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There were also concerts planned in Brazzaville, Matadi, Boma and Muanda. But they got all cancelled after that Papa Wemba felt mad about how Stervos humilated them on tv.

Congolese Music / Koffi playing Bass & Rhythm
« on: September 11, 2021, 23:59 »


When Tabu Ley & Franco received the gold records from Soneca for their album Evenement.
After that no other Congolese artist couldn’t a good record because of economic crisis and less and less people being able to buy discs in Congo. Also Soneca where there problems already started since 1973 didn’t function well anymore.

They were the first to introduce the Koyimbi-Ko dance (from 6:02). Luckily that Werrason adopted that dance like he did with Helicopter and years later Malewa, otherwise it would have gone unnoticed like many good Brazza-dances.

The way they danced it is different. It looks like being a mix of Victoria Eleison's dance Tchalufu with Koyimbi-Ko. Back then King Kester Emeneya came mad on tv, saying that he came with a new dance Tchaufu to counter Koyimbi-Ko, claiming that Werrason introduced Koyimbi-Ko to finish his dance Kiwanzenza (I miss Kester, he was so funny).

I wonder if JB Mpiana would not adopt Koyimbi-Ko, if he didn't went to Bercy back in 2001. Because before Bercy they introduced the "Muana Mobali Asuanaka te-dance", which was also to like to counter Koyimbi-Ko and who came in the same period. But when coming back from Europe and having performed at Stade des Martyrs, he ended up by adopting Koyimbi-Ko in the "JB Mpiana abuki Stade des Martyrs-cri".

A big loss for the African Francophone community. He was my favorite journalist, I used to like his interviews with African artists alot. He knew alot about the African history and background of African artists not like Claudy Siar and Juliette Fievet who are often lying to know x or y artist career or having grown up with their music, on the television and radio to impress people.


Wemba-fans will not be happy with this interview. Also the stuff he said towards the end of the first video. I'm was shocked when he said that it was him who played lead on Maya & Affaire Kitikwala.

Nyoka Longo is known as one of the most stingy bandleaders in Kinshasa. Zaiko Familia Dei was created because of him and musicians of Zaiko were always mad when returning back from Europe-tours.

I'm surprised to hear that Secteur A gave them a slave-contract. On the other side it was good that they didn't listen to Secteur A to make mainstream-music, because otherwise we wouldn't get Sanction and those big events in Kinshasa. Jhymmy Mukelenge always say that Congolese musicians are ungrateful, but he forgets that he isn't professional, which made alot Congolese artists move to foreign musiclabels.

Kibuisa Mpimpa was to much for them. They spent their time to long in Europe. So Lebou Kabuya returned with Academia to Kinshasa and immediatly returned back after their first concert at YMCA. I always thought that he stayed in Europe after finishing Viagra. Unfortunately we will never know what happened. I was shocked to hear that Pitshou Concorde used to disrespect Lebou Kabuya, I didn't except that from him.

Really sad to hear that no any Europe-based QL-singer showed up for the recordings of Lebou's tribute song. Only Suzuki and Chamberton. I thought that Lebou's death would teach them something, but I it didn't.

I love this concert, I just hate that they added the interviews in the middle of it, and the fight at the end that ruined coco mambimba.

They put the fight in the video, because it created alot of buzz back then. The press who was for a big part pro-Werra, then claiming that Adolphe sended the New Jack-gangsters to disturb the concert.

About the fight, last year I went once to Gallerie Ixelles and there were some guys talking about the Clan Wenge-war and when coming to the point of the Cirque Royal-concert, a former New Jack-gangster said that they asked Werrason some money since that they wouldn't be part of the security. But Werrason refused and they said that if he won't cancel the concert they would ruin it, Werrason didn't want to listen and the fight was the result. Back in those days many concerts in Brussels were disturbed by New Jack-gangsters, especially Koffi who never performed on a proper way in Brussels from 1998 until 2006, them even following sometimes to Holland and Liege (Camionette Bola has alot stories about those Koffi concerts in Brussels).

Congolese Music / Did Manda Chante lose his mother ?
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