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Congolese Music / Kissinndjora- Cest mon tour
« on: September 10, 2021, 08:56 »
Does anyone have this album? I haven’t listened to it besides one of the generiques posted on YouTube.

« on: September 08, 2021, 01:55 »
When is their album coming?


What has dang engobo released recently?

Are there good opportunities in Kinshasa and or regulation for all this stuff?

That’s a guy overdue an album.

Congolese Music / Benz Petrole- L’heure de verite
« on: August 20, 2021, 08:53 »
Does anyone have this album! I found out about it tonight.

Congolese Music / Kissindjora- C’est mon Tour
« on: August 17, 2021, 05:25 »
Does anyone have the album? I never had a chance to listen to it.

a werrason jb mpiana verzuz would be super dope I made a thread about it a couple of months ago didn't really catch a wave but that's what I wanna see

I feel that would be great live. But man JB has had like minimal production compared to Werra.

Man Congolese need to have a versuz. This is about music within genres supporting eachother. Now this would be a great time to engage an audience.

I like it! Needs to be well promoted though.

I thought since we sort of know where members stand with which artists/groups and music time periods we like, it’d be interesting to know opinions you have that aren’t of popular opinion. I think alternative viewpoints can make for interesting discussions/debates.
- I think Evoloko Lay Lay was the worst leader/singer. I was a big fan of his dances like “Dallas” way back in the day, but his singing voice always seemed to be a cheap version of Wemba’s. In some songs his voice sounds like a whining child. He is good on chorus though.

I thought i was the only one who thought Evoloko's singing is difficult to digest.

My Unpopular Opinions:

1) Lita Bembo
I never understood why people liked him so much.  To me he was just too over-the-top and animated, the precursor to Adolphe Dominguez.  Franco produced a Stukas record for his record label, so maybe he saw something in him that I still cannot see.

2) Tabu Ley was a selfish bandleader
Meeting him and spending a whole entire day with him was probably one of the greatest moments of my childhood, but the way he compensated his people in Afrisa was deplorable.  You think Werra was bad, try shipping your whole band to the US, don't pay them and then abandon them, leaving them to fend for themselves.

3) Not Enough Sebenes
With the successes of Fabregas, Robinio, Heritier and others, it looks as if Congolese music is making a huge comeback, one we haven't seen since Fally & Ferre left Quartier Latin for solo careers.  But here again comes the age old debate:  Where are the Sebenes?  What was once popular and literally took the music all over the world, is still absent from a lot of today's rumbas and if there's one, it's cut too short.  Generiques aren't enough. Non-Lingala speakers, especially white people, don't understand rhumba music. They want to dance to the guitars and that was these guys' tickets to Europe. These artists just can't seem to grasp that.

4) Vulgarity/Sex Appeal
Nearly 20 years ago, my grandfather from Matete, watched a WWE show with me during the Attitude Era while he was here in the States.  While watching the divas in lingerie prancing around in the ring, he said, "If women did that in Congo, they'll be in jail."  Fast forward nearly 20 years later and we're seeing and hearing more sexual innuendos than before.  When I was in Kinshasa in 2010, Ferre's 3eme Droight and JB's Mpunda was blazing the airwaves and the night clubs.  Although still popular, a lot of church goers found those songs to be improper.  Now female dancers are twerking in videos and song-writers are finding more clever ways to sing about vagina.  The music is no longer for kids.

5) Mabanga
I've complained about this subject numerous times over the years and I'm tired of talking about it.

In regards to my last bullet points, maybe I'm just an old fashioned 35 year old.

Man #3 is huge here. We need sebenes. Just the other day someone heard me blast Thshitokoo from Wenge Tonya Tonya in my car. They were dancing a bit. Congolese has a chance to be very successful in the USA if they at least make an effort. But sebenes are needed and short rumbas.

I’ve actually noticed a few like the other day. Solola Bien. There is one with better sound quality and another poor sound quality also a slightly different cover.

Congolese have to get organized with their music. Can someone please advise them????

Why are Congolese doing this?

I thought the Ferre project was done???

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