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i believe also the reason why there is still so little sebene songs is the leaders microphone greadiness,sebene songs offer the possibility to their musicians to have even 2 vocals or 3 per song each,one in the slow opening start,one in the transition,one in the pre-heating part before sebene kicks or even the singer doing some animation like fally bouro alain mpela for example were doing
so they protect at all costs their 30 full leads and the odd 3 4 5 songs max where some of their singers are allowed to get their 35 second of space
and sebene songs requires variety,you'll bore the hell out of people if you sing 10 full leads of sebene songs alone while people can tolerate you on 20 plus rumba even if they barely like 7 songs out of it
ferre and fally especially piss me off with not contributing to bring back the balance,you have 2 hours of vocals plus 11 or something combined solo albums is not it more than enough to let the others breathe a bit more
But the leaders then don't have to cry if Nigerians are surpassing us, hell, now even South Africans are surpassing us Congolese musicians live in a bubble

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Something tells me they are not in very good terms ever since Werrason publicly backed Ferre. Two weeks ago WMMM announced the suspension of Werrason's long serving security Chief Metre Ninja Sikatenda and looks like he has joined Wata's security team.
Tbh Heritier needs to really get over it tbh, he is almost 40 is ridiculous to be nad cause a man who isn't even your biologica father just went back cordial to one of his ex employees, I sware Congolese musicians are childish

its really a weird mix,i know a donor who gave to two big names 60K each for a song and he was a fan of viva wenge so even if there is not an atalaku shining at least upbeat tempo throughout the song and the defence playing sebene at the end,both artists said hell no such a donor deserves one of the top3 rumbas of the album so they decided on their own to switch and the donor was upset but just let it go as the song still became viral
so it works in both ways unfortunately
even writers sometimes they bring sebene song which are transformed by force into rumbas
only roga roga did the opposite to do 12 on his group since sebene songs became unpopular to many,he forced them to transform their rumbas into sebenes so that they cant shine in full lead mode lol
And surprsingly the latest Genrrique who got popular between the Congolese music world outs8de of Congo was BoKoko


in short he says that his album has 2 generiques 16 rumbas but there is also a generique and rumba which was not finished in time which will be released like two weeks after album
he disappeared from media because he wanted to focus on himself and on his music and try to see if he would not be able to survive without a strong mediatic presence and he can see with the feedback from his album release that people were waiting for him and he promises they wont be disappointed because his songs are of a strong level he worked with the best songwriters and he believes his album will succeed
he does not have a rival because he is not in the logic like some artists that the others have to be weakened so that their superiority is highlighted but he's rather one to like to be strong among other strong
he was asked about fally's arenas and ferre's double arena and said hats off to them and when asked about fabregas' casino de paris he could not help but laugh then indirectly said later that papy just talked about big things but managed to insert stuff of little boys into the discussion of big men
and he said that he will perform in france this year he has dates set already but people will know after album is out and that he will like he said perform in martyrs a second time aswell which he could not do last year because of the major accident his group suffered in equatorial guinea taking a good time for everybody to recover and thats the reason why he sang the gospel song because it was a miracle that none of the 11 guys who were in the little bus that rolled over 4 times died,which people would have interpreted as his sacrifice for his album so he wanted to thank God with that song
NGL when he roasted Fabregas I laughed, what is the problem Heritier has with Fabro? I thought that they made peace after those leaked audio of Fabregas, but I guess Heritier still has a grudge, I see thst Heritier have learned his lesson and that he has not tried this time to go at Ferre like the last time, Heritier and many ex Wenge Members needs to understand that your fanbases are either Werra fan , Fally fan or Ferre fan, if you start to insult other ex Wenge Members (See Bill, See Fabregas)  the fans of you who are Wenge fan won't support you, it isn't a case that Heritier got 15 milioni plus on his first rhumba BM cause peoole were on his side and wanted to see him win but after that Werra beef amd those semi Ferre slanders he lost those fans and finally realize that he should.just be diplomatic and work on his music. With that said he is right about Fabro, all of my friends wanted to go to see Fally and now all of my friends are asking me to see Ferre, but when I have asked my friends to go and see Fabregas they all laughed and say "Come on man, why would I waste my money to watch that clown?" I hope for Fabro he can fill that Arena doing Mpiaka on a 2k seats Arena would be embarassing.

