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He says he set himself the target to ruin a certain artist but ironically says that   now he regrets because that artist is finished
and  that   he can ruin  any artist if he decides to be  on their back,he does not stop  easily until  he succeeds


tata has lost his mother emerance salafani ebondja,who passed away in brussels



he reveals that when he came to europe in 1985 he was already writing a bit and at university  his late friend raoul ndongala came with two guitars  and asked him which one he wants the new or the clearly old and he said the old fearing that if he said the new his friend would say he was just joking, and until  today he's bought loads of instruments but has never found again that type of sound
and what he was doing is that he'd put two cassettes in his radio then sing and play guitar two different ways on each cassette to make it sound like he played solo and rhytm at the same time*
and raoul was always wanting him to bring new songs on cassettes whenever they meet and once when he went to see him in belgium he was told that papa wemba was performing with koffi at madeleine hall so he went but being a fan of papa wemba already he secretly had the dream of approaching papa wemba to tell him he writes song and he'd like him to listen to his work and see if they can collaborate and when he went towards papa wemba's locker room after concert it was full and he could not approach him,and at the same time koffi was alone in his locker so he approached koffi and told him he writes song and if he is interested he can make him listen to his cassettes koffi said no problem tomorrow come at my hotel and its what happened and koffi asked before even talking about cassettes if he could sing a little bit for him and he did it he does not remember exactly which song it is but koffi loved the lyrics and koffi asked if he plays guitar because he sings like somebody who already knows how to sing with guitar and they were wondering how they could meet again once back in paris and he said to koffi dont worry take the cassette and koffi gave him his phone number and from then he started going to koffi's house and they developped many songs together while playing together,either  his ones or koffi's were he'd add ideas or a melody here and there(in private wazekwa jokes about it today that luckily they were playing guitars for hours bare-chested like that whe they were in late 20's early 30's if it was in 2000's they'd look ridiculous with the big bellies they had ;D ;D ;D)


He was talking about his album done in kinshasa with his group and took a shot at metro without naming him that his album is out since 6 months but its like it never existed
and he was asked about featurings with foreign artists and he said it is in his original album passe en or,but he changed his plans to release first fully kinshasa based album signatureso that his musicians can get some space to be known and attract donors
he talked about the karaoke incident which was badly reported to jb as a concert hence breaching group's rules,which lead to suspension of all of the guys except him and he used the opportunity to leave
he was then asked about his relationship with jb and his colleagues of bcbg and he says bcbg is family and they have no problem but if attack him he will respond,and interviewer asks whether he's made peace with jb after the way he's turned on him for years since that last famous jb interview and he says all is good and informs the guy that he recently received money from jb to buy a landplot so that in the future he can stop renting and thats its one of the great memories of his career
he adds that they do talk and see each other but he does not need to take phone and record,he leaves that to those outside bcbg who    are overexcited when they see jb,as for him he knows jb very well,when he is happy,when he's angry,what to do to appease him,how to get money from him...

« on: July 22, 2021, 13:50 »

like title says,i woke up today and i realised i had not had one of those story types topics in ages,i had one in line about the ungrateful role of mbonda and ngongi players but that usb it was on got messed up
so i was thinking i should ask whether any body is interested again about those topics of the behind the stages of congolese music

« on: July 21, 2021, 16:42 »

Lol then when he sings simple his voice  has some potential

« on: July 20, 2021, 20:20 »

Ladies and gents,the future wenge maison mere members lol

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