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Congolese Music / SEBEN MADE IN GABON
« on: September 16, 2021, 13:43 »


« on: September 15, 2021, 13:50 »
Like title says,fils who was one of the members of the group allowed to release a song on dynastie has left the group all of a sudden


loool they even did the"barry white" koffi voice when is doing apology videos or talking about something quite personal

« on: September 14, 2021, 19:29 »

Turned 59 today

« on: September 14, 2021, 14:41 »


He says he knew wazekwa indirectly in 1994,as after troubles at university in 1991 he had decided to do other business,for instance transport,he had a little bus and he came across hono likolo father one of wazekwa's best friends who was playing a cassette of wazekwa   playing guitar and singing his songs koweit rive gauche,nzete  ya sequoia and co,it was a copy of the raw versions he gave to koffi and wazekwa and he approached and asked who is that and  from then he got close to father and when wazekwa released his first album  him and father were putting posters on walls in kin and taking cassettes to shops and he'd go on tv to promote that album
there was no plans at all of cultura then
one year after wazekwa released pauvre mais and came to kinshasa in 1997 then idea of creating cultura came as he saw in him  some talent and his level of devotion he showed without even knowing him much personally which maybe accelerated the plan of creating a band in kinshasa instead and they did a couple of quick performances with the group of nono fudji,eboa and co
and when he went back to europe people started coming in,drummer flory nsimba telecel,japonais and willy ebondaki for a brief time,stanford  eyilo,then later one the crop of joss diena's group arrived after one of them pitshou buela joined the group and convinced them to join one by one,hono kapanga,bijou depaulga,papy  tshisekedi and as atalakus there was zobozi and alain kabemba before gesac and louange arrived
wazekwa returned from europe with a complete set of instruments(a lot of people do not know but quartier latin and both post split wenge's used to hire his instruments via his brother germain)
they rehearsed bonjour monsieur and should have gone to europe to record but due to the crisis of end ofmobutu reign,start of kabila they could not go anymore so wazekwa recorded in europe with caen madoko,shimita and co
they then recorded sponsor in kinshasa which was their first studio experience for most of them,franck then asks the mystery behind big success of signature and alluded to satanic pact,which vicky denies saying they did big sacrifices indeed but nothing to do with spirituality,they abandoned their families for several weeks to live and rehearse together in a big house wazekwa decided to rent so that they build great chemistry by working a lot together and creating a bond,and since wazekwa was going to europe often he came back with the cd of sanction and they were spending days listening to it(good thing that one of cultura guys finally mention it,gesac with his big fanhood  of koffi never gives a fully honest and neutral assesment of cultura and pretends they instead spent time listen to droit de veto like that,forgetting that that "break" people compare to the male mambua one was reused by lebou in sanction)
and one day louange was walking around in the house singing male mambua and him vicky along with vavason said hold on do it again it looks nice,and he reveals he told louange that this would be the hit of that album,most musicians were gone to see people to get clothes and so on and when they cameback that day straight away they started creating partitions to go with male mambua(sand joss also gave rhytm guitars on some songs of album as he used to be guitarist bassist and drummer before becoming a full timesinger as well as animation)
the day after he woke wazekwa up to make him see what they worked  on,he had copied wazekwa in writing down for example rhytm  partition number 5 gesac,as instructions to plan conception of the generiques and after wazekwa listened he was silent then went back to his room then called his brother germain to take musicians to make their passports,and he paid for 30 passports and straight as it was delivered they applied for french visas and everybody received visas,and wazekwa told them he wanted to see their relatives before going to inform them that he is taking them to europe and he wanted them also to give them words of blessing but also as he took a big gamble in front of embassy to get 30 visas he had to be certain that they'd all return so he asked as "symbolic ransom" to get papers of the parents house as incentive for them to return and  honour his word to embassy(but he returned it to them after)
staff of europe advised wazekwa not to take the full 30 to europe to limit risk of trouble with embassy,and he decided then to make selection easier to swallow for those whod not travel to let him vicky and vavason who are pretty much co founders of the group behind
he was in contact with wazekwa and he reveals that when he got sent the clip of generique done in paris to go and promote on tv he had tears of joy when he saw the instant impact
cultura officially started on 12 of december 1997 and being a day one member it was a special feeling for him to see that they had edged so closer to reaching their goal to bring cultura on the map of congolese music
from the musicians who went only joss diena returned to kinshasa and joss was still crying after him and wazekwa cried together at airport and wazekwa decided not to take the flight anymore
vicky also says that despite being left behind in kin,wazekwa still took care of those left behind sending them money and clothes to keep rehearsing so much that you would not even believe they were left behind
he was vice president of the group and joss the chef so they took it upon themselves to make sure the blow of those who remained in europe is covered,gesac and louange returned to kin with instrumentists
franck asks again about witchcraft whether them musicians were not tempted to do it on their side and he says no wazekwa was strict on it and they would pray before and after rehearsals,trips anything
he was the first musician in cultura in 2002 to be allowed to stay in europe and was living at wazekwa's house for almost a year while wazekwa was in kin performing withthe group,wazekwa anticipated visas issues and wanted his main guys to get europe papers but they were not really understanding it preferring to enjoy success and returned to kinshasa
he was invited to come back to kinshasa for faux mutu then stayed another 8 months in europe
later on after olympia he was asked again to remain in europe and take care of editing of olympia concert
franck asks him what does wazekwa represents for him he says hedoes not want to use the world father but wazekwa is like a part of him,they have a relation of  strong trust to extent that it happened that when wazekwa received his signing bonus of primus of over 50K he gave it to him to keep until he returns to kin and he kept it intact,but when joss and co left there was a little overcast period between them,because he was part of the "cartel" who were at the center of everything in the group along with joss hono kapanga and pitshou concorde so he had some uncomfortable moments because his best friend joss left and he felt guilty toward both somehow because he rejected the offer unlike joss but guilty towards wazekwa for not having managed to convince joss to remain
wazekwa is not perfect,but he is a man who has a lot of love for people and they have a very honest relationship when he has something to say to him positive or negative he says it and they discuss or argue
after olympia he stayed until nowadays in europe and got his papers and is soon releasing an album

« on: September 12, 2021, 22:02 »

aibiche(mix of aimelia and bibiche) aka walton lias

« on: September 12, 2021, 14:08 »

Congolese Music / WERRA ZENITH J-7
« on: September 10, 2021, 21:56 »
We are one week away,not saying there is no hype around,but i just dont feel its one week away,normally europe concerts since the combattants the whole month prior to concert would keep that atmosphere of will the "miracle" happen or not


my guy bijou bass with the dance moves as usual



He says he was peacefully at home last week end when  carine mokonzi called him to inform him of pages spreading the fact allegedly he beat journalist fifi siwa who is notoriously his ex girlfriend  and its on tuesday that he got shown pictures and wednesday he went to see her in hospital and its worse that pictures suggest, so how come he'd beat  her then one day after go to see her with her family allowing him,fifi knows he is married now and they remained friends,so why would he beat her and who is he to beat somebody and remain free if even a massive legend like koffi was arrested
 the main page spreading it is a page supporting an artist and they warned him long ago that they'd punish him for whatever
 he could not slept well the night before interview because he was very very angry and was ready to go to tv and hit hard saying clearly names and so on but he received a long message of heritier which calmed him down


from 55th minute,i always thought he contributed only on danger de mort and droit chemin at thesame time whereas he contributed in monde arabe aswell

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