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He had a song that I know that Code Niwau 3615 did animation with Tchakou animation. It was a good one, I hope someone can get resend to us.

I think it's a different album, because of this album it was Nono Manzanza doing all animations being sometimes helped with Luciana Demingongo and the late Fafa de Molokai  "Kilendi ko yaya, Kilendi ko yaya. Nga nako tika se miziki mokolo nako kufa" which on the song Moningambi I think.

Years ago since the couvre-feu era 1998 when Koffi recruited Depitcho and Marie Paul started accusing Koffi of stealing Depitcho and Koffi replying that Marie Paul used to be his musician in an interview, so he has to stop crying. It came back in 2012 after those presidential elections and Koffi saying the same thing and now when Marie Paul came back last year and journalists asking next to the same Werra-questions, to Marie Paul if he used to be Koffi's musician and Marie Paul having to repeat every time the story with the late Yoto Nkelani and Mascot de Katalas.

I don't think that they would have recorded a remix of Ngobila. Because Koffi used to see Quartier Latin as band that had to back him for his concerts in Kinshasa and Africa when he formed it in 1986. Quartier Latin became a proper band from 1991/92 when most Flash Musica started to join the band and fans in Europe wanting to see them live in Europe, with the start of Pas de Faux Pas-records. Marie Paul revealed in one of the interviews that Koffi wanted to form Quartier Latin already back in 1983/84, but that he hadn't enough time, because he had many stuff to do in Europe. Adding that they recorded at home with a cassette the songs of the Lady Bo-album, that Koffi recorded with Emeneya in Europe in 1984.


The album used to be on Jmkstar1’s YouTube channel but disappeared 2 years ago.
Boss Matuta is former Viva La Musica and Nouvelle Generation bass-player. I used to like the two first songs a lot.

Marie Paul often explained in interviews that he never joined Quartier Latin. He was about to join, because he was Koffi's petit and rehearsing his songs at home. The problem was that when he wanted to join Quartier Latin, most members weren't liking him because he wasn't from Binza or Lemba like them. He argued with the late Yoto Nkelani "Delta Force" when rehearsing at Maman Amy's house in Binza to prepare Quartier Latin's first concert. He immediately left after that argument.

I don't believe that Tele Congo of Brazzaville and RTNC of Kinshasa have the full footage of Zenith 1998. Congolese people are known for not being strong in saving archives. If they had still in possession then it would have been released years ago, when those DVD-reissues versions started to be released on the market 2004-2007 of old concerts at Studio Renapec of Zaiko, Langa Langa Stars, Anti Choc and Choc Stars with those rare concerts never officially released on DVD or already as piracy VHS in 1998/1999. I don't remember who it was, but someone working for RTNC used to say that from 1997 when LD Kabila came in power, they weren't saving footages anymore. But just taking the old tapes and recording over on it and re-doing it again. One day LD Kabila gave an important speech and the speech ended, Mobutu appeared on tv. The guy and his whole team were arrested and spent 1 year in prison hahahaha.

Mamale claimed that Zenith 1998 was like they were performing at Bar-Kimpwanza in Kasa-Vubu hahaha
Yeah on his IG live interview haha, I'm sure you regret not attending that Zenith.

C'est la vie

Congolese Music / Re: Stino should remix this song
« on: June 23, 2021, 22:32 »
 On the end it's sad that they didn't give the 100%. especially if you know the story about Papa Wemba and the conflict with both guys. I was excepting fire and though that the album would be better than Wake Up, which is by many people seen as Koffi-album instead of a real duo-album. They first came with the idea to prove Papa Wemba a point that they weren't finished, after that Emeneya both advised to not leave Viva La Musica "Cour des Grand" when they wanted to do. But it was like both guys had hidden agendas against each other when recording the album. I don't know who said it, but Reddy Amisi and Stino even fought in the studio in front of Rigo Star. Just because Reddy was not liking that Stino was wearing sunglasses. The poor promotion of JPS didn't even either. Papa Wemba was still furious against the two guys and them recording Fin d'Exil made him even angrier, ignoring them in interview or giving short answers.

Congolese Music / Re: Stino should remix this song
« on: June 23, 2021, 22:18 »
I didn't like the album. It was like both guys saboted the album. Reddy didn't sing on most songs of Stino and it felt like both guys just gave songs who couldn't it on their own albums, while artists like Wemba, Bozi, Koffi, Franco, Tabu Ley gave their best songs when recordings albums like Wake Up, Grand Job, +1, l'Evénement.

In my opinion the album is just crap, especially if you compare it to albums like A La Une, Force de Frappe, TH, +1, Nessy de London and Longue Histoire who came out that year. I even prefer to listen to Premillenium of Les Jeunes Premier then Fin d'Exil.


Arsenal des Belles Melodies. I like Qui est Derrière Toi, but there are also many skippable songs, if he reduced the songs to 12 or 13 then it could have been better than Arsenal des Belles Melodies

Marie Paul
I meant from within Wenge 4x4 group. But Marie Paul did have high success at one point.

Marie Paul had crazy succes in Kinshasa from 1992 to 1999. The way people used to follow Werrason in streets and public concerts with huge crowds, was the way Marie Paul was in Kinshasa during his prime years. He was also the one who started perform in stadiums and l’esplanade de Palais du Peuple in Clan Wenge. It’s just that none of his big events in Kinshasa are on YouTube. Marie Paul used to be in Wenge 4x4 from 1987 to 1991 and sung on the Live (1989) which is the Bouger Bouger-remix album and on the Kin E Bouge-album (1991), before forming Wenge Aile Paris with Ricoco, Aimé Buanga and Zing Zong. Between Blaise Bula & Adolphe Dominguez, non of both guys got voted star of the year, but Marie Paul used to be it in 1997 above JB Mpiana and in 1998.

If I had to choice between Blaise Bula and Adolphe Dominguez. I would choice for Adolphe. Blaise Bula can only dream about the many things Adolphe did from 2001 to 2002 (YMCA, Olympia, LSC, Mbuyi Mayi, those public concerts in Kinshasa, his triumphal return in Kinshasa). He had even successful concerts abroad, while Blaise Bula’s concerts in 2002 when he came in Europe were all mpiaka.

Madova  which is one of Big Stars classics and helped to Defao to go back on the top, after that all musicians left away in Europe (Guy Wanzambi, Djodjo Bayinge, Jagger Bokoko, Richa Cogna Cogna, etc.) when coming there in 1994/95.

Mamale claimed that Zenith 1998 was like they were performing at Bar-Kimpwanza in Kasa-Vubu hahaha

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