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I still don't understand why Marie Paul didn't took the idea of teaming up quickly with Zing Zong, JDT, Ya Yuyu and Rento Vena to record an album during his 6 month stay in Europe in 1995. According to many people his long absence in Kinshasa was a nightmare for Manda Chante and Depitcho, Depitcho also trying to get to Europe through Brazazville until, but changing his mind when Marie Paul finally returned. The must make a movie about he managed to return in Europe in 1995 with a false passeport through Brazzavile and the one of 2012. It seems that all journalist forget to ask Marie Paul the question of Palais du Peuple of 1997 or the YMCA-event in 2000 against Werrason.

So the fall out and Kongulu Mobutu suddenly changing camps has nothing to do with Wenge 4x4 decidated a song to him in Anges Adorables volume 1 like Dello Bass said, but because of Kongulu wanting get the total control of El Paris and getting rid of Francis Kalombo ? I didn't understand well what Marie Paul said, who was stealing money from them ? Was it Francis Kalombo or Kongolo Mobutu ? If it's Kongolo Mobutu, it's really weird, because he was already Mobutu's son, why does he have to get also money from poor musicians. Kongolo Mobutu really killed their career.

It's normal that Congolese artists would get jealous of El Paris. Receiving $200.000 dollars for just performing in Gbadolite in front of the Mobutu-clan along with Zaiko. It's sad that their isn't any video from their shows of 1994 or their event at l'Esplanade de Intercontinental of 1992. The impact they made in Kinshasa at that time was very huge.

What did Kongolo Mobutu think of the Wenge 4×4 split? If his father was never removed from power, would he side with Werra or JB Mpiana?

« on: June 14, 2021, 13:39 »
Whoever did the makeup for the vixen should he fired lmao good song btw

dicarson did not interview roga,he just gave the information too of  what is going on and was telling kevin to wake up until its too late

Why does Roga even care about Kevin? He's miles ahead career wise.

Congolese Music / Re: FIRE AT STUDIO NDIAYE
« on: June 11, 2021, 16:43 »
Who owns the studio?

Like title says,from the news i got from brazza friends and i just saw again with journalist dicarson,roga roga is planning to destroy/weaken patrouille des stars by poaching biraman and his partner izebola,plus one singer,plus some of the instrumentists of that tight unit patrouille has had for over a decade(cousteau,ovy feeling,roma bass...)
biraman has apparently exactly like joss did said i want this and this and this  to sign,and roga agreed to it
and while all this happens,kevin remains calm and confident that nothing will happen exactly like wazekwa was until it things started getting real

Like title says,from the news i got from brazza friends and i just saw again with journalist dicarson,roga roga is planning to destroy/weaken patrouille des stars by poaching biraman and his partner izebola,plus one singer,plus some of the instrumentists of that tight unit patrouille has had for over a decade(cousteau,ovy feeling,roma bass...)
biraman has apparently exactly like joss did said i want this and this and this  to sign,and roga agreed to it
and while all this happens,kevin remains calm and confident that nothing will happen exactly like wazekwa was until it things started getting real

Don't underestimate Roga Roga, because Koffi's strategy did succeed. Maybe Kevin Mbouande could take advantage of the defections and subsequent sympathy to get the popularity he deserves, because his quality is consistent...but Roga always gets the attention

i am sure this is one of the albums which got on your nerves bro,especially with that sam tshintu et l'akademia  thing

Was this album really a success, compared to Viagra? Cause I would be shocked lol

What did he say?

How can you compare a group album to solo-album.

If you had to compare. There wouldn't any debate. Loi was the best for Koffi. It has classic rumba's like Phaseur, S.O.S. and Airways. It has also Micko, which is Koffi's one of his  most famous song around Africa and of course Loi, who's the most danced generic on earth. The succes of Loi made Koffi get contracts for his shows at l'Olympia Bruno Coquatrix and Zenith de Paris, it made him tour many countries in Africa and fill stadiums there. He won the trophee 'Best African Male Artist' at the Kora Awards, which was really tough for him, having JB Mpiana, Awilo Longomba, Papa Wemba and General Defao in the same category. He won several awards for Loi at the Afri-Car Awards in Abidjan the same year. Loi also one of Koffi's best sold solo-albums.

