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Mamale claimed that Zenith 1998 was like they were performing at Bar-Kimpwanza in Kasa-Vubu hahaha


Congolese Music / Stino should remix this song
« on: June 20, 2021, 17:01 »

The message of the song is why Congolese people always praise men when they are dead, but never when they are alive.

It's along with Avumbi, Nombrilisme & Bana Kin the only songs I like from Fin d'Exil

Congolese Music / Re: Loi or Effrakata
« on: June 19, 2021, 20:06 »
Magie was a huge succes in Kinshasa, but people and the press were critizing Koffi for wanting to copy Wenge by letting Beevans animate like Ekokota and the album having agressive sebenes, losing his old Tcha-Tcho roots. I remember him having a press-conference which was like a trial, where he had to defend himself and also to explain about Schola's departure.


from 1:46 min

Ndeko pondu awuti kosila kokufa, aah ba ndeko mawa hein. tomsom  mongusu kutu alelaki "aah moninga pondu". Liwa ya ndeko biso pondu kobunda na mabanga ya cerceil ya nzungu. Bako tia ngo na catafalque na mesa bako finika ye kuna....kiekiekie so hilarious

They didn't mix the generique well. His voice is to low for the sebene. If have really to listen well what's he's animating.

Him talking about the problems Koffi had with AFDL after releasing Loi, remember me of the time Koffi said that he would with music, move abroad and never return to Kinshasa again

Congolese Music / Re: Loi or Effrakata
« on: June 18, 2021, 22:00 »
Effrakata no doubt.   

People rate Loi high because of it has Koffi's most danced generique on the album. Although it has the classic rumba's S.O.S., Phaseur, Airways and the hitsong Micko, the songs on Loi aren't on the level of his previous albums V12, Noblesse Oblige & Koweit Rive Gauche. If you compared the songs of Loi to the last three mentioned, you will see that Koffi regressed very hard on the term of the lyrics. It's like he hadn't the time to write or review the songs before recording, which is also understandable, because he toured alot because of the succes V12 and the recordings of Wake Up. Koffi Olomide didn't also introduce something new on Loi. But Loi is still a good album, but not better than Effrakata. Like when Quartier Latin released Magie, he would get strong criticism when releasing Loi, for wanting to copy Wenge and stealing their animations and not being the same Koffi of the 80s and the early 90s. Koffi would get an angry call from Werrason, who was mad that he stole Kaludji's new cri's (bayeba te somo, kubanza ya moyo) which Quartier Latin never used to animate in concerts and Marie Paul was also mad that Koffi took his cri of his atalaku Bizima (kuzana mpimpa). Koffi even talked about it on Trace TV without mentioning Werrason, when talking about the generic Loi. R.I.P. to Lebou Kabuya who played lead on this legendary generic. I will never forget his angry face in the videoclip, when having to  Koffi who was acting like a king and Koffi standing on the balcony with the dancers (the late Mireille and Kamono laughing about Sam, Lebou, Do Akongo, Babia, Champion, Suzuki and co who were making a fool of themselves).

Effrakata on his side is a masterpiece. The songs like Effervescent, G.B. Gros Bébé, Logique and Washington are very poetic. Koffi also didn't only focus on subject (love) like most albums, he also about work/perseverance on the songs Rien à Signaler & Bilan and  praised himself on Suivez le Guide. The album has also like Attentat a big involvement of Quartier Latin-singers Bouro Mpela, Fally Ipupa, Lola Muana, Montana Kamenga, Michaux Chamberton, Deo Brondo, Soleil Wanga, Jordan Kusa & Jipson Butukondolo, which is normally not the case since Quartier Latin started participating on Noblesse Oblige until Loi, the singers having just vocals on 2 or 3 songs max. In Effrakata there also alot of solo guitar on rumba's (G.B. Gros Bebe, Logique, Babou & Destination), whereas on Loi you got it only on Vicky. The contribution of drummer Ile de Cambodge with his "double roulage" parition on the generics Effrakata & Génération Bercy and the sebenes of Gilba and R.A.S. brought something new. No wonder that Quartier Latin was nominated as "best group" at the Kora Awards of 2002 for this album, but seeing Makoma going away it, Nevertheless Koffi still won 4 at the edition of 2002. On Effrakata, arranger Philphe Guez gave everything, I think that it's were the best arrangements he did on a Koffi album. They started working with each other on Koweit Rive Gauche until B.E.K. (even on Quartier Latin except Danger de Mort). All songs on Effrakata were magic because of him (Choc, Effevescent, Medecin de Nuit, Robot, Babou, etc.). He even played keyboards on the two generics of the album. I wonder why Koffi never invited him for a concert in Paris to play keyboard, because they hadn't a keyboard player for Europe-concerts until 2004.

Lol, makambu ya assurance na Congo ? aah tika kiekiekie

Nobody in Viva La Musica used to like Reddy only Luciana and later Asta Paola who joined. They didnt like Reddy because of his rude behaviour and also the way he liked to snitch all musicians to Papa Wemba when visiting him in Village Molokai.

Congolese Music / Re: Whatever happened to this guy?
« on: June 16, 2021, 11:40 »
That’s not Coco Ntiri Ntiri, that’s Mayi ya Kamba. Coco Ntiri started collaborating with Sam Tshintu for concerts

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