs and create an elite of sell and adjusted bourgeois people but they didn't, they were all busy fighting and acting childish to have a long term vision and that's why Nigerians had took over they simply had long term vision, plus the style of the Générique us many times this: Fund the most beautiful way to praise the leader if you can understand Lingala the lyrics are "Look at the leader he is so fresh look at him" For example taking a look at Formidable the lyrics are "Ya Ngiama do not care about them since their clothes comes from Sombelanga (Sombela NGA means buying that for me, with this Jamaïque meant that Werra wear the original clothes while the other ask for Europe people or just beg other people to buy clothes for them, which is kinda true since unfortunately a loooot of People in Congo beg for things because they don't have much") or some animation from Genta "Ntsi Ntsi nakobina allez ntzi ntzi nakobina, SUV aleki bangi nakolata... Aleki bango n'a mpembe... Aleki bango na lupemba" Which means I am gonna dance SUV (JB) is way better then them at dressing himself, he is way whiter then them, he has more luck etc " and when I listen to this I am like man why? Do we always have to hear things like these? Leaders encourage that, you will have trouble in a group if you don't have at least one animation where you praise the leader.

With that said, structure, the lack of structure is what really killed Congolese music

Congolese Music / Re: FALLY IPUPA - ANIMATION
« on: July 22, 2021, 22:09 »
I like it but the whistle  from the Nbomda player overshadowed everything else.

This brings to the question: Why the whistle in Ndombolo? Beat count?

Bro. The whistle is Ndombolo, the first whistles in Wenge 4 X 4 were the life of the song you had the mbonda player playing Mbondas and whistling (usually a referee whistle) like it was an instrument at the time it was revolutionary

« on: July 22, 2021, 22:07 »
Who knows but Werrason wants another version of Heritier. This Heritier is not that good.
This costant search of the first team of the Golden Era on the long run is being detrimental, I don't want to see the Copy of Héritier, Bill Clinton, Celeo etc. I want original talent, if he wanted the first team so much he should have payed them so they could have stayed
All the copies failed Celeo Copy Diego failed, Jamaïque who could have brought something new got forced to be the copy of Ambulance and so on

Congolese Music / Re: Jitrois & Ado Yuhe part 2
« on: July 20, 2021, 17:48 »
Ehhhh Ado is it everyday dancers? My lord this guy is so weird “Histoire na ba danseuse” like dude chill out.
I liked Jitrois in Maison Mere he was a good replacement for Serge Mabiala. He really joined QL at the wrong moment because BEK was practically done and he only had one vocal, him and Joss could’ve taken the group to another level if Koffi wasn’t so insecure and hurt.

Lol Ado is the sane guy who wanted to be deep in them guts of Bernadette Massango but got madly rejected. To be honest I think Ado wanted to be a musician a leader but simply was too much "European" to go extra deep on that route

You guys do not understand what Nico wanted to do. Basically asking directly for a house in Maison Mère is like suicide, because one you attract the jealousie of the group two if the leader give you a house everybody will want an house three you will become the target of bullying by Kakol and Makaba because you had something that they hadn't. Anyway this is good for Maison Mère next time they will learn to give talentless and voiceless Atalakus and Singers chance, Kakol was treating Nicodem like some sort of God while everyone knew he was below average, I remember Mayi Ya Ndombe saying that only him and Kakol if I am not mistaken were at the Birthday party of Nicodem, so the guy do not have any type of Charisma and he was there just because of Kakol and maybe who knows even Nkisi, I hope that Kakol and Werra will now understand that Good looks and good dancing ain't it and will give someone more deserving of all that space Bercy and Héritier had.

Nico by asking a house wanted to send a clear message in Maison Mere which is "I am leaving and if you want me back, I need to be the brightest star"

What are the Congolese dancing in clubs to? Long rumbas????:(

Nigerian and other foreigners music except for Innoss it seems the young generation have a real disdain for their culture do not know why

Congolese Music / Re: BERCY MWANA
« on: July 19, 2021, 16:33 »
Is Bercy relocating to Tanzania? Ive seen him play with Nyoshi Elsadat's Bogoss Musica for a couple of months now.
Well if we are completely honest the money for African Musician who are Congolese are not in Congo anymore. Like Robinio said in an interview he is kinda forced to do those Afro Congo and Kinshasa House stuff because despite  Congolese People prefering Ndombolo many Congolese club owmers are struggling to make money given how piraterie, string services and YouTube are killing money in our music. So it makes sense to relocate in Tanzania which is a very developed African country with a very active and rich music scene.

Congolese Music / Re: OT: EURO 2020 CHAMPIONS
« on: July 19, 2021, 16:18 »
Loool f*** Italy man y’all played so dirty the whole match. That being said England really could’ve won it but starting defending the whole match after scoring in the first 2 mins. We should’ve and could’ve won looool but I guess fair play to Italy they got the job done. England don’t deserve to win anything since the fans are a bunch of asses , the minute Rashford, Sancho and Saka missed every black person in the country knew what was going to happen, it says a lot about the state of the country smh.
Ahahahaha, bro Sterling dived so much and to be completely honest Denmark deserved the final more then England since England took an inexisting penalty for a Sterling dive. With that said tbh the black player thing it could happen to Italy too maybe not that violently because Italy is not a violent country outside of Mafia Zones but I remember well what Balotelli had to face when he lost that final against Spain, man when he won us that Semifinal against Germany it seemed racism stopped in Italy for a second then after the 4-0 of Spain it all went back to normal: "There are no black Italians" "Balotelli should play for the right national which is Ghana because we all know that a black can and will never be Italian etc." I felt so bad for Saka, Rashford and Sancho to be honest Southgate was idiotic too, why not make play Rashford on the second time? When you need a goal? Or even Sancho? He should have put Rashford instead of Saka and Grealish too like he out Grealish way to late, which is absurd since Grealish was the guy who always changed the face of the game once he came into the pitch. With that said it was a beautiful experience for me to watch the game in a drive in with my work colleagues to be honest it was the first time that I saw so many black people between the supporters and even tho our only.good two black players: Ogbonna and Moise Kean got excluded from the final team (In fact I can't imagine how Moise must be feeling being between the starters for being snubbed last minute and then see the team winning) I have to say that I lost my voice cheering for Italy I can't wait for 2022 and see what Italy will do. With that Said I don't think Southgate should be sacked like.kany others asked he gave England a 4rd world place and a Euro Final in two years. Given how England was before him, sacking him would be senseless.

Congolese Music / OT: EURO 2020 CHAMPIONS
« on: July 19, 2021, 10:29 »
What a journey has been. Finally Italy after that 2006 win came back and win an international tournament again
 Great cheers to England who to be honest had many chances and many lads who could win them the Euro but for some odd reason Southgate decided to put them in the penalty or late in the Extra Time. With that said, the racial abuse the black players of England faced is unacceptable and really crushed my image of England as being a multicultural society, I thought only Italy was capable of racism. What about you guys what do you think about the Euros and the results of it.

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