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hahahahahahaha bro you are right though koffi who since 1990 was one of the best in clips and here its more like "vraimentttttt to filmer kaka mbangu quoi " :D :D :D :D


koffi made a lot of people in politics angry with his last interview so,as it usual is in DRC,whenever somebody is not happy about you especially a public person,they'll collect things to expose you
and  here koffi is being reminded of the campaign of 2011 where leaders received 200K each to sing for kabila,and him 300k because he was an influent member of kabila's party,and when they had to be given "money for gas"to go back home koffi wanted to be the one receiving it to share to theother musicians and jb and werra suggested instead to give it to papa wemba because when he is in his wild moments koffi can just run away,while papa wemba shared the same amount,from the biggest stars to the smallest
now i really get even more that strong second wave of departure in groups starting from 2011,they must have been super angry for most of them to perform without seeing even a cent from that
but its seriously ridiculous,for what they did they earned more than what they make from mabanga money many albums in one two nights


Abraham in past interviews while defending according to him the exaggeration both of maison mere's children success and the alleged systematic failure of bcbg children said that some of the maison mere guys were unfairly benefitting from the hype of maison mere having "succesful kids" which was making them think they are succesful  like the rest,and forget they are no different to the rest of other groups who are still in process to prove themselves
and that people tend to exaggerate failure after bcbg and success after bcbg,using examples of blaise bula,alain  mpela and himself who all had at least one song which people can sing unlike the way people portray it like once you leave bcbg your career is over,and that in maison mere not everybody is like ferre,jdt,bill,fabregas,robinio,deplick for example
and it got taddet and especially miel angry,and miel strongly attacked him abraham so here he came to reply to miel
miel said when he was singing in maison mere he does not know where abraham was and he reminded him that he sang for a year and half with alain mpela who later revealed him miel so he cant come at him with that arrogance
miel also said to theguy who interviewed him something like look at me i am fresh and clean unlike some little guys(alluding to abraham)coming to run their mouth while they surely have dirty underwear and abraham says if he likes men to come up with such argument he should not be ashamed to do his coming out
miel belittled him as an artist  and he reminded miel what happened when they performed together back months ago in miel's area of yolo and allegedly he gave him agood correction
also miel said he challenges abraham to go with him on streets if even 3 people will recognize him and abraham said bring it one just give a date i am up for it and you'll be surprised,that guy is talking but i am sure if we both step in streets they might not even recognize him and confuse him with an informatician or something,he should not think that having big cheeks and some belly like heis becoming is enough to be charismatic
 their thing is childish but hey if atleast it can bring some attention to them who knows lol
also he said that the comparison of bcbg children and maison mere's should be over,people rush to do it knowing maison mere already wins in terms of numbers,but they never take into account that its like that because maison mere was often unstable which lead to loads of arrival and departures,while bcbg still has half of the TH lineup there as starters,so less rotation,less guys having time to use group as stepping stone before or after some departures and arrivals
and that all in all its all about the pride of clan wenge,not bcbg maison mere tonya tonya el paris,proof is that everytime he sees werra,werra says "petit you have to fight for the pride of clan wenge"

Congolese Music / Re: KOFFI’S « LEGENDE » RELEASE DATE
« on: August 03, 2021, 18:28 »
Last i had heard quadra talk about legende on a congolese channel months ago he was saying he had 62 or 63 songs lined up either advanced,raw or pre-mixed ,or mixed or fully masterized
dont forget that our artists have a logic that album is never close unless they already have a date set and have to honour it then they throw you to next album,if not for that,i am sure there are still people contacting him for songs

Yes because,longterm the strategy of doing like others to compete with them is not good,what if tomorrow sudanese take africa by storm,then music from comoros,then music from the arabic countries of the northern africa go very viral,will we then do rumba rai,rumba kwaito,rumba whatever(not taking a dig at ferre for rumba trap but more as to say is it enough to think we represent congo in feats just because we sing some lingala lines along withfrench and english ),but will we be longterm back again as a strong force by doing feats and putting some cherie na nga nakanisaki yo butu ya lelo for 2 minutes on whichever rhythm or will we be back doing what we master
i  dont agree with that argument of doing foreign stuff is what pays,look at but na filet,2 years of career already has about 11 cars one house for his parents himself building and renting in a more expensive area now than 2 years ago, half or 1/3 of his band having cars too,a rumba album of 15 songs generates,before taking away studio fees,minimum 100k when you have reached a certain standard
doing foreign boosts individual careers,not congolese music,while if they decided to work harder  to provide to the world again something very strong and congolese it will benefit us,and be an even bigger stepping stone for those ego-boosting foreign feats,those artists would come to kin to record

« on: August 03, 2021, 10:10 »
it seems the way roga roga himself attacked zaparo and sonor saying that all they were doing was his creation have given them a big big big motivation,they are looking more and more completely different to the way they were in extra zangul,as if they were restricted

For the second time ever,if i remember well,after performing "together" in nigeria,werra and ferre are set to perform on same day and same stage in private concert for obiang nguema family
i really hope that it will not be an occasion to revive tension,sankara had been getting on some people's nerves by suddenly making u turn about ferre again and running his mouth about the dynastie project being interview by warrior journalists who have always felt very insecure about ferre making peace with werra,and hopefully it does not fuel some tension
we've seen already how it ended when back in the days ferre just did what he was taught by werra in doing some banter about francophony or something like that concert,how it went from that to trying to destroy his band,then going on his private,then marchouse and vasco countering....please not again

Jb's the type of person that didn't need to work as hard as the next person in music because he has natural talent and natural star power so it's obvious he lost motivation early on due to money and also having a lot of yes men and yes fans around him who baby him.
About departures as you rightfully said Jb's never had a mass departure to affect him especially in his prime because with Koffi and Werra when Academia was formed that's 7 key members that left and with the danger de mort team same thing Fally, Ferre, Mirage, Jipson, Junior, Apocalypse, all left at the same time then closely followed suit by Soleil, Bouro, Titina, Modogo.
With Werra he had the Wenge split and the departure of Les Marquis, or even Wazekwa when Joss and co went to QL. So Jb's never had that pressure because no one left him at the same time, because if you think about it when a proper influential member leaves the group it's sad but it doesn't affect the group long term that's why Jb's never really felt it.