Congolese Music / Re: mwana nsuka
« on: February 25, 2024, 14:12 »
i will translate on memory an interview i saw while the forum was on maintenance mode of a journalist who was there when the video happened
he said sandralina and kisindjora are behind it and that they were getting very impatient that she was not coming and then when she called back to say she was arriving they were overjoyed then when brunetted arrived she was scared and saying that she did not know what to say and both started giving her what to say and she was so intimidated that according to the journalist they made about 20 cuts before they could repeat what they told her,sandra could not even sit down like them  who were behind the camera she stood up during the whole interview
that journalist had just interviewed kisindjora about her activities with fally the tour in europe and all that and he got curious so he watched the whole process of the interview
sandra and ndjora kept repeating to her to be brave and that she could be the star of the whole 2024 if she does her role well
and that the channel where they did interview paid them 100 dollars to be the first having that hot exclusive and that another was willing to pay double and he got upset to not be the first anymore
that journalist when the interview was over asked them what was the idea behind that interview,and sandra and ndjora said jb is very rich they have to intimidate him to get some money,and sandra added that jb is a soft guy so if he hears news like that he will be willing to pay even 10k to make sure the issue is settled  so they will take some and the family and brunette some aswell
the journalist also said that  in the first interview brunette forgot to cry as planned which she ended up doing in the second one and also saying what she forgot on the first one
he said he could have remained silent but when he saw how quick it took internet by storm and people going wild about jb,his conscience told him he had to come out and speak having witnessed the background,he does not know jb except from seeing him on stage in the golden fikin era he has not been approached by anybody close to jb either and he put his hand on a Bible he had with him saying that he only came to say the truth not to look for buzz and that he even risked ruining his friendship with kisindjora because kisindjora after their interview minutes before the brunette one said that she liked his work and she wanted to introduce him to the fally circle so that he integrates the system of fally press
he said that people should not judge the situation only based on emotion and sensationalism because there are other sides of the stories and he added he believes brunette has been introduced to the "white powder" which sandra sniffs because in the various cuts she was sweating a lot and acting proper uncomfortable with herself and some comments they had before the interview started suggest that they tried to make her do that interview for years already and that she was now accepting it because she wanted to go to europe

the order is not right but thats more or less most of what i could remember from the interview
Even if Kissindjora was behind it it doesn't take away from what JB has done, if I was JB I would just jail Kissindjora and Sandralina, who is Sandralona by the way? And tbh I always hated Werrason and Fally way of always being harsh and unshakeable, but now I understand why. If Kissindjora tried to pull this with Werra or Fally she would probably.gotten jailed for at least a year but he's JB is too good and too soft so it is understandable that she could try something with himlike that. With that said whatever Camp you are this is fucked up, and if Congo was a serious country JB should have done some time for this.

about the title right? lol because i remember a title like that when he was durell's employee
haha he's a good singer(even though i feel like since 242 something changed in his voice)
Yes about the title. He accused Durell of being jealous of him and that even in Nouvele Horizon, its Durell who called Sonor and Ramatoulaye to warn them about making him president of the group. Lol...He calls Sonor and Ramatoulaye "ba oui oui". :D
He can be mad all he wants is his fault and his arrogance who brought him to the place where he have to beg Roga and Sonor (even if he will never admit it) to come back he thought really he was the star of the group while if he wasn't Roga's cousin he will probably.won't ever be this famous and known


