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another video man bill still got a powerful voice
the thing is that sankara and werra have been living recent months in hipocricy,sankara talks bad of werra behind his back forgetting that people record things now but in front of people he pretends there is  nothing while people can clearly see there is a distance between him and werra,and on werra side he cant go too direct with him about his upset because he knows it will lead to huge drama given that people credit sankara for whatever he says( despite him lying 9/10of times throughout his career in many cases)
so its mind games,he does not approach werra as close as he used to,and what worsened the thing is how he spent the time of promoting concert prasing his friend fally men doing matolo on fally's donors talking bad about werra( the usual maboko makasi thing and stuff like that ) and attacking maison mere musicians who are part  of dynastie,while werra had decided to cease fire will all his ex members
 this is the first europe tour ever since he resettled in kin where he was barely involved while he boasts that he is as close to werra as seeing him several time in his underpants

yes i think,de paul said that the el paris musicians of angola were returning to kin so surely he came with them

sankara did a video with a glass of champagne saying its not him he has not seen bill for longtime,and did sarcasm that maybe its a clip of dynastie(this guy man)
werra did his press conference about failed zenith and he was not eventhere,why both him and werra just dont make it clear that there  is something

« on: September 26, 2021, 14:28 »
obama is already in studio,strong vibes of choc there

« on: September 26, 2021, 11:02 »
in short deplick's staff was for a long time also friends with artists he does not get along with,or is suspected not to get along with,and like i said several times in the case of fabregas for example they'd report to him what fabregas says,but they'd not say that they also were doing something for fabregas which was taking some money to "bury" his promotion,and its recently that one of the guys at a tv called him to tell him that he was obeying from orders higher up to blacklist his songs despite hundreds or thousands of dollars paid to channels but he has to be honest with him and is taking the risk of losing his spot and will start to promote tembe na tembe from his second album, and that he was seeing how his marketing guys were coming then going back just to pretend
deplick then went to seek advice from werra who told him to clearout his staff since they are not loyal and try to get young people from europe who will handle the social media promotion and from then employ again people with the validation of those europe guys,who will be there to work not just to use their status to attract women
also he made to him the same promise he did to heritier recently,to go to every channel where there is an order from hierarchy to boycott his songs and use his relationship to remove it

« on: September 25, 2021, 23:05 »
the problem deplick face is that many who try to work with him are not loyal to him
if you are interested about it i will develop

Congolese Music / Re: Nguanzu (ex'Ferre Gola drummer) & Ado Yuhe
« on: September 25, 2021, 23:01 »
these guys faced the worst moments of ferre,a very very difficult and eventful start which i think ferre was not transparent enough about with the musicians,so they have a lot of memories of getting done dirty while ferre started actually making proper proper money after them with the primus payrise to jump above wazekwa as the third biggest earner,and getting improved concerts money
and  also lets be honest was following the maison mere system,there is hype around,create money for yourself through people around
but the salary thing i honestly believe even if there is a low forcing bands to pay musicians 200 every concert or every month,its still wont be satisfying for musicians,which is why ever since congolese music exists none of the ex members of group ever do clearly better than their ex leaders in their financial treatment of the musicians,if anything the leaders target is making the money theycould not make  in groups and thats it

his thing with suzuki is even deeper than most beefs,he found that suzuki was involved in witchcraft against him along with his ex wife so that he always obeys to them and always gives them all the money he has in his pocket
from then whenever asked about suzuki,he asks who is he,i dont know him,and in this interview he dodged the chez djonga question fast because it involved suzuki's name

i saw somewhere that they were all nominated for this edition,i just saw the category best song of the year which had ferre,and also koffi feat majoos

« on: September 23, 2021, 15:17 »


He made a flashback on how he was in antichoc and zaiko and that he left having no issue at all withya jossart he just wanted to experience a new group,and he had a lot of good memories in quartier latin and got along well with the guys
he left quartier latin only because koffi refused to hand him his passport so that he can show that he's entered the country legally when he was about to claim european papers thanks to parental authority,so he had to call kinshasa and his dad who used to work at airport to do another entrance visa from there
then him ramazani cnn fofo le collegien refused to attend  a switzerland concert,and when the group was about to go back to kin they were warned by people around that koffi said if they go back to kin europe is over for them,so they all stayed
later on,when koffi could not get visas  at ferre's arrival,he called them to help out,and soleil arrived on his own,and they were paid 300 dollars while when they were members of the group they'd get 100 dollars per concert so he jokes he should have always been an ex member then to get 3times more
the reason he does not associate with quartier latin guys is simply that they dont involve him they have a certain group of people who call each other,excluding others so he is not the type of people to be a hypocrite and invite himself by force to look good in koffi's eyes or people's eyes
he went to funerals of mama amy and papa charles but did not want to approach koffi because he did not know the reception he'd get given how he is always excluded of anniversaries and anything related to quartier latin
he also said some musicians still think in their head that they are quartier latin members like when they were in kinshasa so they are still into competition,wanting to be the koffi favourites,snitching inventing stories about people and so on,so since he does not like bullshit he took radical decision to stop the few weekend concerts he played here and there with the guys back in the years and prefers having individual relationship with those who are willing to talk to him like bouro for example but he has no hate for the guys just that he cant fake being great with everybody of quartier latin,franck being who he is obviously asked too the inevitable question about fally and whether they talk and he said they have no problem but they have had a chat in a long long time which he understands because fally is very busy

« on: September 23, 2021, 10:58 »

Great combination between celezino and santiago

« on: September 22, 2021, 19:46 »

From this song,kibens redid a full french song from the part of the start,then there is within the same song bk le senateur of richard mukena and fleur d'amour of rio,so technically if every of his song were credited in anti terro to him thats a solo  album already

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