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With all the rare footages that we’ve been getting these days I honestly believe and wouldn’t be surprised if there actually is an extremely rare full footage of Zenith 1998 maybe TV Congo still have the footage.

Congolese Music / Re: Loi or Effrakata
« on: Today at 16:27 »
Loi is crap, I never rated it. The album was poorly executed it had no continuity unlike his previous solo efforts, the sebene on most songs sound monotonous even the lyrically content on rumbas are somewhat shallow and vague. Loi will never compete with Effrakata as it hasn’t aged well with time.
Are you serious??? First you say Sanction is a crap now Loi is crap and hasn’t aged well?? Lord what are you gonna say next
Kiekiekie he clearly doesn’t know music don’t mind him.

I agree, I wish the VHS was released as the CD instead. Willy Bula is very talented as a singer and atalaku.

Congolese Music / Re: ADO YUHE AND FLAMME PART 2
« on: June 08, 2021, 16:31 »
Someone please translate the bloody interview for non-Lingala speakers Flame Kapaya is a legend, interviews like this deserve a translation not some unknowns from cultur’a pays vie or bcbg.
I agree even the first part didn’t get a translation smh.

But why?....... I am very sure it not Fally fans cause if they have so much powers they would push for him to win one.

They don't have power to make him win one (at the end of the day only the Congolese Diaspora are the toxic Fally fanbase) but 5000 signature plus a petition initiated by one person isn't that much of a number given how many Views Fally typically get (20 mil and upwards)
Once again how are you gonna blame Fally and his fans without proof, Diamond is not even Congolese so it has nothing to do with it.

Can you do a summary? I haven't got time to watch at the moment.

Congolese Music / Re: Titanic vs Sanction
« on: May 27, 2021, 19:53 »
I don’t know what the hype is about Sanction, I always found the whole album really unlistenable the instruments all sound like they were played by a school band. They just didn’t have a direction, I can’t find one memorable song in sanction, the generique is somewhat ok but again the guitar work is amateurish, I really wished they’d refine their sound a bit more.
I really pray for your sake that you’re joking.

Congolese Music / Re: Titanic vs Sanction
« on: May 27, 2021, 14:59 »

7eme Lecon is better than Alerte Generale
Damn this is wild
it ain't just a little better its ALOT better
... Bro come on now, which parts are better? I mean Demukusse and Celeo really schooled Bill and Les Marquis yes 7eme Leçon is funnier with I'll throwing all those shots at Werra like "Miziki ya Koko Wana elalaaa ee" etc. But Alerte Generale was way better especially the transituin between Celeo and ROI David "Bana bakomi Mikolo, balingi ba finga Ya Ngiama..." Etc.

4:38 is fire as hell, 8:54, 9:55 this part right here is better than alerte generale and only bill Clinton and have a 11 minute generiuqe and all of it be fire meanwhile on alerte gnerale i get bored as hell 7 minutes in. let me make one thing clear its not a bad song its not better than 7eme lecon that's all.
They may have schooled him they ain't nowhere near as good as Bill that's a fact, have listened to Alerte Generale throughout the week and I dont get the hype at all sous sol is better techno malewa is better even Ligne 11 is a better generique, I don't know lingala so maybe that's the issue lol
First you say Voodoo is much better than Sanction and Viagra, then you say Detresse isn’t that good of a song, then you say Ekokota isn’t that good of an Atalaku and now you’re saying 7eme Lecon, Sous Sol and Ligne II are better than Alerte Générale. Ehhh nzambe I’m honestly terrified with what you’re gonna come out with next.
Loooool oh my lord at these takes, the world has gone mad surely.

Yeah for sure, they could've made the zenith choreography even more fire because apart from Jb only Mpela, Aimelia and Aimelia were the good male dancers the rest couldn't dance.

Isnt it like the second time or third time fabro leaks this news in three consecutive years...
Loool has he??

yep unless he's became suddenly rich enough to buy several houses there,but i perfectly recall him publishing he was offering a house to terry,the same year he offered 2k landplots to some of his musicians (all in front of camera of course then took it back when they left,mugler,but  nafilet andco)
Yeah true he does it for clout, loool just to laugh have you noticed how his wife Terry always looks pissed off even at their wedding she wasn’t smiling and in the video 12ème DAN she only cracked a small smile ;D ;D
Loool she always looks mad, every time fabro films her she has that dirty look like "okay you're doing too much"  ;D ;D

This is one of my favourite Generiques in the last year. The album was meh but this Generique is very good.

I never knew there was a clip for this, nice stuff. But yes JDL should not have done the playback to Aimelia’s vocal just cringe.

Congolese Music / Re: Apparently Lebou Kabuya passed away
« on: May 19, 2021, 04:04 »
Ahhhh my heart Is broken by this, RIP le grande guitariste de clan QL, the best soloist in QL history. We will miss you Lebou

Ooooh one of my favourite songs from Anges Adorables.

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