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Congolese Music / Re: Loi or Effrakata
« on: June 20, 2021, 08:21 »
Yeah true Loi generique is the most played dance song in Africa, followed by Awilo's Karolina.

Congolese Music / Re: Loi or Effrakata
« on: June 18, 2021, 20:04 »
Mmm thats a tough one for me as generique only fan both albums had good generiques despite being repeated on every song.

Biraman might be a jackpot for his sinking ship. The guy is really good...... Kevin has been on the same level for years....... As much as this is bad, I really wish to see Biraman getting the attention he deserves.

I prefer that one 100 times too, if you mean that one where they were in the studio check it on his FB account its there........ That atalaku Sensebene and Vaccine were super on point

Doing very well actually.....the recent Lokolo is just one sign of his greatness. Fabregas takes the mantle of Werrason when it come to sebenes.
I prefer that one 100 times too, if you mean that one where they were in the studio check it on his FB account its there........ That atalaku Sensebene and Vaccine were super on point
The song of LOKOLO the second one the one released with showme is good but given how the original reharsal in studio générique was people prefer that one better does anyone have that Facebook video where the other Atalakus sing?

WMM - Ferre, Héritier, Fabregas "in brackets" lol (Robinio, Cappuccino and Deplick)
QL - Fally, Fally (Brigade Sarbati)
BCBG - Abraham Mignon

He should look at it this way.......... FACTS: Werra is a good teacher that almost everyone in his team from 2014 and below was famous and Fally gave QL some wait cause he became way too successful that he is now face of Congolese Music,JB Mpiana killed people's careers and they allowed him.

This album won't disappoint, I have a feeling lol...... Even though I care 0% about rhumba

We just need more of these (song) ........ A video can tell you how far the artist will go and how serious he is about music Kkkkk stuck in 90s

But why?....... I am very sure it not Fally fans cause if they have so much powers they would push for him to win one.

A song here...

It is a good song but the singers messed up the choir a bit. That is the truth.
well I guess that's why he is now man handling them lol.

Mxm nonsense...... Why did he remove Rodal Sensebene and Vaccines part?....... So we will have to wait for another year for something like this......... Lord please take the love of this music out of me,why am I suffering like this lol.

Ahhhhhh Fabro why , Showme is not that good, besides his voice annoys me a lot....... 3jours on the other hand is not really the best so if he goes to WMM he might be useless like Jamaica............ Almost every Fabro's hit song is titled to Ceda Capo. 3jours was there yes but not doing much really.

hummm nakolobateeeee,the best way to assess this story is judgeing them as fally ipupa nsimba and nicole menga tshima,as soon as fally dicap gets involved,and the logic of haters of dicap siding with nicky to bring him down pops ups,you just can never get the real global and honest view from the whole situation from point a to point z
well said


Abidjan ngotima,he left 2 3 weeks ago pretending to go solo and become a singer/atalaku since he had it in him and was tired of being limited to drums
and here he throws strong shade at kevin as he is going  with extra musica zangul to ivory coast for a concert within just a week of officially joining
clearly a stupid move, let's hope Roga won't still Biraman, as much as I wish he does......... I wish to hear the guy on main stage honestly.

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