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Wenge will never die!

Fabro has potential as an atalaku, yes or no?
Not too many current atalakus can mess with Brigade's repertoire of good animations. Almost an hour of one cri to the next. Hope he (Brigade) shows up at Zenith

Is or Brigade is actually sounding like a better singer then Fabregas? Tbh Brigade's talent in cries and being an Atalaku overshadows his voice in rhumbas he is actually really singing never understood why people don't Respect him as a singer.


From 8 40 lol i always get the  feeling that deep inside he wants to reactivate clash mode but he knows he'll look a complete fool so he just lets glimpses get away here and there,even the body language of his clash period pops up naturally

This guy has such bitch and female energy. Moto ya sima.

« on: September 17, 2021, 00:22 »

To be honest this song is great I wonder what would have happened if Chai was in Maison Mere and delivered a song like this, JB wasted so much careers man.

« on: September 14, 2021, 17:18 »
Is anybody here planning to attend the concert or Ferres, or Koffi in paris?

Nah. I have other things and most of the Kibuisa Mpipa fans who were little have already moved on, I don't understand this whole chasing the Zenith thing, I mean that was 10 years ago 20 years ago, Werra like JB, Koffi etc. Should move on and find some other concert hall to promote.

« on: September 14, 2021, 16:38 »
Turkey of all places wow interesting
You gotta start from somewhere


my guy bijou bass with the dance moves as usual

Auguste Liyanza seems like he lives in weed lol, man he is so skinny it is not normal anyway man, I understand being stingy but as a musician the last thing you should do is being stingy with the audio recording, this means really driving your fans away towards better quality sound wise material that's why guys like Fally can have multiple millions even without promoting a song and guys like Werra for example would be lucky to reach the 10 milion views.


Man, finally, I hope that Bill will do something special tbh Ferré should do this more he made one générique with Calidji and it was the only good Générique of QQJD along with Tshiluba by Ilunga

« on: September 11, 2021, 10:23 »

I didn't knew Oliveira could sing like this, man how could he have gone that high as a second voice doing Kabose part? Tbh if the camera hadn't zoomed on I would have thought it was Kabose singing
Wow he really sounded different for real, he sang it with ease. Wonder if he can still sing in that pitch.
I don't think so, you should listen to Héritier first two albums since he is there now, you could judge him,. I like Héritier's music but I am not really deep into his career to know who other then him sang on vocals and to go into the lesser known songs to know where Oliviera sings, but tbh I think he just doesn't sings like that anymore, like it happened with Bill and Celeo and many others high pitch singers who left Maison Mere, it is hard to train yourself to maintain that level of performance. Listen to Bill and Celeo here

3:09 Celeo

And 21:06



Man and people want to say that Showme is Ndeke Ya Likolo (The Bird of the high pitch) please, hearing these high notes by Celeo makes me wonder the sanity of people who said that Diego was about to become the new Celeo in 2007 and 2008 when Mayi YA Sika was being prepared and then came out

Anyway passing from those high notes you have heard to this?

1:27 he kinda does the high pitch one liner good but manw hen he tries to sings in that high pitch it hurts. Not much because he is out of key or tone but because I know that Celeo is way better then this

And also Bull despite his big mouth and him believing that he is still the Bill of Wenge

here he goes high



How could he pass form that to this?
To this


00:18 and 3:50

In fact if you notice now he is making his Atalaku I think his name is Biscotte making the high pitch part like at 4:40 because to me Bill wants but he finally understood that he can't.