But didn't JB Mpiana go through a big disappointment losing Alain Mpela? True, it's not the same as Les Marquis or Academia, but to continue without his right-hand man seemed very tough to handle. Also the ngulu affaire slowed up their ability to tour and record in Europe
Archos already said in Bcbg a week after you leave it's already forgotten about now matter how big and influential you are because he already lost Titina a couple of years before that and also lost Blaise, Makaba, and Aimelia all in the same year but he didn't really care as much. Like I said losing more than 3 key members at the the same time is worse than losing one, because you can find someone to replace that role, people thought Koffi and Werra were finished when Academia and Les Marquis were formed

exactly,when he lost makaba he had a mbokaliya on fire and ficarré,when he lost titina seguin was still playing constantly well and champion arrived,when he lost alain mpela there was already jdl studying mpela for years,when he lost blaise there was kibens ,aimelia there was chai
even though none of those replacement is better than the original,and that he surely had deep down some emotion especially with guys like titina and alain mpela who became little brothers,he did not have the time to panick and feel in danger and organise casting to replace them outside the musicians he had at his disposal
panick does not exist in jb's language until today anyways lol,man thinks he can control everything

« on: August 02, 2021, 22:33 »

after decades of supremacy in african with our music,congolese music has started going down while some other music were and still are for some on the up
and it seems in order to survive our artists chose either to team up with them or to try and copy them, and try to INDIVIDUALLY i insist on individually because in the prime of our music,our music was so strong as a collective force that even the guy considered the 20th biggest artist in congo of the moment was having tours here and there and having a good career
nowadays it seems we've made the fight to be back were we belong more of a "who is putting congo on the map of african music" or who are the few of a rotten and weak congolese music to emerge overseas
but i genuinely think from the bottom of my heart that both artists and most fans are not asking themselves the most crucial question
how to make congolese music dominate africa again and not how music made by congolese people will eventually be represented up there with stars of other countries
i think most musicians are neglecting more and more what is congolese music
there has been a slight effort to reintroduce a bit more some guitars by some artists on rumba but its still for most some "overprogrammed" stuff on albums of 20+song,when programming sometimes "takes out the soul of the song"compared to either accoustic guitar or true ,and i have also complained about that in the past,there is an ever growing lack of danceable rumbas,when i mean danceable rumba with a tempo which can kind of set a tempo for moves not just pick a girl a hold her until the song is over
just look at madilu's career,how he was undroppable on parties weddings VIP events of authorities
as for generiques we could try to create many many many things,for example every of the big names for one year or two all deciding to start the first two three minutes in whatever of the folks we have(kintueni agwaya bonioma mutuashi makuandungu and co) then serious sebene,i think we'd send a bigger message than what we are doing right now
also we can revive sebene songs,it would force guitarists to look for partitions atalakus to be more creative...and it will ALWAYS have that appeal of "i dont understand what they are saying but the dancing part made me jump off my seat"
we currently have some cases of guitarists who have not even participated on more than 6 songs outof 30 because of that desire to be "modern" and up to trend
but instead  of having musicians under pressure to be creative ,now leaders even want more and more to be the center of everything
soon we'll have artists who claim that they are doing the whole albums on their own including the programming and all that since our music is losing more and more its essence of strong unit of exceptional talents and edgeing more and more towards a music of egoistic self-proclaimed genuises finding individually for the own brand

For those who like checking views this is quite a "scary" one,nearly a billion on two clips alone including a radio appearance

Congolese Music / Re: LOL SOLEIL DÉCALÉ ?
« on: August 01, 2021, 08:18 »
Those dj's are congolese bro half at least of the first generation of coupe decale is congolese guys relocated there or in france
they also used to sing mirage's vocal "wowowo la lettre d'autrui nga na fungolaka te",i think itseven inthat video i remember dj polio and dj kitoko singing it and eto'o dancing

loool and now he acts as if he is the big bro of sydney poitiers,djo and co
imagine a prime bcbg or maison mere being this direct against his boss the way spokesmen would attack him hard :D :D :D :D

because he was jb's favorite,and anyways the news was badly reported it was karaoke and reported as concert
the things is that from him being given his album there was a lot of subtle mindgames going on,everytime jb would take time to give him money or to allow him to go record in france as he needs him for some concerts in kin abraham would report to fally who "managed" him throughout the album process so fally was using his own experience to anticipate 12 on him at every given opportunity which is why when the guys got suspended he ran away fearing a coming 12 as the camp of seguin jdl were telling jb that he's preparing a rebel group within the band because he barely associated first teamers to his album except genta fusee sunda bass tolbert while it was meant to be an album played by the core of bcbg but with guests,while jb did not plan any 12 he really wanted to replicate what papa wemba did,despite all the "what if" he was hearing from his court jesters
and its from abraham's sudden departure that he decided to make it again a taboo for an artist to think about an album in the group(sunda and abel then leaving after seeing their idea collapse)

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