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The VHS version was definitely better than the CD version, the Sebenes were more aggressive a bit faster and just overall I liked the songs more on the vhs. The VHS it’s more of Willy Bula doing the animation and showing his talent, whilst in the CD it’s a bit of both of Willy and Koffi. The CD is still really good on its own though.
I wish Koffi released the VHS version of the album as the CD instead or just separately because the Videos on Youtube are of decent quality but nowhere near the actual CD quality



He says he’s the first artist from Clan Wenge to hit 1 million

I mean congrats to him but people still use Facebook? Lol



He says he found out the terrible news at home just before performing at a concert and when he found out he asked the crowd to perform an act of 1 minute of silence for Lebou. He’s very saddened by the news and says Lebou brought a lot to Quartier Latin and did a lot, and they were still in some contact. He was originally meant to go to the US to have some shows before the pandemic came and they closed the borders, and Lebou told him he had a small group and Lebou was going to perform alongside with him.
He advises people to get the vaccine and he’s arrived to Paris to receive his second dose.
He’s asked about his featuring with Carine being removed and says it’s Angelucentral in charge of all of that. Legend is out soon and U Arena will still go ahead in November.



When asked about Gaz Mawete’s new song on his IG, Fabilouss replied by sarcastically asking “he still sings”


This Generique is a banger, it’s probably his best one. It’s definitely better than Ebondo, but it’s gone unnoticed just like his album.
Even though this sounds just like a Fally Generique because Alvarito Solo played on it and also Kasangidi doing the animation, even the way Deplick does the mabanga sounds like Fally. If Fally or Fabro or even Ferre released this Generique people would’ve been playing this non stop.


Closest thing we’ll get to a clip lol

« on: May 08, 2021, 20:25 »

Quel est ton problème 10/10 for me, the first bcbg project without Tutu Callugi with only Ficarre and Seguin remaining from the Titanic line up. Great Generique fantastic Sebene, brilliant Rhumbas the song Libérez by the late Sunda Bass is one of my personal favourites.
Even Faux drummer Seguin played on point in this album/EP, they should’ve just made this a full album and added more songs. Really good sound even though they made the same mistakes again in Soyeux Sérieux.

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