Ultimatum was Quartier Latin's album who had normally had to be released in 1996, but due to the Wake-Up-project, it was pushed to 1997. Koffi had barely time to promote the album in Kinshasa, because he spent the most time in Europe and a few concerts in Kenya and Zambia or Tanzania that year. When he came back in Kinshasa he just spend 2/3 months to return to Europe again to finish the Loi-recordings, who he started recording in the same period as Ultimatum. Ultimatum was a huge succes anyway, but it didn't last long like Magie and Pas de Faux de Pas, because Koffi released Loi quickly after 7 months. Except the song Ultimatum, Koffi never perform songs of the Ultimatum-album in concerts compared to songs of the Loi-album. On rare occassion he used to perform the song Papa na Roissy of Nseka Passe Kosse, but that's not anymore the case, because he isn't part of Quartier Latin anymore. Academia profited more in long term of that album, because it had hit-songs of Sam Tshintu (Miss Nicole) and Modogo (Ali Deb's) on that album

Who is the woman that sings on Ali Deb's?

« on: June 04, 2021, 21:45 »
What happened? How old was she?

it happens  bro reminds me ofthe mama amy video with werra,mannn silawuka would have given binda very stiff competition if he stayed longer

Koffi must have loved Binda Bass like a son, because I would constantly be scared of my spot being poached. There were a lot of great bassist in QL lol

The story about the ngulu who paid 4000 dollars shocked me. Not that he travalled with Beniko's passeport, but that
Koffi advised him to seek asylum on Beniko's name and marry in Brussels. Maybe it explains why Do Akongo struggeld to get in Europe for like 12 years, despite all money and support. I always thought that Koffi was never bringing ngulu's to Europe. There was a moment that people said that he became an adviser at the embassy of France in 2002 and Congolese bandleaders claiming that he was snitching on them for brining ngulu's and trying to block tours of his rivals, when being asked by the embassy if the band was credible to travel in Europe.

Lol, Academia really thought that they would finish Koffi with Viagra.Thinking that he would have the same effect Sanction had on Attentat. They didn't knew that Effrakata would eat them raw.It's crazy that people always thought that Koffi would go down because of his behaviour and all beefs he had, but he always managed to survive.

Mboshi is here already promoting the Olympia of 2002 that never came. So sad that they didn’t got the chance to perform there.

Pathy's claims about the arrangement of Quartier Latin not being anymore like it had to and comparing to it to streets, reminds me how people used to critize Attentat very hard and praising Academia's work of Sanction, calling Attentat a big fiasco and doubting if Koffi would fill Bercy with a work like that. But if you put today a poll of Attentat vs Sanction on social media, most will vote for Attentat. Force de Frappe and Effrakata made Koffi earn respect again after Droit de Veto  & Attenat for were not really respected and so/so.

Lol, Suzuki sayng that he don't see himself rejoining Quartier Latin, because he just bought a villa in Mont-Ngafula, Koffi only being able to buy cars. Suzuki says her that Bouro abandoned his wife and daugther to rejoin Quartier Latin. But it's known that musicians always spent 9/7 months in Kinshasa because of their work, but still being in contact with their wive and children based in Europe. Or did Bouro really abanoned them and cut contacts ? Anyways Bouro lost alot credibility when rejoining Quartier Latin, he had alot of succes (2000-2004) like his first period in Quartier Latin (1996-1999), but people weren't taking him serious anymore.

Is it safe to say that Koffi and Beniko will never be friends again? It seems like Koffi is the common denominator in a lot of conflicts and cold relationships. The JB Mpiana, Werrason, and many others seem to keep their distance because of the mind games he likes to play but then will act he doesn't understand why there's no unity.

With credibility I meant the image people have for someone  to become a bandleader tomorrow. Bouro had still the fame he had and maybe even more than his first period. But it was not that music-fans were seeing him like his brother Alain Mpela, Bendoson (before returning to Wemba 2002), Sam Tshitu or Ferre Gola, to lead a band in the future. He messed that respect up by returning to Quartier Latin.

