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Congolese Music / Stino should remix this song
« on: June 20, 2021, 17:01 »

The message of the song is why Congolese people always praise men when they are dead, but never when they are alive.

It's along with Avumbi, Nombrilisme & Bana Kin the only songs I like from Fin d'Exil


from 1:46 min

Ndeko pondu awuti kosila kokufa, aah ba ndeko mawa hein. tomsom  mongusu kutu alelaki "aah moninga pondu". Liwa ya ndeko biso pondu kobunda na mabanga ya cerceil ya nzungu. Bako tia ngo na catafalque na mesa bako finika ye kuna....kiekiekie so hilarious

They didn't mix the generique well. His voice is to low for the sebene. If have really to listen well what's he's animating.

These Droit de Veto-songs would have been better if they had vocals from Babia, Bouro Mpelaand the rest

It could also be that they had vocals when preparing it in Kinshasa, Koffi wanting them short because of the 80 minutes a CD contains.

Congolese Music / Alsafo of Magic System & Ado Yuhe
« on: June 11, 2021, 22:57 »


Just after the release of Ultimatum


Live at FIKIN, l’esplanade de Stade des Martyrs & Terrain Municipale de Bandalungwa.

JB had not to rush to go Europe with his band to fight Werra's event at Bercy by performing at LSC. He had just to wait for his Bercy-contract and  keeping enjoying the succes of TH in Kinshasa


9 June 2001-9 June 2021

It sad that the VHS of Kisantu isn't anymore on youtube. It had the behind the scenes of Stade des Martyrs, Werrason visiting the stadium one day before the event, how they were preparing Werrason at home, and him coming from home with a tractor to he stadium with a huge crowd following him. Also how they welcomed him 2 weeks before the event at the airport after staying 9 months abroad since the Bercy-event and Kibuisa-recordings.

Congolese Music / Felix Wazekwa - Miliki
« on: June 03, 2021, 14:16 »

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