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Congolese Music / Mbilia Bell
« on: February 26, 2015, 12:52 »
Where did Mama Mbilia go to, is she still doing music..Currently am watching the DVD Bellsimo and What a voice we miss or is she pregnant ?

Congolese Music / Karmapa
« on: February 18, 2015, 21:50 »
Archos 46664 is taking too long, can you tell Mheshimiwa Kambarage  alete mambo?

Werrason & Wenge Maison Mere Discussion / St Valentin
« on: February 14, 2015, 22:02 »
How was the song recieved Yesterday ? for those in DRC, Braza and Paris ?

Congolese Music / Derangement - Ferre Gola
« on: January 20, 2015, 14:29 »
 Bafanatic nyoso na kati ya mboka ya Kenya are so let down by  Ferre.The Album is not as most had anticipated. Today one guy calls me and asks" Umenunua CD latest ya Ferre ? kama bado tafadhali usiharibu pesa heri ule kuku na mabwoni ..nimerudisha yangu kule nilinunua nikabadilisha na I LOVE YOU - Have you bought the latest CD Derangement by Ferre ?, if not then dont buy it, I took back my copy and exchanged it with I LOVE YOU. better go eat chicken and french fries with your money.

Congolese Music / Derangement - Ferre Gola
« on: January 20, 2015, 14:29 »
 Bafanatic nyoso na kati ya mboka ya Kenya are so let down by  Ferre.The Album is not as most had anticipated. Today one guy calls me and asks" Umenunua CD latest ya Ferre ? kama bado tafadhali usiharibu pesa heri ule kuku na mabwoni ..nimerudisha yangu kule nilinunua nikabadilisha na I LOVE YOU - Have you bought the latest CD Derangement by Ferre ?, if not then dont buy it, I took back my copy and exchanged it with I LOVE YOU. better go eat chicken and french fries with your money.

Congolese Music / 46664
« on: January 05, 2015, 13:26 »
Hello Archos , DJ SLY and the entire family in Congo Vibes. Happy 2015 to you all...I  did enjoy my holidays with family, friends and enemies.  Can I humbly know when Karmapa is releasing this Album 46664 big brother Arcos?

Congolese Music / The Rebirth of CONGO MUSIC IN KENYA
« on: September 21, 2014, 00:52 »
 It is so interesting on how Congo Music is back in almost all media houses in Kenya. All TV stations are scrumbling to play the best  clips on TV and Songs in the  FM stations. Lingala is growing so fast and people are learning it in Kenya  in the counties and towns they live in.

I work  from town to town and all big towns like Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumi, Eldoret and the small towns have been taken over  by Congolese live bands and music stores playing Ferre,Fally,Koffi,Werra ,Wazekwa,Karma e.t.c

I love it when i see how the Rhythms and Swags of the 90s and early 2000 come back again...Congo is home for music in Africa.

Congolese Music / 46664
« on: September 16, 2014, 13:56 »
Archos how is this album coming along ?

Congolese Music / Congo Music
« on: June 20, 2014, 23:20 »

 Hello brothers and sisters on this Forum,

Congo is rich and home of Music not only to Africa but to the entire world. If  Michael Jackson  and the rest ,the likes of R. Kelly and P. Diddy , 50cents were born in Congo ,they would be nowhere  in the top chats of the world music. Congo is sacred in the religion of Music so i want to thank all of you on here for taking us to the next level in understanding and enjoying the  music, the language and all updates  of  Music and musicians that we  have been listening too since the days we were born and our ears would  differentiate  music  from other  things.

All i am saying is, Congo is rich guys explore the rich Congo Music, we got brilliant heads here  that can help us all comprehensively have the true picture of the rich culture of Music from this woderful Country filled with talent from the disabled (Benda Bilili), the old (Kekele) and  generations that came after this.

