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As some people know already, Pompom Miyake was a brief member of Quartier Latin. Pompom gives an interesting story about Koffi Olomide and Papa Wemba. This comes from Pompom himself:
One day, in Kinshasa (I assume), Koffi Olomide and Papa Wemba were talking while Pompom was rehearsing with Asta Paola, Bendoson and Reddy Amisi. They happen to pass Koffi and Papa and then Pompom returned while Bendo was going forward. Pompom wanted to salute Koffi and Wemba but could not because Koffi was speaking to Wemba's ear while revealing that Pompom had sung briefly in Quartier Latin. Two weeks later, Papa Wemba went to Kenya with Reddy, Bendo, Asta and himself Pompom. Papa Wemba went to ask Pompom if he was a singer in Quartier Latin which he said yes but only briefly. Papa Wemba was smiling. Pompom understood that Koffi Olomide told Papa Wemba about his time in Quartier Latin.

It looks to me that Koffi Olomide and Papa Wemba may have also performed together in Kenya. Don't forget, Koffi did some clips in Kenya.

Hello guys. It will be 25 years since the passing of Pepe Kalle. Unfortunately, there will be no tribute concert largely due to new controversies that we have learned from Empire Bakuba musicians and the great conflicts between them.

Now I am doing part one. If Pepe Kalle were alive, what would have happened to Empire Bakuba. For me, I am going to state this. Empire Bakuba would have been split into two camps. It would be Empire Bakuba Delta Force vs Empire Bakuba Kadima. It would be similar to Papa Wemba's situation with two Viva La Musica camps (La Nouvelle Écriture vs Cours des Grands) but this one would be different because Pepe Kalle would never choose one over another. Pepe Kalle would have played it tough on both sides to show up.

Here is how things would have been if Pepe Kalle had lived longer in my opinion. With Empire Bakuba Delta Force, all those dancers would be with some of the Empire Bakuba singers except Djodjo Ikomo. He would bring in some Empire members into it like Djuna Mumbafu and Lofombo and then add a few members from an outside band. Then with Empire Bakuba Kadima, he would bring some former Quartier Latin, Viva and/or Victoria members as well as an older member like Likinga Redo into this band. Doris and Elvis would remain into Empire Bakuba Kadima camp.

This is how I think the Empire Bakuba lineups would have been after the 1999 tour

Empire Bakuba Delta Force (Pepe Kalle)
President: Pepe Kalle
Vice Presidents: Djuna Mumbafu, Gode Lofombo, Kinanga Boeing 737
Singers: Biya Chante, Bouro Mpela, Desouza Santu, Djuna Mumbafu, German Kanza, Laudy Mukaba, Prince Bella, Pepe Kalle, Strelli Mikobi
Solo Guitar: Kinanga Boeing 737, Rolls Papillon
Misolo Guitar: Laurent Kadogo
Rhythm Guitar: Fofo Collegien, Malick Diyoyo
Bass Guitar: Gode Lofombo, Mimiche Basse
Drummer: Gode Lofombo, Ile de Cambridge
Animations: Djuna Mumbafu, John Scott, Papy Rebelle
Congas: Yaya Londa
Keyboards: Bruno Nsona

Empire Bakuba Kadima
Presidents: Dilu Dilumona, Papy Tex, Pepe Kalle
Singers: Bovi Mukoko, Dilu Dilumona, Djodjo Ikomo, Likinga Redo, Luciana Demingongo, Malembe Chant, Papy Tex, Pepe Kalle, Solo Sita
Solo Guitar: Auguy Lutula, Beniko Popilipo, Doris Ebuya
Rhythm Guitar: Do Akongo, Elvis Kunku
Bass Guitar: Guy Nsangue, MP Cherie
Drummer: Lugilo Madaka Daka
Animations: Etats Unis, Moussa, Shela Mputu, Theo Mbala
Keyboards: Kalu
Congas: Shora Mbonda

Congolese Music / Apparently Mosaka is still in the USA
« on: November 11, 2023, 04:27 »
As JB Mpiana and his band Wenge BCBG, it appears that Mosaka has remained in the USA and does not seem to plan on returning to Kinshasa.
Here is one video.

I wonder if JB and Mosaka had a fallout or what. Who knows?

Congolese Music / Fally Ipupa explains about the 54 visas
« on: October 20, 2023, 01:55 »

Fally speaks to Nana Boduga about his upcoming trip alongside the 54 visas. One great surprise is that he will have 12 journalists with him.

I want to do a game where we can say which stars or musical leaders that we would want to be part and which that we would not want to be part of? It is for all generations. From the Grand Kalle age to Fabregas age?

I will start here.

