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Congolese Music / Re: NGL I LOVE THIS ATALAKU
« on: November 20, 2021, 23:07 »
he deleted before i think as soon as 3 jours left it got fabro focusing a lot on showme

Why did 3Jours leave? I liked his animation

« on: November 09, 2021, 01:34 »
I think because fabro himself does not have the power he had few years ago or which is was about to gain before he falled into the polemic trap(since the consequences are not the same depending on who you attack)
if it was lets say in zigida days,but na filet would have been boycotted like ibrator is

Whose currently the top artist of Congo right now?

Congolese Music / Re: Durrel Loemba & Ado Yuhe
« on: November 07, 2021, 04:48 »
Transition plz

« on: November 03, 2021, 19:25 »
Is he a member of Extra Musica of Roga Roga or Extra Musica of Sonor Digital? He is very good indeed.

former member of both

Did he get kicked out or he left for his own reasons?

Congolese Music / Re: Elliot Mondobe & Ado Yuhe pt 2
« on: October 28, 2021, 20:37 »
the funny thing is that now dicap's strong fans are hurt when fally is seen as a dancer,while being a great dancer is a strength,if he had the looks he had but the dancing level of adjani or eric tutsi maybe the attentat  generation would have been still missing that "jocker" who'd give a boost to the operation of rebuilding
haha yeah even the guitarists tata brought rotted in reserves,the most overlooked in the recruiting process is didier masela,not even one of his recruits were accepted

Did anyone who didn't get recruited into Attentat generation find success in other groups?

Congolese Music / Re: Is it true that Koffi is in prison
« on: October 26, 2021, 21:31 »
Apparently he went in to initial hearing on his own accord and was released pending appeal trial. It’s going to be tough to get unbiased news on this case
Apparently two or one of the dancers was a minor. So indeed there will be biased reports.

Allegations that need to be proven
Come on bro. Let's be honest. We all know how Koffi gets down, he thought he was above the law and now faces consequences for his behaviours. With that said don't touch little.girls. if we have been harsh with Jordan Kusa we also have to be hard on Koffi too. If they are taking him to trial they have proofs in Europe there isn't a process unless you got a huge amount of evidence it is not like in USA where you can condemn someone on testimony alone
I'm with Matebu on this one, we can't say we all know how he gets down because we don't know for sure. Koffi was accused of raping those dancers in 2004 and then the same dancers withdrew the allegations and even had the nerve to return back to QL do you know how crazy that is?
A couple of the dancers that currently accused him even said in private that they only said that so that they could stay in europe. Do I believe he locked them up in their rooms yes I do but if we're talking about rape then I don't know because in that case we have to hold almost EVERY musicians accountable, because if we go to way back leaders were allegedly sleeping with young dancers who were 14 and onwards, same thing with musicians who were sleeping with peoples daughters as young as that age when they were touring in Europe.
For me if there's actual proof then Koffi deserves to go to prison but if not then

I don't know what the legal system in Europe is, but I believe the burden of proof rest on the accuser than the accused. Unless there's enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Koffi is a rapist, then he is innocent.

Congolese Music / Re: Kila Mbongo & Ado Yuhe
« on: October 19, 2021, 02:16 »
Wish I could get a full translation for this interview , lol, funny how back in the days we all thought it was his band...and Roga Roga was 'just' the guitarist... ;D ;D ;D

It is still like this, any Atalaku or Singer that comes always outshine Roga and risk to kill him musically. First Doudou Copa for singers (After Kila of course) then Arafat, then Papy Bastin, then Kerson Saddam, then Youyou Mobange and now even Zaparo kinda killed him with that Na Suka Wapi song which is better of whatever Roga produced since the split. Instead of working on his insecurities Roga keep acting like a victim because he can't stand when (a lot of times) people who are way more talented then him get praised and more recognition than he wants

Papy Bastin & Kerson Saddam didn't have alot of impact in Extra Musica compared to Herman Ngassaki and Doudou Copa. Kerson Saddam just participated to one album, had just a few vocals and then left to join created Universal Zangul alongside Papy Bastin, Oyxgene, Rossen Yaourt and co. They also left before a long time before Arafat. Papy Bastin didn't had any song credited to his name in Extra Musica, where he was just giving songs to those who were higher in the hierachy. Papy Basitn's moment in Extra Musica was about to come, but he didn't want to wait anymore.

Roga Roga was about to give him more space after Obligatoire. Seeing him as someone who would later replace Herman's role. But Papy Bastin was fed up to be still considered as "nouveau" and didn't want to wait more since that he started to struggle with money, he went twice to Europe with them and already participated to three albums, which made family-members thinking that he was rich while he wasn't getting paid and the responsabilities still keeping growing. This made him motivate his friend to go towards Oxygene who already left and form their own band Universal Zangul after that Doudou Copa declined their offer, who was about to record his solo-album.

