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Congolese Music / Serge Mabiala & Ado Yuhe part 2
« on: July 30, 2021, 21:59 »

I will check it tomorrow

Congolese Music / Koffi Olomidé- Backstage Kora Awards 1999
« on: July 29, 2021, 22:46 »


How he started music in Kongo Central region Bas-Fleuve, Tshela, Cabinda and later on migrating to Kinshasa where he played in the same band with Soleil Wanga, Deba O’Neill, also with Damien Aziwa, Kofi Alibaba’s Interpol, becoming a brother in Christ for a short moment, Anti-Choc of Bozi Boziana, etc.

He played bass on every sebene of that album, except Operation Dragon, Tave & Annie who were played by the late Mimiche and Obiang by Gode Lofombo (not being credited on the credits)


The way Levyson hyped this song before it's release in interviews, you would think that it was another Effervescent, Aspirine, 48 Heures Gecoco, Grace a Toi Germain, Maria Valencia or Kaokokokorobo, while it was just a normal song kiekiekiekie

Congolese Music / Re: Comic strips of Congolese music
« on: July 28, 2021, 21:50 »
It's a abbrevation of Young Men's Christian Association. It was created in 1950s during the Belgian colonization. The place was often used for volleyball, basketball, tennis, judo, taekwondo and later on used used for politic meetings like Stade de Reine Astrid (also known as Stade de 24 Novembre). The lootings of 4 January 1959 which led to the Congo's indepedence started there in YMCA.

Congolese Music / Re: Comic strips of Congolese music
« on: July 28, 2021, 21:24 »
The event was the same day. YMCA is not really far from Stade des Martyrs, it's somewhere in Matonge while Stade des Martyrs is at Boulevard Triomphale. But YMCA is nothing compared to Stade des Martyrs. It just a small basketball-square and when there are concerts it reaches the capacity of 7.000 people when being filled. While Stade des Martyrs has the capacity of 80.000 to 120.000. But YMCA was an important place in that era, because it is situated in Matonge which was from the mid-70s until the mid-2000s (most due to Viva La Musica's succes) the most popular neighbourhood with the hottest bars along with neighbourhood Yolo. For many artists it was really important to fill the place, to see if they were popular in Kinshasa. For example, Adolphe gave his first concert with Wenge Tonya Tonya there, Felix Wazekwa when coming back after the release of Signature, Marie Paul in 2004 after his long absence in Kinshasa and Wemba's returns in 1994, 1997, 1999 and 2000.

Congolese Music / Re: Comic strips of Congolese music
« on: July 28, 2021, 20:57 »
Makes Mfumu’eto 1er still strips?

It reminds me of the Clan Wenge war. Those 3 first events at Stade des Martyrs were a big mess, Werrason not allowed to land with his helicopter in the stadium and the electricity being cut, The rain messing JB’s event at Stade des Martyrs up, Werrason receiving stones from El Paris-fans when driving around Kinshasa with his motor before arriving in Stade des Martyrs

There were trouble around the stadium?

No, all events except that Werra of 2000 went normal. It was just that when Werrason had to perform in October 1999, that at the last minute, he wasn't allowed by a politican (who was pro-jb) to land with his helicopter in the stadium. He had to land with the helicopter outside the stadium, which made his entrace less spectacular, having to walk into stadium and immediatly exorcise with Adolphe the BCBG-demons from Patient Kusangila-body lol (bazalaki ? yako dinda !!!).

from 6:38 min

The first event of JB at Stade des Martyrs went wrong, because it suddenly started to rain very hard. So he had to cut the show. Which made Maison Mere-fans happy and Quartier Latin-camp who was still hurt about their failed event at Stade des Martyrs, insult JB Mpiana on tv by JF Ifonge & Champion Djikapela. So the BCBG-camp decided to plan another show in January 2000. But they were unlucky that those who were managing the sound in stadium were pro-werra and tried to sabote the show. If you watch the "Liwa ya Nkoy-VHS", you will see that the sound of the mics was very low and that solo-guitar being very low. When the Werra vs JB-beef (1999-2001) was on his highest point, it often happened that if the sound-egineer was a pro-werra or pro-jb when Maison Mere or BCBG performing he would mess the sound up.

from 1:16:46 min JB's mic not being audible for the whole stadium and Titina checking it.

The Maison Mere-camp wasn't happy that JB Mpiana had a bigger crowd in the stadium than them. So they planned on 26 february 2000 another concert at Stade des Martyrs also called "concert de rectification" to correct JB's crowd. But at the same time Wenge El Paris wanted to prove Werrason a point by planning a concert at YMCA in Matonge. Werrason didn't mind that, because he thought that Marie Paul was finished. So he and Adolphe went from Ma Campagne (Adolphe in a jeep and Werrason some meters behind with a motorcycle) going through Bandal, Kasa-Vubu to the Stade des Martyrs stadium, wanting to lure all public to the stadium. So when they came at Avenue Kasa-Vubu in Matonge they were attacked by EL Paris fans who were standing in front of the YMCA-stadium and receiving stones. Werrason tried to protect himself and flee, but he felt 3 times with his motorcycle (hence why EL Paris named their album K.O. Debout). His bodyguards helped him to escape and went immediatly to Stade des Martyrs where they performed at a packed Stade des Martyrs. El Paris claimed to have won the fara-fara because of the way Werrason fell. But on the other side it made many people also digust them for the way their fans threw stones to Werra (it was put on the tv). Also most people were more focused on the JB vs Werra-beef and if Werrason would do better than JB at the stadium, which also happened (the stadium being packed like when AS Vita and CS Imana are playing against each other in stadium) and Werrason earning the nickame "Le Roi du Stade des Martyrs".

Werra really ddn't believe that he would fill Bercy, still waiting to reach the 6000 tickets to prepare the show. Much respect to him for having prepared such show in one month. Also much respect for the way his fanclubs around Europe mobilized fans in Europe within 3 months, back in those days we hadn't that much Congolese people living in Europe like now and not everybody had internet at that time. Koffi spent 1 year to mobilize fans for his Bercy and JB Mpiana 6 months.

Who did Flamme, Burkina, Kakol and Baby haircuts lol. They had to put music above the images of the lockerroom. Who's that woman standing next to Werra on 1:26 min. She was in every hotel of Werra when being in Paris or Brussels, every important WMM meeting in restaurants and  when fans were receiving Werrason at the airport. It's sad that the part of the lockeroom and that of the hotel is short. They had to cut the part of the staff talking in hotel off.

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