haha man only has one move,those teke traditional dances

Why do Congolese artist even it they are small are obsessed  with having a bunch of dancers despite the sing being good it isn't original, Brazza Congoleses should stop copying Arafa Tshena and come with their own style which is in first place the reason why Arafa Tshena was successful to begin with, there was no one in the mainstream Congolese music Market who was doing his type of music, if Levys9n wants to be serious about his success he needs to lose weight stop bleaching his hair and have an original generique, this isn't the 90s where guys having a big belly was considered a sign of wealth, Roga Roga knows this that's why in Bokoko he attracted a bunch of attractive male and female dancers to accompaign him along with the rest of the group, plus there is just 3 or 4 background scenary, not enough variety who makes the average viewer wants to watch it again.

Congolese Music / Re: mwana nsuka
« on: February 24, 2024, 11:33 »
nobody is a full saint in congolese music,that does not exist,even the most serious looking like wazekwa or jean goubald or karmapa were at some point caught in wild moments about women(when i mean wild like having some affairs with a couple of women outside their main relationship)
this being said,and i hope to God that i wont be misunterpreted,there is a whole other story to this situation aside from jb's faults who he should rightfully be hold accountable but knowing him he'll most likely never really defend himself and will hope that the next buzz comes and life goes on
i will just give one of the part of the other story which will most likely never be mentioned amid the storm which is that jb married her on traditional level back in the days of the pregnancy when she was 21 and did everything like her parents wanted to "repair" his faults according to our traditions
we can thank God that their rivalries have never inspired them to leak embarassing secrets about each other every week,otherwise we'd be living consecutive years of shocks,from young men who got their backside broken,brutal abortions and so on
Being married traditional is way more important then normal marriage so tbh JB even ifnhe did a cr8me must do anything to be good and well with her family

« on: February 23, 2024, 23:13 »
Its a shame he did not get to experience the pure  la zamba experience,la zamba's loss has really impacted a LOOOOOOOTTT the level of fame of new maison mere musicians
Why doesn't he rent it or buy it? I don't understand him not going to La Zamba again

Congolese Music / Re: mwana nsuka
« on: February 23, 2024, 07:47 »
The show started and I stopped there when I sat down and started playing.
By the way, PAPA CHERI JB MPIANA saw me playing, so he sent his people "MABAUNSA" to come and take me to the stage.
When I was on stage, PAPA CHERI ordered SEGUIN to be beaten and I started to dance "ECHUBELE", right then PAPA CHERI gave me 100 dollars.
03) After the show, I have not returned home, they took me and I went straight to JB MPIANA. keep practicing.
There were SANDRA LINA, KISINDJORA and many other leaders.
It happened in the evening after training and there was a procedure to be sent home.
04) I joined the Group when I was 10 and a half years old.
Nawala I have not been harassed much because PAPA CHERI grew into my chest because there are some of my Madansa sisters who grew to love me and others grew jealous.
There are times when the Group travels abroad. I was not allowed to travel when I was still young.
05) Although I am a virgin, I was still a virgin, I mean I never walked with men, the only man who asked me to intervene and gave me my virginity when I was 14 years old is an old man
06) If you see me here today, I want to talk about what is in my heart.
Let it be known that this is the first time I am talking about my history because I don't like to be in public.
A) JB GIVE PAPA MY BOSS CHERRY, why are they doing this to me, why are they failing to fulfill your promise to take me to Europe? Why are 7 years now passing, I keep waiting and I don't see anything.
Why do you send others who have nothing to do like me? That hurts forever.
B) Also the act done by MAGALIE (who is JB MPIANA's sister) insulted my mother, and then forbade me myself not to dare to go see my child, that also annoys me a lot.
The last time my little one and I went to SALIMA to see the child, we were prevented from entering the gate for what fault?
Even Mother AGNES tomorrow I see that I'm bad, what kind of insults does she throw at me, what's wrong?
JB MPIANA's brothers came to take the child from me when he was 5 years old, that's why the child is 9 years old, that is, in the past 4 years now I am not allowed to see my son claiming that he will come and find me himself as soon as he grows up.
That is my son, my child, let me cry in pain when I was 15 years old.