I'll never understand how Alain Mpela never took off as a solo artist, I've never seen a chef d'orchestra with his level of public notoriety and talent! He had an EP and a band after leaving JB Mpiana, but I don't understand why it never materialized into a successful solo career. Where did he go wrong? If I'm not mistaken, even Koffi was supportive of his departure from Wenge BCBG

He just laughed because Wemba said that Adolphe the best sapeur of them all. There weren't any problems at that they. At this moment he and Wemba re-became friends and were spending alot of time together in Europe and Africa. Wemba was the head of AMC and Koffi the vice until he left in 2007, just before the Wazekwa-started. The relationship changed in 2009, when Koffi sued Wemba about his declarations he made in the press about piracy. That moment changed after thing a few years later something happened which made the relationship worser and Wemba not inviting Koffi to his wedding. Koffi tried to force a reconcilation through Lions Club, but it didn't work and the conflict worser, Wemba saying that he forbid Koffi to come to his funeral, when he's not more on earth.

If Papa Wemba never died, do you think they could have patched up their friendship? It seems like they're brothers – they may bicker and ignore each other for some time, but they always seem to come together. And do you believe that Koffi is a bridge burner or Wemba is too sensitive?

« on: May 26, 2021, 07:15 »
Europe needs to start deporting people who do things like this, because this is unacceptable. If these people are so offended by the state of Congolese culture, maybe they should go back and fit the country instead of casting judgement in White countries...just a thought

In the same period of TH anyways. It was supposed to come out in 1999. But when he released the EP "Never Again Plus, Plus Jamais" (which had a song dedicated to the late Pepe Kalle, one for Congo who was in war and a remix of his Viva La Musica hit Teint de Bronze), recordlabels started to doubt because he was asking big money for the album, while the EP flopped very hard.So he and his close friends (JDK Decor and co) went to record Longue Histoire on their own fees in Kinshasa. The album had first 10 song, then 13 songs with the time going the demand from donors were growing and Emeneya couldn't reject, because he needed that money and it suited also well to its album-title. Then when he wanted to release the album towards start of 2000, he received a phone-call in Kinshasa that their was a new dance (Tchaku Libondas) who was hot in Kinshasa at the same time Didi Kinuani and his friends wanted a song dedicated to Bana Lunda, the friends they lost when looking a for a better life in at that time  dangerous diamond-province of Angola and hard time they had before coming rich (the song was called Basali Nteke) and another song next to it, which made it 17 songs in total. When Emeneya arrived in Kinshasa they added Tchaku Libondas next to animations also Bill Clinton's new cri at that time (Bana bazo lia te). Drummer Signora Depatra Uomo asked if Emeneya couldn't make a remix of the Victoria Eleison Anthem of 1982, which made them record But na Filet, it wasadapted to their team of 2000 and the cri's of atalaku's. When finally finishing recording Longue Histoire in Kinshasa, he went to the US with Guy Moller and Mbuta Bass, Zoe Bella. But for whatever reasons, Emeneya decided to abandon them in New York, while they had to tour there for some months and went directly to Paris. Guy Moller, Zoe Bella and Mbuta Bass were sent away from their hotels when the tour-promoter discovered that Emeneya ran away and they had to sleep for 2 days on the streets. Emeneya mixed Longue Histoire in Paris and released the album later in two volumes (volume 1 & volume 2). He made some big money, but after a few months his friend JDK Decor ran away with a part of the money, which made him not being able to promote the album more after the succes. JDK became suddenly close to Papa Wemba and became his concertpromoter for his event at Bercy. Not long after that more problems occured in his band and became worser when Guy Moller and Zoe rejoined in the band in Kenya with also a conflict with his friend Mambo de Panama when arriving in Kinshasa with the band, after that Victoria Eleison spent like 8 or 6 months in Kenya (they had a hard time there).

The original version of But na Filet. It was played since Victoria Eleison's birth in 1982 at the start of their concerts and in 1984 released on disc and each year adapted in concerts with new cri's.

Emeneya in Kinshasa when recording Longue Histoire in 1999 with the new dance Kiwanzenza. The dance Tchaku Libondas wasn't arrived yet.

It's the trip to NY that I struggle to understand, why would he just abandon Guy Moller and others like that? He fell out with Mambo De Panama because he didn't appreciate how Kester was disrespecting his group and spending months in Europe. I feel like Kester stop taking his career seriously, because a lot of bad mistakes he was making

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