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i think what shamala is talking about is "deuxieme systeme" as to say to the soloist to propose something different now
Never seen the video but "deuxieme systeme" makes more sense. When you talk about intervals, the French word for a sixth is not sixieme but sixte.

An interval is the distance between two notes and a sixth the distance between the first and sixth tone. Or 8 or 9 semitones (frets on guitar).

On guitar you can produce a sixth like G-E by playing G on the open G string, followed by an E on the 9th fret. As the notes are played successively, this is called a melodic interval.

When you play two notes at the same time, it's called an harmonic interval. You can produce the same G-E as an harmonic sixth by picking the open G and top E string simultaneously.

Picking these two strings at the same time, you can play a succession of harmonic sixths such as G-E, A-F, B-G, C-A. In which case you would refer to A-F as the second sixth.

"Deuxième sixième" translates as "second sixth". They probably talked about a sixth (interval) that is played second.

Congolese Music / Re: Mbilia Bell
« on: February 26, 2015, 21:08 »
Where did Mama Mbilia go to, is she still doing music..Currently am watching the DVD Bellsimo and What a voice we miss or is she pregnant ?
She turned 56 last month, so I don't think she is pregnant. Also, she moved to Brazzaville in 2013:

Her latest release is Royaume d'Amour:

Congolese Music / Re: TSHALA MUANA ft. BILL CLINTON
« on: April 24, 2014, 13:05 »
Interesting credit info:
Late 90's Modern Congolese Rumba! Explosive Sebene!
Vocal: Tshala Muana
Lead Guitar: Laurent Kadogo
Rhythm Guitar: Ramazani Fulutani
Bass: Tosha Fulakanda
Drums: Papy Kakol
Animation: Bill Clinton Kalondji
Percussion: Ali Mbonda

Yes, the animateur is Bill Clinton.
However, according to the sleeve notes the line-up is
Lead guitar: Ramazani
Rhythm guitar: Laurent 
Bass: Zola Tempo & Serge (probably Serge Ntumba)
Percussion: Willy & Blaise Londa 

No mention of Papy Kakol. In fact, a drummer is not listed.
The drums were programmed by Zola who wrote the track.
He also arranged the music on the CD (Ets N'Diaye, ND 065).

« on: April 22, 2014, 17:25 »

I think it's awful. Also, it sounds like Koffi "borrowed" for his tribute from Simaro:

What is really going on, I saw several videos yesterday saying Kester's body was not taken to the place it was destined to go for his memorial prior to the body being flown to Kinshasa, where is the body now and what's the Congolese govt's position
The body is supposed to be repatriated today, paid for by the governor of Kinshasa, Andre Kimbuta.

The main problem seems to be that Emeneya left all his worldly possessions to his wife Florence and their three kids.

« on: February 28, 2014, 11:39 »
For me, Wendo and Grand Kalle were the first age. They started music around the same time.
I don't think those two should be lumped together. Kalle led the first modern Congolese band, African Jazz, and the style they developed is very different from Wendo's.

Btw, in Terre de la chanson (1996) Manda Tchebwa classifies four generations of Congolese music:
1. 30's-50's: Wendo, Adou Elenga, Feruzi
2. 1950's: African Jazz, OK Jazz, Conga Jazz, Rock-a-Mambo
3. 60's-70's: African Fiesta(s), Vox Africa, Maquisards, Negro Succes, Lovy, Veve, Sosoliso
4. 70's-90's: Zaiko LL, Bella Bella, Empire Bakuba, Shama Shama, Viva La Musica, Victoria Eleison, Langa Langa Stars, Choc Stars, Anti Choc, Big Stars, Quartier Latin etc

lol i am surprised his brother kibens mulongeshi has not warned him about how they could react to  this song (because kibens promotes the song on facebook)
but  i actually think its just a funny song about the rumours,the "shocking" side of it is that he had courage to say word for word what was said in the streets
Ahhhh, this is Mulongeshi's brother!! Hope Sulutani isn't mad at Kibens for even promoting this video on facebook.  ;D
I think the boy will be talk of town for sometime and he should worry for his safety. ;D
Not really, because he apparently lives in Florida (check the license plate in the video).

The guy is also the promoter of Sulutani's upcoming concert in New York City on March 29:

So far no mention of that on the SOB website:
It's probably just another hoax.

« on: December 19, 2013, 13:30 »
<cite>@Sylvester said:</cite>
Management of Zenith have decided to cancel the show for security reasons.

Security reasons or another dodgy promoter?

According to
Mr Alain Claude had only 1000 euros to finance the show.
By all means, not enough to pay for a hall like Zenith.

Extract of the DVD in which Roxy talks about his career, in particular about the time he replaced Manuaku in Zaiko and how he got his nickname, Nyawu.


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