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If so then we are likely to faxe serious drought cause for now the best atalaku is Bercy and he is busy with some other things........ Everyone else is washed out e.g Kabuya........ This excludes footballers Fuse, Genta etc

He is in my country and everyone is crazy. He is really loved lol.

General / Amazing Musian Deborah Lukalu
« on: April 19, 2020, 02:50 »
Congolese are just awesome when it comes to music, this lady is just on point and her band us super....... Is there any other good Gospel group this good.

1)Koffi Olomide =Real Madrid
2)Werrason = Barcelona
3)Fabregas = Manchester City
4)Fally Ipupa = Chelsea
5) Jb Mpiana = Manchester United
6) Felix Wazekwa = Liverpool
7) Robinio Mundibu = Juventus
8) Brigade Sarbati = Arsenal
9) Fere Gola = Atletico Madrid
10)Bill Clinton = Baryen Munich
11)Awilo longomba = Inter Milan
12)Celeo Scram = AC Milan
13)Zaiko langa langa = Atletico Madrid
14) Roga Roga - Sevilla
15)You You Mabanguo = VillaReal
Kkkkk i think i have reasons for the list
After this we list Atalakus as Football stars e. g
1) Kabuya = Christiano Ronaldo
2) Bercy Muana = Pogba
3)Brigade Sarbati = Messi
4) Bill Clinton = Pele
5) Celeo Scram = Maradona

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