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Sam / montana

Montana is a faux chanter I think Suzuki would do the job perfectly
Loool don’t disrespect the legend Montana Kamenga like that, he isn’t a faux chanteur don’t do that.

Congolese Music / Re: Loi or Effrakata
« on: Today at 16:00 »
Loi is crap, I never rated it. The album was poorly executed it had no continuity unlike his previous solo efforts, the sebene on most songs sound monotonous even the lyrically content on rumbas are somewhat shallow and vague. Loi will never compete with Effrakata as it hasn’t aged well with time.
Are you serious??? First you say Sanction is a crap now Loi is crap and hasn’t aged well?? Lord what are you gonna say next

Mamale claimed that Zenith 1998 was like they were performing at Bar-Kimpwanza in Kasa-Vubu hahaha
Yeah on his IG live interview haha, I'm sure you regret not attending that Zenith.

Wow. I honestly think the QL guys are exaggerating the way they say the zenith of 98 is nothing special. It’s such a shame we never got the complete VHS because we can’t compare it to everyone else’s Zenith.

Another thing if the singers by a miracle have a chance to at least have one vocal muta wana BB J3 better NOT be one of them.

i dont  know if koffi changed his mind after his spat with cindy which almost got him fired but he had a duet with koffi for one of his donors of switzerland
So you’re telling me Faux Chanteur wana was going to do a duet whilst my guy Asso Ferrari STILL hasn’t had a vocal since Longitima?? What a joke.

Another thing if the singers by a miracle have a chance to at least have one vocal muta wana BB J3 better NOT be one of them.   

Another Abacadabra & 13eme apôtre in the making with over 20 songs and 98% of forgettable songs with Cindy all over them.

Congolese Music / Re: Loi or Effrakata
« on: June 19, 2021, 03:03 »
I love both albums dearly but Effrakata is much better. The only advantage Loi has over Effrakata was the chorus of Sam, Modogo, Suzuki and Bouro. But everything about Effrakata was better than Loi, Loi Generique is the most famous generique of all time and if Congo were serious about royalties like in the states, UK and everwhere else than guys like Mboshi, Somono, Lebou, Champion, Binda Bass and Pathy would never have to work again in their life and could easily live off the generique from royalties because of how its on replay and so on.

I may not like Marchouse but I do agree with what he said, he spoke nothing but facts.


Congolese Music / Re: What are yall listening to ?
« on: June 16, 2021, 17:28 »


The VHS version was definitely better than the CD version, the Sebenes were more aggressive a bit faster and just overall I liked the songs more on the vhs. The VHS it’s more of Willy Bula doing the animation and showing his talent, whilst in the CD it’s a bit of both of Willy and Koffi. The CD is still really good on its own though.
I wish Koffi released the VHS version of the album as the CD instead or just separately because the Videos on Youtube are of decent quality but nowhere near the actual CD quality

Style Kapaya is way better then the felly quartier Latin style of play. The style of felly is sometimes super boring and bland.
It’s not that much better now, Kapaya’s style is overused and every group does it whilst back in the day everyone did their own thing. Felly’s style is a bit bland but back in his prime he was really good

« on: June 15, 2021, 15:06 »
Sounds like a song that would’ve been in BEK

lol i caught myself singing "soki yo nde ndaku yakolalela ehh" like in cle boa before the singers  start
Me too that’s why I said it  ;D ;D

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