With that said once again prips to Oliviera he really did that Kabose vocal well

« on: September 11, 2021, 09:43 »
haha thats the result of his work with his friend heritier,who had advised him to try to prepare as much possible vocals of different singers,in case he gets into the list at expense of somebody who is not necessarily of his range
he also did at some point back in the days eboa's vocals when eboa was starting to get 12 on tours
Man that's impressive. I didn't rate OLIVIERA much tbh, because when he sang in Ingeta and even in 7 Jours hé kinda went all over the place (it didn't help also that after him in songs like Kelvis Nkoyi he had that guy who sounds like Ferré is that guy (Arnake or Limousine?) who did a masterclass in Nuance (Congolese term to say sudden variation of voices like when you go to super low voice to high or vice versa) from 4:03 then at 4:14 the guy do a sudden impro, man that's talent and OLIVIERA is right before him 3:34 to 4:02 part of Oliviera

And in Ingeta the part of him in La Foi or Serpent De Moïse

Was not really bad but also kinda subpar compared to the vocal he made of Kabose

3:54 - 4:19

To be honest I'm Ingeta except for those two guys who sounds like Ferré and Eboa to some extent all the guys left really hadn't had their best effort singing maybe Taddet but he was trying to hard to sound like an Opera singer and Gabbana for the first time sang decent in his career but got limited space because like Prince D'Angola he made the mistake to showcase and highlight his skills as a dancer and not as a singer or as an Atalaku like Prince should have done.


He says he was peacefully at home last week end when  carine mokonzi called him to inform him of pages spreading the fact allegedly he beat journalist fifi siwa who is notoriously his ex girlfriend  and its on tuesday that he got shown pictures and wednesday he went to see her in hospital and its worse that pictures suggest, so how come he'd beat  her then one day after go to see her with her family allowing him,fifi knows he is married now and they remained friends,so why would he beat her and who is he to beat somebody and remain free if even a massive legend like koffi was arrested
 the main page spreading it is a page supporting an artist and they warned him long ago that they'd punish him for whatever
 he could not slept well the night before interview because he was very very angry and was ready to go to tv and hit hard saying clearly names and so on but he received a long message of heritier which calmed him down

When I say that these things and these behavior are becoming synonymous of our people I get called a clown. So... No comments

« on: September 07, 2021, 19:07 »

I didn't knew Oliveira could sing like this, man how could he have gone that high as a second voice doing Kabose part? Tbh if the camera hadn't zoomed on I would have thought it was Kabose singing

« on: September 07, 2021, 19:07 »

Damn, didn't expect the générique to be this good. Finally Levyson left the talking to do some actual good music. If we want hopefor the genre we need to look to Brazza Kinshasa scène for Ndombolo is dead


The direction of verckys and nyoka longo had two mandates at the head of company and texts state that they have to leave along with their whole administration as soon as its completed,now nyoka longo tries to modify texts so that everybody leaves except him
there is a pending conflict of 300k of rights which have not been shared but have disappeared
So even Ya Jossart is a scammer? God. No one is safe out here


HAHA ferre acted like a proud father there at a football  match with his kid smashing it
what an amazing step up from ilunga,from an aspiring atalaku who had creation but lacked voice and a dancer to a very very improved singer hitting difficult notes for a random singer well

How old is Ilunga? He seems like a baby but I feel like he suffer from Dwarfism or something am I right? Anyway I like to see dancers (like Abraham, Ilunga, Sonor etc.) transforming into singers and/or artists. Ferré unfortunately doesn't get much credit as a formateur. I always said that Ilunga had talent especially with his Tshuluba sing which was the best générique of the album and Ferré should use him as an Atalaku he would solve all the problem of the Atalaku section

Congolese Music / KOFFI OR ZAIKO?
« on: September 06, 2021, 16:01 »
Now this is not a Vs or who is better, but just a simple question who wants to inspire a reflection. Given how saturated with Rumba Congolese music is right now with almost no Sebenes very very few memorable (if not any) générique, do you think that the approach that the Zaiko Langa Langa had on music (always stay consistent with a fast tempo Congolese style) it is better? Or do you prefer Koffi's style of forsaken a strictly traditional Congolese style of Album and try to always be at the forefront of the latest trend? I say this because Jossart and Koffi are not very far in age and even though Zaiko started earlier I think that Koffi and Zaiko in terms of comparison can be the closest artists. Tell me what do you think.

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