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Congolese Music / Re: What are yall listening to ?
« on: June 13, 2021, 17:31 »
Lately the Wenge El Paris “Le monde envers album…. But yeah spun Titanic a few days ago. Reverting back to our classics.
Even me silva and Willy musheni this week have been my go tos

Maybe because I don’t know too much about brazza scene right now, but isn’t Extra Musica (both sides) miles ahead of patrouille now ?

Congolese Music / Re: JB ENJOYING LIFE
« on: June 11, 2021, 13:17 »
You lot just have to come to terms and accept that JB is not longer a full time musician, he’s a part time session musician. Don’t expect much from him.
Honestly, if you really want to hear new stuff from him you may as well just go to a show when he’s in Kin and bring your phone recorder looool

Serge Mubiala followed closely by Baby Ndombe

Congolese Music / Re: ADO YUHE AND FLAMME PART 2
« on: June 07, 2021, 03:54 »
Could someone translate please

Congolese Music / Re: Felix Wazekwa - Miliki
« on: June 03, 2021, 17:12 »
Nice song

Congolese Music / Re: Ado Yuhe & Flamme Kapaya (part 1)
« on: June 03, 2021, 00:43 »
Could someone translate please

Congolese Music / Re: TV5 Monde/Cappucino LBG
« on: June 01, 2021, 18:55 »

That's weird. Capucino is getting his success with sings reaching the milion views but it seems no one in Kinshasa or in the Diaspora is speaking about it. Is it because he is a Swahili speaker or what? To me it is weird that he is doing numbers and have success but no one speaks about it.
Yh probably that is why he was doing some tv appearances and I think promo and shows in Kenya so maybe that is where the base is, but that to me is fine I feel we need that again where our different musicians have different fanbases eg in the 90s look at Wenge Koffi Pepe Kalle all had different kind of fanbases I like it

Anyone who hasn’t watched this needs to watch it I’ve been laughing for a day now JOHN BAIDERRR

JB Mpiana presented them at LSC, because they were "bana poto", Richard Mukena coming from Belgium, JDL from France and Bikou le Brun from U.K. JDL & Richard Mukena both joined in 1999, you can see Richard Mukena sitting behind Fi-Carre when they performed the song Masuwa at Stade des Martyrs. At that time they were not known because they hadn't song on TH. So when those TH-concerts started, JB Mpiana started to present them in every big event of Kinshasa to the crowd (FIKIN, Bandal, etc.). Bikou le Brun joined in 2000 when JB Mpiana came to mix TH, he was introduced by JB's staff of London.

JDL used to be JB's mukala when touring in Europe and continued to be it when coming in Europe, JB sending him get some food and being also his bodyguard at the same time. It's not for nothing that Jordan Kusa dissed by without naming his name in that Ben Laden vs Les Allies-VHS. Saying that he used to be a keyboard-player in the past and  a bodyguard at Quick-Restaurant.
He often does this happen when singers have joined kin based bands coming from europe

7eme Lecon is better than Alerte Generale
Damn this is wild
it ain't just a little better its ALOT better
... Bro come on now, which parts are better? I mean Demukusse and Celeo really schooled Bill and Les Marquis yes 7eme Leçon is funnier with I'll throwing all those shots at Werra like "Miziki ya Koko Wana elalaaa ee" etc. But Alerte Generale was way better especially the transituin between Celeo and ROI David "Bana bakomi Mikolo, balingi ba finga Ya Ngiama..." Etc.

4:38 is fire as hell, 8:54, 9:55 this part right here is better than alerte generale and only bill Clinton and have a 11 minute generiuqe and all of it be fire meanwhile on alerte gnerale i get bored as hell 7 minutes in. let me make one thing clear its not a bad song its not better than 7eme lecon that's all.
They may have schooled him they ain't nowhere near as good as Bill that's a fact, have listened to Alerte Generale throughout the week and I dont get the hype at all sous sol is better techno malewa is better even Ligne 11 is a better generique, I don't know lingala so maybe that's the issue lol
First you say Voodoo is much better than Sanction and Viagra, then you say Detresse isn’t that good of a song, then you say Ekokota isn’t that good of an Atalaku and now you’re saying 7eme Lecon, Sous Sol and Ligne II are better than Alerte Générale. Ehhh nzambe I’m honestly terrified with what you’re gonna come out with next.
Loooooool some of these takes are soo crazy my gosh

What about Embargo by Patrouille des Stars , it dropped in the beginning of September 2000 and they were nominated in the Kota Awards ?
Fire album one of my all time faves like @Manzambi said I didn’t hear them for a while but when I listened to it I haven’t stopped, definitely in the debate for top 3 albums of 2000

lol are you serious ? Maybe for Brazzaville-albums. 2000 had also albums like A La Une, Force de Frappe & Jeu Muke who all came out towards the end of 2000.
I’m not saying it’s definitely top 3 I’m just saying that based on quality it can be in that conversation because it’s not crazy to compare it to some of those top albums.

so he really dropped his song with aimelia out of dynastie project,i think he willgive to lacoste those latin american contracts he was talking about with ferre
If Lacoste gets it we won’t hear the rest of it

What about Embargo by Patrouille des Stars , it dropped in the beginning of September 2000 and they were nominated in the Kota Awards ?
Fire album one of my all time faves like @Manzambi said I didn’t hear them for a while but when I listened to it I haven’t stopped, definitely in the debate for top 3 albums of 2000

« on: May 18, 2021, 17:30 »
Here.... (He has been around for awhile though)

These guys are clowns so they put him in the first team despite not having an album out? Like yes he is on now and what he will sing ? And on what album? BCBG really needs someone to kick some sense into them and to force them to release an album and stop with these endless concerts leaving fans disappointed, JB Asila kala
Looool honestly this is like a factory has shut down and is still employing workers

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