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To be honest this song is great I wonder what would have happened if Chai was in Maison Mere and delivered a song like this, JB wasted so much careers man.


Man, finally, I hope that Bill will do something special tbh Ferré should do this more he made one générique with Calidji and it was the only good Générique of QQJD along with Tshiluba by Ilunga

« on: September 07, 2021, 19:07 »

I didn't knew Oliveira could sing like this, man how could he have gone that high as a second voice doing Kabose part? Tbh if the camera hadn't zoomed on I would have thought it was Kabose singing

Congolese Music / KOFFI OR ZAIKO?
« on: September 06, 2021, 16:01 »
Now this is not a Vs or who is better, but just a simple question who wants to inspire a reflection. Given how saturated with Rumba Congolese music is right now with almost no Sebenes very very few memorable (if not any) générique, do you think that the approach that the Zaiko Langa Langa had on music (always stay consistent with a fast tempo Congolese style) it is better? Or do you prefer Koffi's style of forsaken a strictly traditional Congolese style of Album and try to always be at the forefront of the latest trend? I say this because Jossart and Koffi are not very far in age and even though Zaiko started earlier I think that Koffi and Zaiko in terms of comparison can be the closest artists. Tell me what do you think.

« on: August 17, 2021, 23:48 »

To be honest the sound quality, the arrangements, the mixing the great rhumba and the great Sebene makes this song one of the best by Extra it is in La Main Moire me.souch Amnistie Shalai/Trop C'Est Trop/Racine I vibes for the Sebene. Arafat is not even screaming.the first second and you can hear his.intonatiom being perfect

« on: August 16, 2021, 20:17 »

Congolese Music / BIRAMAN IS LEGIT
« on: August 13, 2021, 00:05 »

To be honest. I think Brazza's music have a lot to give Riga made it so hard to discover and or being consistent on other Brazza's talents that sometimes you forgot that actual masterpiece exists Birmaan and his colleague Isseboa I guess his is name did a really great job and the guitarist too behaved extremely well

Congolese Music / ITALIAN 12
« on: August 12, 2021, 10:41 »
One day Bonucci after being an important piece of the Juventus team (so much so he became vice Captain after Buffon and Chiellini) he decided to leave to become all of a sudden not only a Milan's player but a Milan's Captain

Right away because he asked the owner to be a Milan's Captain to leave Juve and despite that after only one year he decided to leave and go back to Juve which caused very bad reaction from Juve fans, so much so that the fans even gave death wishes to Bonucci's son who was seriously ill at the time, since he was suffering from Cancer

With these insults in Italian saying "Your son should get cancer again" or "Both of your kids must die" (I add this part to show you that a lot of times we think our fellow Congolese people act.ignorant and plainly but it is actually something that many Europeans do as well, acting ignorant)

With that said the 12 came twice once from the supporters and the second time.from Allegri
The supporters did a really funny and evil Bonucci the day he came back no one and I mean no one showed to support him the way they do with new players

About the coach this is more recent.
When Allegri came back to coach Juventus he said this when asked about the Captain's hierarchy: "Well Chiellini is the Captain and Dybala since he is here from a long time is the second after him, Bonucci? Well he went to Milan and that counts if he wants the headband of the Captain he should go to the Market (Wenze) to buy one" causing huge ilarity from everyone about Bonucci

So yes 12 is not just related to Werra or Congolese music everywhere you have your daily dose of 12

Congolese Music / LOL SOLEIL DÉCALÉ ?
« on: August 01, 2021, 06:03 »

Is it me or at 2:30 they were singing a Soleil's vocal? Anyway it is beautiful to see the respect Ivoirians and Cameroonians have for us.

Does anyone knows what is the name of the song played when Eto'o started dancing?


Surprisingly Enough with distant times between the générique Werra and JB seemed to change style, usually we know BCBG as a very laid back type of music even for génériques where there isn't as much speed as the average Congolese générique but I guess JB and Genta were inspired in 2007 so the générique of Quel Est Ton Problème got made Genta, Matelo Pajo, Cellulaire and Ben Laden Samuel Eto'o whom along with Matelo Pajo got his first official introduction in BCBG one of the few générique of all time who really had all good cries except for maybe (R.I.P.) to Cellulaire who (God rest his soul) kinda weaken the générique the Crie that I loved the most other then Naloba the only.crie of Samuel Eto'o was Kizubanata by Genta that for real is a killer Crie but also Nakobet'o mabe it is some serious business. But as Archos has said this idea kinda backfired on BCBG (the idea to makea fast pace générique) since fans wanted s more layback générique with fans who got what they wanted for years later in Soyouns Serieux's Mpunda. The video editing of Quel Est Ton Problem was bad tho too much Mulili (Darkness) to properly see artists in a video who could have been so good


After being humiliated by Bercy and kinda getting his stuff back togheter with Kata Fumbwa (which despite general public loving the Crie of Lobeso I hated it, I preferred way more Bercy cries on that générique) Lobeso despite criticism by fan for his slow pace Mongo style he was trying to put into the Maison Mere générique section also going against the standard of a good pace générique and double down with "his" song Mipende with a small contribution by Bercy at the end, what I loved most about the song other then that weird Mongo/Synthe style was the fact that Lobeso wasn't animation but singing doing some nuances that some guys in Wenge Musica Singer section (Nicodem) can't even dream to make the video was so beautiful guys in one part on the right corner of the screen sometimes being record it with the camera in front and girls in the left screen with Werra sometimes joining to dance and Werra staying in the middle with Lobeso doing a solo section for the video with him singing, so beautiful the only bad thing about the video was Eboa dancing. I understand that Eboa was one of the longest serving guys there but his dancing wasn't suit for Wenge, it seems that with time his dancing got worse. Also this song got mixed reviews but I am not sure if the general reaction was good or bad Bercy Means part was kinda sentimental/funny giving some sort of Nanny on how his Mother used to give him those advice which aren't really advice but kinda rules on how to behave in public "Mama alobaki, soki oke nafeti lalaka boye, lalaka boye"

My favourite part of the générique is Lobeso's whole singing and especially that part where he says "Les Amis" or when he starts calling the crowd by ending with Ilooooooo. Unfortunately the original video got lost and I don't why Werrra hadn't put it back yet

Congolese Music / OT: EURO 2020 CHAMPIONS
« on: July 19, 2021, 10:29 »
What a journey has been. Finally Italy after that 2006 win came back and win an international tournament again
 Great cheers to England who to be honest had many chances and many lads who could win them the Euro but for some odd reason Southgate decided to put them in the penalty or late in the Extra Time. With that said, the racial abuse the black players of England faced is unacceptable and really crushed my image of England as being a multicultural society, I thought only Italy was capable of racism. What about you guys what do you think about the Euros and the results of it.

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