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I was low-key thinking the same thing! I know exactly what you mean!

Congolese Music / Re: Photo of Music Arranger Philippe Guez
« on: September 12, 2021, 23:30 »
This man is a forgotten genius! He was behind many of the hits of the 90s/2000s!

This is gonna be one hell of an album!!

Imagine Lokua Kanza being the core reason of WAKE UP 2 Happening!

So far the lineup confirmed (unless something changed) is for Europe
Singers: Junior, Zoe Bella, Tony Ambrosio, Rolly Mayemba, Suzuki, Willy Bula.
Atalakus: CNN, Apocalypse
Drummer: Champion
Bass: Binda Bass
Guitar: Do Akongo, Ramazani, Mbetenge

From Kin God knows who’s coming cause Koffi can be unpredictable in that manner  ;D unfortunately Cindy for sure but the rest? Who knows.
I’d like Mboshi and Somono to be there too they can at least perform the Loi Generique it would only be right, CNN is cool and can animate the ndombolo crie but Mboshi is slightly better suited for that role, even Somono is good too, Apoca I never wanna hear him animate ndombolo cause he sometimes butchers it.
Seems like Cambodge is on the team now!!

Apocalypse is actually beginning to annoy me with his screeching...


shoo he was only buried now?
Yeah! The QL veterans wanted to send his body to Kinshasa because obviously getting a VISA for Lebou's mother would take quite long. From what I've gathered. So without further ado, those who were family and friends of the late Lebou decided to bury his body in Canada. Plus. It was about time too!

Congolese Music / Lebou Kabuya has finally been laid to rest
« on: August 09, 2021, 19:26 »
There he goes man...

Babia >>>>

I mean, we've got a glimpse of Loi at Zénith! Anything is possible.

Sens Inverse is the best clip of the three.

Archos has a point, because he didn't shoot the songs of Champion, Depitcho, Nseka, Beniko, Mboshi, Ondo and Binda who were loyal to him and in Kinshasa they didn't even promote these clips, just here in Europe. I think that he just did it to promote the album for African countries to get contracts there and the Congolese diaspora where he had his biggest fanbase and enjoyed the succes of Zenith & Olympia.
Yeah Sens Inverse was only good because they used BTS footage of Zenith and the Cameroon concert.
He also did Zaniha but that doesn't really count because it was used as the intro but in the VHS it's credited as an actual clip hahaha.
I don't understand why he didn't just shoot those clips properly, sure Sam and co weren't there and wouldn't have been present in the clips but that was nothing new because in the Magie and V12 clips half the singers weren't there to playback their vocals in the clips, they could've just left out Likombe and Plus Jamais and done the rest.
Now that you bring that up, it makes so much sense!!


Seems like we got a reaction video as well!

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