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Congolese Music / Re: DYNASTIE 2 IS OUT
« on: October 13, 2023, 13:38 »
i dont know if it can make people need more time to enjoy the songs,but have people noticed the mix seems completely different from most past albums,i have an uncle who is an arranger for european artists and he says it has been mixed like a blues album
Blues album ? You think that’s a bad thing

Congolese Music / Re: FINALLY BALLE DE MATCH IS OUT!!!
« on: December 24, 2022, 17:16 »
i think many will be surprised that zebuka is played by blaise esabe and bcbg en avant by seguin,most would believe the other way round
No waaaaaay I'm shocked

« on: November 26, 2022, 10:45 »
Ferre posted the album on his Instagram

That's why Werra fans hate Ferre, how can you share Koffi album like that propping him up like this but when Werra drops is like he doesn't exist? I understand they has beef, but Koffi also did Ferre dirty many times so why support Koffi and act like Werra doesn't exist? Now I understand why most Maison Mere fans hates him. He is like 50 Cent's son taking a picture with the guy who orchestrated his murder, you don't do that.
Ahh yo pe manzambi. You hate on Koffi so hard it’s insane. It seems you find it hard to let things go and just love people staying in conflict. You clearly didn’t watch Ferre’s press conference where he praised Werra and said Werra formed him, is that pretending Werra doesn’t exist? Koffi was one of those that publicly supported Ferre during his arrest drama whilst Werra was silent, it goes both ways so don’t blame everything on Ferre.
Plus Koffi was one of the few people who personally called when he was in jail, why not show love to a person who supported you? I don't get it.

my man nsone has been taking "mukolomicine" these recent years,who would have ever imagined this 5 years ago
however knowing.... you'll see "yalawhateveriitis" and the reference to his "okomela supu shuaaa" video
DM ndeko please

So he listened to his fans telling him to release the album before those Wenge papa start their project lol
It was announced since last Sunday by his manager on ig

I'm curious because most make the comparison with Tokooos 2 which is unfair because it's not a rumba album. I'd be interested into knowing why you picked your choice

Congolese Music / Re: Général Défao passed away
« on: December 27, 2021, 21:13 »
What a shocking news. RIP.

Congolese Music / Re: Ferre Gola - The Show Must Go On
« on: December 10, 2021, 09:11 »
Is this a full concert?
Nope, full concert will be out next week

Congolese Music / Ferre Gola - The Show Must Go On
« on: December 09, 2021, 21:20 »

Only 2 songs on the list.
I'm going to fix it right now my bad

you forgot to add Nouvelle Ecriture & Reddy Amisi
Mfumu can you check your dms, please

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