The first victim was Guy-Guy Fall who was Extra Musica's biggest start when Nouveaux Missiles got released. For years he would diss Roga Roga in every interview and in his first two albums he used to diss Roga Roga as motema mabe. He was mad that Roga Roga and Espe Bass decided to cut his song for Maman Dany (Kongolo Mobutu's wife) from the Confirmation-album. While Kongolo Mobutu already paid him alot of money and promised him a mercedes and much more money when the album would get released. It made Roga Roga jealous and he created a whole conspiracy with Sonor Digital and Espe Bass to get him out the band and cut the song from the album, claiming that he was using nkisi. Which made him leave the band.

The two disstracks against Roga Roga

Second victim was Regis Touba who before Nouveaux Missiles and Variete Samedi Soir. But his parents didn't want him to do music, so they sended him to Angola to punish him. After Nouveaux Missiles he came back and started to rise again when Guy-Guy Fall left. Ouragan was his album where he had multiple vocals and a song. Roga Roga knew that he would probably become their biggest star again and they weren't liking the way he started behaving. So they decided to do a 12 by not leaving him behind for their west-africa tour and not sending a ticket to him when they arrived in Europe on the moment when the civil-war broke done in Brazzaville. Abilissi who was a reserve-member ending up by doing most of his vocals and going away with all the shine. Regis would remain in the band, but Abilissi ending up by being more popular then him. Regis Touba would end up co-creating Extra Musica International with Quetin Moyascko and Durrel Loemba. Then once leaving them to form Z1 International along with Durella Loemba where he was the main star. Them having Levyson, Rav4 and Kerson Saddam as singers who were all stolen by Roga Roga.

Third Victim was Abilissi who became after the succes of Ouragan (the song Losambo made him really famous) and Etat Major one of the main stars of the band alongside Herman and Kila Mbongo. Roga Roga was then using Papy Jah to do him dirty. Abilissi himself wasn't liking Papy Jah, seeing already that they recruited him to get his place. So they weren't getting along until this day Papy Jah isn't able to mention Abilissi's name. Roga Roga did alot of 12 on him until he left and decided to join Academia before starting his solo career.

Fourth victim Kila Mbongo

Fifth victim Doudou Copa

6th Arafat

7th & 8th victim Herman Ngassaki & Regis Touba. They were to old and Roga Roga couldn't outshine him when he became the lead-singer. So he deiced to get rid of them just before the last recordings of Sorcellerie Kindoki. Using once again Sonor Digital, Levyson and Rav4. It was normal that Roga decided to get rid of Herman, because Herman was often looking more charismatic then him despite wearing uniforms sometimes.

Roga Roga dancing along with Regis Touba, Herman Ngassaki and Sonor Digital at Kora Awards 2008. You can already say that they were ba tata mibimba and had to leave.

Would things have went better for Papy Bastin if he stayed patient with Zangul? Arafat got a song on La Main Noire, I think Bastin would have too and had lasted longer with Roga than Universal Zangul.

Congolese Music / Re: Albums scan pt2
« on: October 18, 2021, 00:51 »
Lol, the way Roga Roga is credited in the credits because of playing many instruments. It was like he wanted to get all the attention on him. Do you also have Etat Major ?

Abilissi being credited as Abiliti and Kila Mbongo as Kita Mbongo. Was that on purpose ?

True lol he didn't play mi-solo on this album and Trop C'est Trop.

« on: October 08, 2021, 23:38 »
Going back to the Doudou Copa thing it made sense he was starting to becoming a bigger influence and had more and more space him, Oxygène, Papy Bastin that guy who is one the number 3 in Extra Musica the guy with short hair who dances along the guy with braids who bleaches in BoKoko at 1:12 to me were the best singers along with this guy whom I don't know the name at

With that said Doudou Copa and Oxygen to be honest were the most gifted vocally what killed Doudou Copa in reaching a bigger succès was that he was trying too much to sound Like Koffi Olomide especially in his album Posso were the start of the générique reminds a Koffi Generique at 00:15

To be honest it sounds a lot like a b version of Skol Longitima
And not only he was copying Koffi in the générique department but also in the rhumba department and that killed any chance of being more successful than he actually is, but I do remember that his first or second album was a huge success in Brazza MENU with Pondu Ya Limbondo being his biggest hit

But then something got broken and now despite doing decent music  he doesn't get half of the recognition he got with that Menu album

What does Bolos mean by the way?

The singer at 3:33 on the second video is Kerson Saddam, he was originally with Z1 International. He sings at 2:34 in this song.

« on: October 08, 2021, 23:29 »
The video doesn't have alot of views because many people from Kinshasa don't know who Sonor Digital is nor Roga Roga. There also alot who hate people Brazzaville about what happened 6 years ago.