Man this is baf

I was talking few minutes ago with a childhood friend and we were  talking about the street groups of then and how they shaped every big group and among others we talked about how ferre could have joined quartier latin before babia was recruited as he was sometimes performing in a group along with a koffi nephew and papy kalombo among others and he was told by bodyguard to come to koffi to join latino but he was scared and ran away on two occasions,also when chokoro stayed in europe when he had then fully settled only with one group rumba des jeunes since some of that generation were performing in three groups at the same time,genta and bill for example were doing animation in 4 groups at the same time(hahaha that scene of late papa lisimo almost naked running behind  pitshou with a big piece of wood stick to beat him for turning up too late at home)
then he joined wenge in a concert not too far from koffi's house and ended up fulfilling koffi's dream/desire 10 years later
do you think his career would have been different if he started straight away as the youngest with bouro in latino
I don't think he would have been as successful as he is now, and tbh I think that if he left Wenge right away and went solo he would have had a way bigger success, cause even tho now peoole don't really care him going to QL rubbed Wenge Maison Mere the wrong way and he lost some of that fanbase when he Left and also Werra trying to humiliated him by proping Fally hurt him. With that said Fally is the only QL successful guy also cause he went solo right around when a lot of influential journalist turned their back on Koffi and it was a mix of cause, Fally became so big because everything went according to his Plank and also he was lucky that most of the press were supporting him,  I thin Ferre would have been either like Bouro or Soleil, really loved by Koffi but eventually would have left due to leadership conflict between him Fally, Bouro, and Soleil, with that said,  no, he would have never become what he is now tbh.

« on: February 21, 2024, 00:36 »
His name is Pathy Asanta

He also worked with Wazekwa on his song BINDU that got popular as Be Bebe

And who cause conreoversy because it was a catch hook Rhumba song with some type of Eastern Congo instruments nothing to do with those slow rhumbas makes so people said that I was written and produce by someone else

tango mosusu apesaka eloko te,these stars are lowkey weird behind the scenes for their tour lists,its not only artistic merit which puts you on lists(i insist these,so most of them big stars not singleing out dicap in particular ,if you are not a cemented guy and you dont have a children a sister a petit ya quartier or whoever to give you can find yourself waiting forever)

So who isn't "cemented" is that y'all would like to see go on European tours? Also, is there anything there musicians can do to convince Fally, Ferre, and others to promote group albums or individual members? I feel like they were successful with Libre Parkours, but they upset Fally by not promoting their songs...maybe they should do concerts in Kinshasa without him – to show that they can bring something to the table.

To be honest, I'm surprised Papy Kalombo left to go solo. I feel like that's going backwards, why did he leave?
I mean when he left he was 51 it is embarassing to work fornsomeone who is under you in the age gap for 100 dollari a month plus Mabangas

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genta said that he was so affected by the news that he drank a whisky bottle by himself and was not even drunk as the shock overshadowed everything and it took his mrs to restrict him opening another by asking him if he wanted to give them even more pain by following mulala
he said that he was like his first son and absolutely loved by his children (although mulala is few weeks older) so the whole house is mourning
Man Genta must feel so bad first losing his very close friend Cellulaire, now Mulala.

a second date has been added by the hall so he'll perform saturday and sunday now
Apparently Heritier is thinking or trying to counter this by planning to do a concert in Paris the same day lol that’s what his staff told my cousin anyway
If he keeps doing this he will have no fans left, Heritier often forget that the initial success of BM was given by Ferre, Werra, and to some extent Fabregas fans supporting him cause he was an ex Wenge MMM Child he will learn the hard way (like Robinio did) that unless you are Fally you just need to leave Ferre alone

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