I am a big fan of Werrason, A big one, bigger than big, but i do not worship his music, I love  his music. So I don't see the reason why guys on here should vent all their anger  to others because of him. I love Werrason infact in high school on my school shirt  i had  the name Werrason printed on the collar so my nick name was Werrason and no one would steal the shirt from the line for it had its owner known. To date , I am still his number one fan but  thanks to the late HARRY KABECHA (R.I.P) A Radio presenter with  Metro FM and a colleague at the University, that did open my minds to the beauty and  massive entertainment of Congo Music.

He took Kenya to the next level and made the whole Kenya fan base appreciate and explore other Musicians. Initially It was Franco,Tabu Ley, Mbilia Bel, Kanda Bongo Man, Arlus Mabele, Zaiko Langa langa, Diblo Dibala  in the national radio station KBC. Kingkester Emeneya(R.I.P) Was made famous to Kenya's Music scene by  the late HARRY KABECHA among other Musicians.

In short, Lets all be calm, give Congo it's space in the world of Music like the American Music  and explore what this Country has. Violence is an option of the cowards, Insults are common with the prostitutes  of Kenya's Luthuli Street. Music is all about entertainment,love, fun,dancing and debate.

Congolese Music / Kenya and piracy
« on: May 25, 2014, 02:15 »
Bandeko or Bandugu benzangu ..I am so sadened by the escalating rate of Pirated everything in my country Kenya. Go to a stall in Nairobi Tom Mboya street, Luthuli street and Many stores that sell everything, it is all fake...nothing is genuine unless you are super keen. How can you be super keen when even the cup you sip tea from is fake?

Sad as i were taking  a bus to  Civo estates past outering road, from a distance ,I heard the voice of Watanabe , the Album Education, 2 minutes later Architecture -Adam na Eva  ya Felix Wazekwa, I tried to ignore but what made me to go find out which shop was selling latest congolese music was the Prologation( spelling) The Album Le Millionaire... I asked the lady behind me on the que to hold the space for me as i went to identify the shop.

I was led to the shop by the sound of the rythm and when i consulted the three young  men how much i could buy the DVD, Only 2 dollars for any latest and old  releases, i was so suprised on how the Government would let people pirate and sell music that cheap. I mean 2 Dollars ???? . A music CD goes for only a Dollar. ...! This young men had like all Albums in DVD and CD collections of many  Lingala Music

It is not healthy at all , are other parts of Africa experiencing the same ?

Congolese Music / Happy Easter to all Christians on here.
« on: April 18, 2014, 07:45 »
 To all of  you who have a feel and impact of the  Bible in their lives. Happy Easter Holidays. Having some tea blessed with Doudou Copas Album MENU!

Congolese Music / DJ SLY and ARCHOS
« on: April 14, 2014, 12:47 »
 I have been  going through all the posts and comments on here and i personally from the bottom of my heart  do recognize and thank the efforts made by DJ SLY and ARCHOS .  You have made Congo music so easy to understand, follow and appreciate. Believe me you are marketing the good work of Congo Music so well voluntarily and  God bless you all.

My dad says DJ SLY is such a brilliant mind and he feels like you are  not suppost to be a DJ but venture into Music(Congo) Journalism, ARCHOS translative work has impressed the entire of my family  in Kenya and we say thank you. May you live long!

My dad  and his fellow comrades are growing to being your biggest followers.

Congolese Music / Ahmedjan
« on: April 10, 2014, 17:09 »
There was this guy called Ahmedjan, I bought one of his DVD with 3 songs. What happened to him ? He calls himself mwana ya Tcha tcho,mwana ya mopao.

Congolese Music / Hello from Kenya!
« on: April 08, 2014, 04:39 »
Hello Guys,

I am new here and indeed is an informative forum! I have learned quite a lot as a guest and i am impressed with the knowledge and info i have acquired from you all. I am from Kenya, Kakamega County and a very big fan of Congo Music. I honestly want to thank you all who have been keeping many of us informed on the events, news, activities and the lives of Congo Musicians. (Witchcraft) and Music is what I am still struggling to swallow, i fell in love with Congo music at the age of 12, though i understood nothing of which currently am learning the language. My dad was married to Rumba Music, then came the Pesa posa, Kwasa kwasa, madiaba, Zaiko, Wenge, Koffi, Defao,  e.t.c. I was blank by them but as I grew up, Congo Music is all I have been taking second to oxygen.