The stars or musical leaders that I would want to be with
Kester Emeneya, Papa Wemba, Franco, Pepe Kalle, Grand Kalle, Ben Nyambao, Bozi Boziana, Ibrator Mpiana, But na Filet, Ferre Gola, Fally Ipupa, Heritier Watanabe, JDT Mulopwe, Bill Clinton, Verckys, Nyoka Longo, Roga Roga, Shora Mbemba, Soki Vangu, Youlou Mabiala

The stars or musical leaders that I would not want to be with
Tabu Ley, Dr Nico, JB Mpiana, Werrason, Koffi Olomide, Evoloko, Soki Dianzenza, Fabregas, Robino Mundimbu, Blaise Bula, Adolphe Dominguez, Didier Lacoste, Reddy Amisi, Felix Wazekwa, Quentin Moyascko, Madilu System

Now another person come and give their list

Pastor Marcelo Tunasi is looking for buzz. He decided to attack the lates Papa Wemba and Kester Emeneya. He talks about Papa Wemba. He says that Papa Wemba being the king of sape, he got people to look for clothes instead of looking for houses and also how people want to do superficial things but have no money and no value with business, etc. He also attacks Kester Emeneya (King Kester Emeneya) implying that he is the champion of insults. He makes an example of how Kester would insult people and people have accepted this in their lives. Marcelo says Kester was a very average but he called himself the king. He also adds in how Emeneya's insults leads to Congolese people not add things to copy that are good.
The video is here.
From 13:00 to the end.


Former Madilu System singer Bovindo (or Bovido) makes some interesting revelations. Apparently that Madilu lied to his original band that he was going to do his Nouveau Album with the band in Europe but he did it himself in Europe with Nyboma and Wuta Mayi leading the group dying off. For me, it is shocking that Madilu had so many talented musicians with him. I mean Do Akongo, Fofo Collegien, Lassa Accolyte Pambele, Adricha Tipo Tipo, Pathy Moleso, Serge Kabangu, Bola Bolithe but Madilu had no clue how to be a leader really.

Back to the video, Bovindo also claimed that Madilu did not like someone that did not laugh with him, because he saw that person had a problem. He gives an example of himself when he was not laughing with him which he admitted that he indeed had a problem. According to Bovido (or Bovindo), he claimed that Madilu and Bozi were spending time together in a neighborhood in Kinshasa during Madilu's end with OK Jazz.

But the biggest surprise from Bovindo was that Madilu was supposed to take Tout Puissant System to Europe in late 2007 or 2008 but it did not happen due to his death. This is a great interview to watch.

Look at the preview of Sam Tshintu's Tengama. It is so on fire. I repeated this so much during the weekend. It sounds so good. You will see Modogo Abarambwa, Celeo Scram, Sam Tshintu (the author), Oliverman and Mass Basse doing the dance. I love it. I hope you guys will repeat this video if you see. Link below.

By accident, I happen to bump to this interview and with great surprise, I watched Pharoan Mombaya and he tells a certain about today's congolese music scene.

From 33:00, Mombaya accurately points out how many journalists or commentators want to demean others in order to Fally Ipupa more important as if he is the only one with success and glory and he makes a good point that we should honor or glorify every artist with their strengths. This will anger Fally's sickafans because they only want Fally to be seen and others to be taken down. I mean think of Celeo Scram, Soilel Wanga, Ferre Gola, Innos B, Heritier, Fabregas (those who are considered "Anti Fally").

In wake of Koffi Olomide's 45 year anniversary special. I am going to the first debate here. In fact I want to hear from you guys. There are those who claim that Koffi Olomide co-founded Viva La Musica. This leads to my question. Do you think that Koffi should have been a member of Viva La Musica? If so, why? If not, why?

Let's start the debate.


JF Ifonge is known for attacking Koffi often but this time, he has a softer spot for Koffi. In fact he is sadden by the conflict between him and Didi Stone. He believes that Tutu Roba and one of Koffi's sister are looking to use Koffi to get his stuff if he ends passing on and then they will fight to get his remains.

Madilu System, whether you love or you hate him, you cannot say that Madilu was an ordinary singer. He was an extraordinary singer. 15 years later, his death still leaves a strain on us. As a child, I only wanted to hear Madilu System. His voice was magical to me.
Here is my favorite Madilu song

Zaiko Langa Langa style song. BTW Dindo Yogo sang this song which proves in my opinion that Madilu was musically better for Zaiko. I played this song so many times. Dally Kimoko and Caen Madoka were magical together on Solo and Mi-Solo. Beast mode.

I will add more about Madilu later today.


I have been listening to this song big time. This song should have been where Koffi would be called MOPAO Mokonzi. I mean this song says why he deserves the nickname MOPAO Mokonzi. This song should have been more popular than it was. Koffi Olomide did a great job here. Listen to this song, we know that this song is a classic.

I am starting a series called: Who should have been bigger stars than they are.

This is for everyone to present. It can be an individual dead or alive?

I will start this now on the next post.

Congolese Music / Reddy's new song is good
« on: April 12, 2022, 03:08 »
Listen to Reddy's new album. It looks like Reddy is preparing a new album. This song Jeancy Mayasi is classic. I suspect that Reddy sings in choir with Luciana Demingongo and Djanana.

It has influence from OK Jazz's song Tangawizi which was a Papa Noel song towards the end of the song.

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