There were already problems between Roga Roga and Doudou Copa since 2002, because of the way Roga Roga started become jealous of the way Doudou became like a main start of the group (Guy-Guy Fall, Regis Touba & Abilissi all went trough this) and Doudou Copa on his side also becoming kind of big headed which made it worser. There was a point that Doudou Copa was about to leave, but they reconciled and he came back. I think that's from that point that Roga was motivated to become a main singer, doing already alot of mabanga in the main rumba Epaka and the generique Obligatoire, singing the main-rumba Aigle Imperial and the song Racines 2 on his own.  It's not for nothing that Roga Roga said in one of his songs in the Kindoki-album something like "Chauffer asali lofundu, passager akumbi motuka, chauffeur azangi mosala". Doudou Copa was already preparing his solo-album in private. I remember Papy Bastin saying in an interview with Papi Soul, that he, Rossen Yaourt and Kerson Saddam followed him and asked him to form a group. But him saying that he already received money from donors to record songs for them and that they could join him, but that it would be album with 10 songs of him and them each having 1, which Papy Bastin and co refused and made them stay in Extra Musica a few months longer. Until that that they convinced Oxygene to start a band along with Espe Bass and Ramatoulaye (the last two changed their mind of the last minute)

I can't imagine what was said or promised to Espe Bass to return to Roga Roga, because if they were really friends than there wouldn't be problems of payment for years. I can't believe Roga would treat his childhood friends so least with the others, he met them as an adult but Epse and Sonor they go back as small kids and worked together to create a beautiful career. It's sad how success can change people

« on: October 08, 2021, 04:54 »
Translation plz?

What he said is true, recently the Europe based QL musicians have been getting into some conflicts with each other with different camps forming. Deo did another interview a few months ago where he ignored Suzuki when asked about him.
There’s also the conflict of Mboshi and Somono, Acide vs Brigade and Mboshi, Pathy Bass with a few others, Jordan who disrespected Modogo in a reunion for Lebou’s funeral. The last time everyone was united was for Babia’s memorial but for Lebou they all couldn’t even come together and put aside their differences. I think it’s also because of their interviews with Ado Yuhe which really instigated a lot of drama between them.

So it's more misunderstandings than an actual conflict btw the QL guys?

« on: September 21, 2021, 03:35 »
unfortunately guys it seems like its over for good,with the letter i have seen somewhere zenith guys are in agreement with cancelling for security reasons,the visa issue they could have arrived the day of concert even
my fear now is that other big halls decide to boycott congolese music too,because they have that power to refuse in parternship with police,the sad thing is that some artists will not mind that much or at least pretend to as they performed several times  already,and some will rub it on the face of rivals that they managed to play already in those 11 12 years of trouble
if they put together what happened at elysee montmartre,plus what cancelled heritier's olympia when musicians were already wearing uniforms,plus fally's  very troublesome bercy this could well create something very ugly for the future of our music
apart from slightly the employment thing,and sometimes retirment related protests,the biggest thing politicians of various parties of france argue about is the more and more thing line between immigration,terrorism-security issues and the brainwashing to give mad spotlight to those crimes when committed by a person of african origin gets bigger and bigger,so parties of extreme radical will have a field day putting pressure on the authorities for continue to allow congolese concerts which always end in trouble
i remember some politicians went hard on macron for allowing to perform even just with the preliminary trouble let alone the big mess created in the process
i am very worried,koffi will have to pull one hell of a masterstroke to perform at u arena well

What is the issue between the combatants and Congolese musicians? Do they want to be bribed into allowing the concerts? Is it for political reasons? Can someone explain the origins of the this phenomenon. I used to think it was related to polemic btw fans of different artist, but it seems like they're against ALL major Congolese singers performing in Europe.

If anything, the European government should imprison the combatants for rioting. Why punish the musicians for performing a service for paying customers? The performance generate revenue for the venue, people spend money on public transportation to arrive, and local resturants benefit from the increased traffic of people...

Jb's the type of person that didn't need to work as hard as the next person in music because he has natural talent and natural star power so it's obvious he lost motivation early on due to money and also having a lot of yes men and yes fans around him who baby him.
About departures as you rightfully said Jb's never had a mass departure to affect him especially in his prime because with Koffi and Werra when Academia was formed that's 7 key members that left and with the danger de mort team same thing Fally, Ferre, Mirage, Jipson, Junior, Apocalypse, all left at the same time then closely followed suit by Soleil, Bouro, Titina, Modogo.
With Werra he had the Wenge split and the departure of Les Marquis, or even Wazekwa when Joss and co went to QL. So Jb's never had that pressure because no one left him at the same time, because if you think about it when a proper influential member leaves the group it's sad but it doesn't affect the group long term that's why Jb's never really felt it.

But didn't JB Mpiana go through a big disappointment losing Alain Mpela? True, it's not the same as Les Marquis or Academia, but to continue without his right-hand man seemed very tough to handle. Also the ngulu affaire slowed up their ability to tour and record in Europe

I really miss the way Levyson used to sing, on Obligatoire and with Z1 International. It's always with the autotune since then, but how's that solo career working out? Lmao dude was stupid for leaving

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