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« on: August 13, 2021, 06:58 »
he is saying that after his time with blaise bula which was cut short by him going to europe on his own then when blaise start struggleing to perform in europe he felt he was becoming inactive so he had to go to kin to find aband and really prove himself
then he joined maison mere via kakol but was sent to 2nd team which then had asso ferrari,robinio,rice matadien and co and  he was shining so much that deplick fabregas taddet were coming to 2nd team parts to dance to his animations,then he ended up in 1st team but he was not really getting chances and werra's cousin ladins told him if he wanted to get a chance he had to go into witchcraft,and fabregas indirectly told him the same,and to his surprise his own big brother suggested him the same thing but he refused
he has an overall quite negative experience of maison mere for the year he spent there and he was for example shocked with how for the whole year he went to salute werra who ignored him  and he saw that he was also ignoring everybody except brigade who was getting a simple salute and heritier and kakol getting the handshake big up salute
he said caferoum was the king of being ignored and that he remembers lobeso stopped saluting as he was ignored so he came and went to sit somewhere and then werra asked how dare him not salute and insulted him strongly
and when he left and went to quartier latin he once meet werra somewhere,coincidentally it was the day it was spread that werra slapped heritier,and he was reluctant to go salute werra and told security of werra no point going there i'll get ignored as usual
he had to participate on malewa but kakol asked him 1000 dollars so that he can participate and he had 750 kakol said no not enough
its 1000 or nothing
about being reluctant to get into witchcraft he gave example of musamaria who came and in notime became an important member but was still asking him 10 dollars here and there he found it pointless to go in witchcraft for success then lack such "little money"
he made that  brief zenith appearance thanks to having european papers and he was told from werra indirectly to pay own ticket because he cant put him on list ashe did not participated
then when he joined koffi he kept avoiding to salute koffi thinking itsthe same with all leaders and koffi told him he should come salute him taking the piss of werra
he wondered also if he was not made to pay for helping roi david to remain in europe
when the maison mere tour finished roi david was kidnapped by maison mere people  who took him from paris to brussels by force to go back to kin fearing he'd stay as he got done verydirty by his girlfriend of then who stole everything he had and since they got along well roi david called him to ask to come pick him up while he pretended snoring and when he realised kakol and the other guys who kidnapped slept
so maybe his very bad treatment came from him being accused of making roi david run away,while all he did is helping out a friend who would have been in deep trouble if he went back home like that with nothing while family has high expectancy upon him and maison mere already trying to get rid of him through 12,not that they planned it he was actually dragged off his bed by surprise to go pick roi david who called him crying
he revealed that cambodge should have been on tour in 2009(surely heritier's interview heritier likes cambodge a loooooooooooot and literally brought him in the group) and that when kakol heard he disagreed and got very upset and set up that bloody puppet thing with his guys so that werra drops cambodge from the list
he says maison mere's 12 is very strange,they can smile with you cherish you then hit you very hard 2 hours then come like "ohh who did you that "while all is planned from a to z
in quartier latin bill should have animated one generique and them one on abracadabra as koffi was disappointed with gessac's performance but he did his best to convince koffi to let them handle it
when equaliseur arrived koffi at some point did not send text messages to other atalakus to come at rehearsal for two months and he    joked with equaliseur that he will also be snubbed one day and it happened with equaliseur fuming as koffi granted him he'll always be there when doing their contract and was hurt even more with cindy having done his parts behind his back and left

Maison Mere makes Koffi look so nice. Honestly there are more bad stories about Werra and his band than any other band in Congo. Didn't know Tresor Nzinga went to WMM before QL.

There are certain mysteries in this music which is untold. Why would this guy go back to Congo and join a band where he does not get a pay? why would Kakol ask him to pay 1000 Dollars for him participate in Malewa? WMM is complicated.

He is in my country and everyone is crazy. He is really loved lol.

Drop us videos mudala

Congolese Music / BERCY MWANA
« on: July 19, 2021, 06:27 »
Is Bercy relocating to Tanzania? Ive seen him play with Nyoshi Elsadat's Bogoss Musica for a couple of months now.

« on: July 14, 2021, 07:14 »
HBD Agbada.

Congolese Music / Re: She is back.
« on: June 29, 2021, 15:03 »
My question has been, how has Fabro been able to keep her for so long.

My other question is how does Fabro make his money? He seems to be running a very stable band nearly as stable as Fally's and Ferre?

Tshimanga is excellent but he is full of himself. He has this feeling that nobody is better than him. I dont think Ferre will respond to him

Congolese Music / Re: Zamba Playa
« on: April 01, 2021, 10:59 »
What i have heard is that they found a new place which a donor was willing to offer to them as support

Why can't Werra just use his wealth to make a good place for rehearsals? In this one he doesn't need a donor funding. That is his direct investment.

Congolese Music / Re: Zamba Playa
« on: April 01, 2021, 10:57 »
Archos, what is the update on Zamba Playa? I hear renovations are done and they are returning before Zenith? How true is it? Wasn't it grabbed from them? Did they buy it off?

Wait a minute, grabbed by who? You mean Werra did not own that place?

« on: March 31, 2021, 06:39 »
I think we don't realize, we lost the biggest songwriter that we have had :

Ah, this song makes me shed a tear every time. So beautiful and heart breaking. RIP Massiya

I think Fr. Carltos voice also makes it more touching and emotional. Good music by all standards.

Nice, at least the other three sang and Thank God L’autre la didn’t sing.

 ;D ;D ;D ;D Just letbthe big man have some life. But Aso Ferrari has nine lives.
Loool leave my guy Asso Ferrari, even though he's been in the band for ages and has gained weight and come and gone he can still sing and dance. Asso, Omba, and Eric 4sim sang well, it's just L'autre la can't sing and is just a waste of space.

I think he is kept because of stage presence and he can also dance as well.

Nice, at least the other three sang and Thank God L’autre la didn’t sing.

 ;D ;D ;D ;D Just letbthe big man have some life. But Aso Ferrari has nine lives.

Wow I did not know Boyibanda is still alive. Why is he so silent? He brought energy to TPOK during his time. This will remain my all time favorite from him and OK Jazz. At minute 3:50, that voice is nice and the whole song was done well by Ndombe and Kiambukuta RIP.

Its gonna take another century to see such orchestra. I consider those that had opportunity to watch these guys play live as lucky.

Bokul be looking at them girls like, im going to eat you after this concert  ;D ;D ;D

Congolese Music / Re: Ado Yuhe & Malage de Lugendo
« on: March 09, 2021, 07:46 »
If I met him I would not recognize him. Is there any other song he did this guy?

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