I love all musicians and appreciate their work. I again say thanks to you all for enlightening us and expanding our knowledge to the celebrities we regard so high.  I fell in love with Defao's music in the year 1995-2000, though my heart was in Wenge Clan (BCBG and Maison Mere) i must confess to you it was a big honor for me to have met the entire clan in person when they came in Kenya at Makuti Park hotel in South B Kenya when they launched PENTAGONE, a month later the entire city in Nairobi was dressed in Combats and the rapid influence of the combats was banned.

Back to Makuti, It was a reputation to shake hands with Blais, JB, Adolf, Werrason, Mpela... My Dad was a big fan of their Music, i was so young to be allowed in a Club but because of the love of their Music which was our household anthem, my dad wanted me to witness this historic moment! In the Album Titanic, there is a part of JB mentioning "MAKUTI na Kati Ya NAIROBI". To date i have always bought their Albums. We were so excited to have met the great musicians of Congo but when the news broke to us via KBC national Radio that they had split, my dad was affected by this split and was sick for like two days he! he, The entire family was really affected. But the release of Faux de lamour, Titanic, Intervention Rapid, TH, Solola bien ... brought some life and rivalry in the family. My dad and mum went with JB .I stood with Werrason together with my sister.  TH was a hit in Kenya, JB took so many hearts and the clubs and discos played his songs, my parents would mock us for having sunk with the "TITANIC".

Solola Bien lifted our spirits and it brought bitter rivalry in the house and made my Papa for sometime stop going to Makuti Park which was the sole Lingala Club in Nairobi. We reigned and all radio stations and Clubs took the "VITA IMANA” tune . To date we as a family are still big fans of WENGE Music. Surprisingly this rivalry was resolved by the coming into the scene of Congo music by the one and only MHESHIMIWA KAMBARAGE KARMAPA . To my family, this guy has put in one basket everything from the genesis of Rhumba music of Wendo, Franco, Tabuley, Vicky Longomba,Kabasele Joseph,Jeannot Bomenga, Lutumba e.t.c . He has proven to me as the price of Rhumba, the Karma of Congo Music and the answer to many Rhumba questions.

His arrangements and compositions are a mystery, the best! A code that no any other Musician in Congo can break into (DAVINCI CODE). He does his thing simply from the heart and not for fame and media Buzz. His Music is awesome!  My wife nick named my son KARMAPA,  in 2012, In  Mid March when i finally received my orders for a number of latest Congolese music, The first Album i played was (Education) by Werrason not bad, then played (Circulation Mutambu)  good, later i played (Cindy Le Couers) wasted talent, and i played ( Mastor) brilliant work from MJ 30, then (Boite Noire) magnificent work from Ferre, Then the HD work of  Felix  Wazekwa in (Adamu na Eva) is a bomb! This is what made me die for like 5 seconds (LE MILLIONNAIRE)!! Thank God I did not have a weak heart I would have passed on from the Magic in what i heard, The song (prolongation) for a moment brought some silence in the house from the attention we all gave the song... my wife felt in love with the female voice that came from song, she forced me to Google up the name (TATIANA) she was so touched with her wasp buzzing voice!

April fool’s day, I went to visit my father in his home with the DVD Album LE MILLIONNAIRE, he was in his study room doing his works and I inserted  the DVD in his sound Machine  without even notifying him I was home, Played the song (prolongation) and the same MAGIC struck him hehe, when he heard the Chorus " Rhumba ya Rochereau na Lutumba eeh, Rhumba ya Bomenga, Rhumba ya Franco.... he walked into the living room and asked, “if am not wrong is that KARMAPA !?”

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